We present you the soundtrack of your life, a review of the best songs of the 80s, a prodigious decade for music .
Cinema, television, sports and fashion burst into the collective culture with force. Meanwhile, the world of music knew new pop divas and new sound horizons to explore. Although it started off in the worst possible way with the murder of John Lennon , the ’80s soon proved to be a beautiful time to be alive.

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The 30 best songs of the 80
‘s These are the songs that left the biggest mark, great hits of the 80’s that continue to play on radio around the world. 20 great songs of the 80s in English
First we review the songs that were an international success. 1. Kool & the Gang – ‘Celebration’ (1980)
This funk band already predicted that they would be “good times”, halfway between the disco music of the 70s and a new sound . Authors of other radio hits like ‘Get down on it’. 2. Depeche Mode – ‘Just can’t get enough’ (1981)
Meanwhile, three English boys were putting the synthesizer to new usesand invented electronic rock. They made themselves known with one of the songs from the 80s that bring out our most “freaky” side. 3. Joan Jett – ‘I love rock & roll’ (1982)
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a version of ‘I love rock & roll’, but I can assure you that the original is by Joan Jett, the legendary vocalist and guitarist of The Runaways . 4. Survivor – ‘Eye of the tiger’ (1982)
This single became popular for being part of the soundtrack of a mythical tape of the 80s: ‘Rocky III’ . Who hasn’t hummed her while she goes up some stairs ? 5. Cindy Lauper – ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ (1983)
Every time the first few bars of this song sound, the whole world comes crashing down. Charming New Yorker Cindy Lauper has gifted us with a generational anthem and an ode to women’s freedom . 6. Eurythmics – ‘Sweet dreams (Are made of this)’ (1983)
The single that launched this British duo to stardom and has been covered and remixed millions of times. From Selena Gomez to Marilyn Manson they have made this 80’s song their own . 7. The Police – ‘Every breath you take’ (1983)
The Police is one of the groups that left their mark at that time, before Sting decided to try his luck alone. The vocalist composed this piece after his breakup with actress Frances Tomeltyand before making his courtship with Trudie Styler official. 8. Irene Cara – ‘What a feeling’ (1983)
One of the most iconic movies of the decade like ‘Flashdance’ also left us one of the best songs of the 80s. It won the Oscar for best original song for a reason . 9. Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’ (1984)
Any song by Michael Jackson could appear on the list of the best songs in history, but ‘Thriller’ marked a before and after in his career . The full-length video was also a huge success. 10. Tears for fears – ‘Shout’ (1984)
One of those choruses that almost everyone knows. Tears for fears were champions of the new wave and, over time, managed to gain a foothold in the sales charts of the United States (governed by MTV).

    11. Madonna – ‘Like a virgin’ (1984)
    A very young Madonna began to reclaim her throne as queen of ’80s pop songs . She later proved to the world that she was not a one-hit star and she embarked on a world tour. 12. Bruce Springsteen – ‘Born in the USA’ (1984)
    Contrary to popular belief, this song is not a patriotic anthem, but rather a criticism of American society and its value system . In any case, it is a masterpiece of “The Boss”. 13. Queen – ‘I want to break free’ (1984)
    It’s hard to pick just one song from Freddie Mercury’s lineup, but ‘I want to break free’ is an open declaration of the singer’s homosexuality, a subject that was still taboo in the 80s . 14. Metallica – ‘Fade to black’ (1984)
    Indeed, a thrash metal song sneaks into the list of the best songs of the 80s. Belonging to their debut feature ‘Ride the lightning’, a gem that you should listen to at least once in your life.

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    15. Dire Straits – ‘So far away’ (1985) Mark Knopfler is one of the most influential musicians in history , and any self-respecting guitarist has tried to cover this song from his album ‘Brothers in arms’. 16. Europe – ‘The final countdown’ (1986)
    Some say it represents heavy music’s jump into the mainstream, but that’s totally wrong. Not in vain, Iron Maiden or Metallica already filled stadiums. 17. A-ha – ‘Take on me (1986)
    I bet you can’t tell me another song by the Norwegians A-ha, a one-hit wonder band that is presented as one of the high points of the synthpop. 18. Bon Jovi – ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ (1986)
    The most remembered theme of the artist from New Jersey, although none of us is able to reach the high notes of the chorus. An unparalleled dose of energy that sounds this good. 19. U2 – ‘With or without you’ (1987)
    Rarely have U2 left us a song as subtle and delicate as ‘With or without you’, another of the most covered 80’s songs . The first single from an anthology album by the Irish: ‘The Joshua Tree’. 20. Tina Turner – ‘The best’ (1989)
    The 80’s ended with the powerful voice of Tina Turner. ‘The Best’ is one of those songs that bucks the cheesy trend while also sending out a tremendously positive message to the world. 10 great songs of the 80s in Spanish
    As we can see, Spain was not far behind in the musical section, opening up to pop, electronica and celebrating the Madrid scene in style. 1. Nacha Pop – ‘Girl from yesterday’ (1980)
    Written by Antonio Vega, a crucial figure in the Spanish music scene, while doing military service in the 70’s. Interestingly, it became a hymn of the transition to democracy . 2. Antonio Flores – ‘No doubtaria’ (1980)
    Another of the most important figures in music in Spanish is the talented composer Antonio Gonzalez Flores, who died in 1995 from an overdose of drugs and alcohol. His legacy is still with us. 3. Miguel Bose – ‘Bandit Lover’ (1984)
    On the album ‘Bandido’, Miguel Bose took control of his musical career and reinvented himself for a more mature audience . It was an excellent decision, as the success of ‘Amante bandido’ shows. 4. Mecano – ‘Hijo de la luna’ (1984)
    The formation of Ana Torroja and the Cano brothers had one of the most fruitful trajectories of music in Spanish. They formed a unique sound adapting different styles, always between techno and pop. 5. Radio Futura – ‘Escuela de calor’ (1984) The most disco and funky branch of national music , a bestseller and one of the songs on the list that transmits us the most good vibes. 6. G Men – ‘Give Me Back My Girl’ (1985)
    One of those groups from the 80s that everyone remembers with special affection. The song is a perfect example of their carefree style and served as a springboard for them to star in their own movie : ‘Sufre mamon’. 7. Duncan Dhu – ‘Cien gaviotas’ (1986)
    Duncan Dhu did not lose sight of the Spanish pop rock that was developing at the time, but they contributed rockabilly and country nuances that hooked the public. This up-tempo song is a good example. 8. Alaska and Dinarama – ‘Who cares’ (1986)
    This great song by Maria Olvido Gara (Alaska’s real name) has become an anthem of the Madrid scene and gay culture . Unforgettable song from the 80s to leave behind prejudices.9. Los Rebeldes – ‘Mediterraneo’ (1988)
    The decade was coming to an end and the synthesizers gave way to the pop rock of Los Rebeldes. One of the first “summer songs” that are remembered, praising the many benefits of the Spanish coast. 10. The Refrescos – ‘Aqui no hay playa’ (1989)
    We close the list of the best songs of the 80s with a song that lifts us out of our chairs to the rhythm of ska every time it plays. Whoa, whoa!
    Many songs have been left out of the list but they deserve to be present, and we all remember some with special illusion. Which is yours

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