Fishnet stockings, absolute seduction . They are a fashion accessory that electrifies the ladies and tickles the fantasies of the gentlemen. In short .. everyone likes them! What spark is causing this general appreciation is unclear. Perhaps that “I see I do not see” that makes everything more mysterious , or perhaps the fact that they emphasize the shapes of the legs better than simple pantyhose. Or perhaps the reference to their transgressive 1920s origins?

Let’s see why fishnet stockings are so beautiful and above all why they are back in fashion in 2021, in the new post dedicated to fashion accessories.

Fishnet stockings, a story of seduction

Fishnet stockings do not have a precise origin. They were “sighted” already in the 1920s, but made a furore between 1940 and the mid-1950s .

The term fishnet stockings was first recorded in The Oxford English Dictionary back  in 1933, under the terminology of fishnet stockings . They were then used only by burlesque show dancers and casino ladies, and were initially only flesh-colored. The net was barely visible and made the girls’ legs “mysterious”, almost “to touch”. After the dancers it’s up to the pin-ups to perform with this garment, which therefore becomes the icon of being sexy by definition.

Forgotten for thirty years, except for a few sexy scenes in the cinema, they regained momentum in the Eighties thanks to the punk culture, transgressive by definition. Then back into oblivion for another thirty years and finally, in the very new century, they are back on the shelves again. And above all… on ladies’ legs!

They are generally made of nylon or lycra and are also worn with suspenders, although they are also available as hold-ups and tights.

But what brings them back so popular to the present day?

Mainly the trend of this 2021 to rediscover transparent garments , such as veils, crochet hooks and precisely the net. Symbols of “rediscovered freedom”, nets will be used a lot in this final year and fishnet stockings will still be the protagonists.

Fishnet stockings, which are the most popular models in this?

There will be plenty of choice for the most popular models in this 2021, even for the summer. These are different and all very tantalizing, for her taste but also for him, who admires them!

Let’s see together some models most used this year by women all over the world:

  • Chunky fishnet stockings – they are almost always black, with thick and evident meshes to create a decorative effect that goes well with the rest of the outfit, preferably with ankle boots and miniskirt;
  • Thin fishnet stockings – the net here is barely visible, and without seams and goes very well with fluffy dresses and short skirts;
  • Honeycomb net – has a hexagonal shape, more particular and therefore to be combined with more elegant outfits and evenings of a certain thickness; it is also found in flesh-colored, as it creates a unique effect on the wearer’s legs;
  • Soft hexagonal mesh – very large but soft meshes that widen as needed depending on the movement of the leg. Excellent with a high- heeled shoe and with an evening dress;

Fishnet stockings are mainly elegant, therefore to be combined with high heels or medium heels . But they can also be sporty if associated with pants that are not too long, or with slits, and perhaps with comfortable ankle boots.

Of course they go perfectly with the right underwear, that is very, very sexy , which will have the same colors as the stockings, depending on the choice you make. Indicated with the help of hold-ups.

The desire for freedom of 2021 also associates fishnet stockings with hot pants and shorts, but mostly on the body of very young girls.

Our post dedicated to the history and the most popular models of fishnet stockings ends here. See you next time with the fashion insights by our portal!