Criticized but still much loved and followed, the Royal Family is always ready to give some sensational gaffe to its subjects and beyond. In private and in public, almost all of the members caused considerable embarrassment to the crown.

It will be a family vice, it will be the fault of the genes but it seems that the House of Windsors , for one reason or another, always manages to end up on the front pages of the tabloids , unleashing a gigantic fuss.

After all, it is difficult to live as real and 100% respect the etiquette , even the timeless Elizabeth II let slip some not too diplomatic expression and so she immediately ended up on the media pillory.

But after years of the queen trying to keep her husband, son and grandchildren at bay, she will be allowed to make mistakes too, right? Thanks to blue blood gaffes, even the Royal Family is a little more normal !

Let’s find out together the most sensational gaffes of the English rulers:

1) Carlo

The story between Prince Charles and his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles has given a lot of work for years to British tabloids and beyond. Spied, intercepted, photographed, it was hard for the lovebirds not to run into front page gaffes. In fact, in 1993, in a long telephone interception between the two lovers, Carlo lets out a desire for his beloved, very particular and of dubious taste. During the red light phone call , the much in love Carlo, to always be close to Camilla, would reincarnate in his Tampax . In short: “Until menopause do us part!”

2) Filippo

Good blood does not lie! In fact, Prince Philip , now retired to private life, has never denied himself over the years, giving many gaffes to talk about. In 1980 , during a trip to China , Filippo warned some students of the “danger” of their stay in that country: ” Your eyes will be almond-shaped if you stay here too long “. In 2001 he gives another pearl. To a thirteen year old who had the ambition to go into space I recommend a strict diet : ” So fat you can never be an astronaut “. Finally, in 2002 in Australia he asked an Aboriginalif they really shot arrows.

3) Elizabeth

Perhaps infected by her husband, even Elisabetta could not refrain from making some gaffe. In 2011 , the queen went to Turner Contemporary and did her honors as artist Tracey Emin . Here she slips it, because Elisabetta very candidly asked her if she exhibited in other places or only there. Poor queen, no one had told her who Tracey Emin was. In 2016 , not realizing that she had a camera pointed at her nearby, she said the Chinese are very rude , referring to a group of Beijing officials on a diplomatic visit the year before.

4) Harry

Harry admitted to having used marijuana and alcohol in 2002 when he was only 16 and the law prohibits drinking at that age. Sarah Forsyth , in 2004 , the plastic arts professor at Eton , told News of the world that she was forced by a superior to help the prince pass an exam . Harry, a few months later, takes part in a fight in front of a club and is caught by the paparazzi. In 2005 the prince attended a costume party for a friend of his wearing aNazi uniform .

5) Kate

Even for Princess Kate it is difficult to respect the etiquette. In fact, she has sensationally forfeited the glorious Irish Guard parade . This event has always been honored by the Windsor house but Kate preferred to look after her children rather than respect the etiquette. Another misstep was the exaggerated cost of the helicopter trip between London and Sandringham which cost taxpayers £ 3,000 . The same journey was made by Elisabetta in teno for a decidedly lower cost.

6) Sarah Ferguson

In 1992 the topless photos of Sarah Ferguson , ex-wife of Andrew , second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Philip of England, made the rounds of the world on the covers of all newspapers. The Duchess of York, in addition to exhibiting her graces, was photographed having her big toe sucked by Texan businessman John Bryan .

7) Anna

The royal princess Anna , despite being the patroness of over 200 charitable organizations, had no mercy and good taste in showing contempt for a gift dedicated to her. In fact, on Christmas 2002 , to a man who was waiting for her outside a church she said very crossly: “ What kind of thought is this! “.

8) Edward

The queen’s youngest son, Edward also gave the tabloids some notable insights. His wife was accused of having expressed unkind judgments towards Queen Elizabeth II , the Queen Mother and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair .

9) Edward VIII

Edward VIII and his companion Wallis Simpson met Hitler in 1937 and for this they were accused of sympathies towards Nazism. Furthermore, Simpson is suspected of passing information to the Germans due to her business relationship with Berlin Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop .