Unless things get out of hand, alcohol makes us feel uninhibited and free in many ways. Suddenly, any conversation seems interesting and any doubt is an existential problem. After two drinks, the tone of the conversation usually turns to sex. So, does alcohol really cause us to feel aroused and increase sexual desire ? The question is not that simple.
It is true that with a few too many spirits we feel uninhibited and the coastal distances stop being so uncomfortable, but when what we are really looking for is “courtship” or a one-night stand, alcoholic beverages can betray us.
We get tongue-tied and don’t focus too much, so if the person in front of us is sober, they may be wondering: why am I talking to this drunk?
Also , large doses of alcohol can betray us during sex.

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There are drinks that whet our sexual appetite, such as champagne if consumed in small quantities, but if what we really want is a sex enhancer, a magical concoction for flirting , we offer you this cocktail with aphrodisiac products. We present the Sexual Potion.

Sexual potion
This cocktail is so delicious that it will conquer anyone, but it also incorporates a series of ingredients that will make the magic arise by itself.
The cocktail known as sexual potion. | Image from: Barman in red.


  • Ginebra.
  • Fresh coconut milk.
  • Freshly grated ginger.
  • Pernod o anis.

The preparation of this spirit of sex does not have too much mystery. All we have to do is add the ingredients to the shaker according to our taste , trying not to abuse any of them. We serve it in a glass and drink it immediately.

Wine, the other great sexual enhancer
Another study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that, if you opt for wine, sexual impulses may be stronger . The study determines that people who consumed two glasses of wine or more a day had higher testosterone levels, causing an increase in libido.

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Wine also alters testosterone levels. | Image by: Daniela Vladimirova.
Wine appears to contain quercetin, a substance that blocks the enzyme UGT2B17 . The main function of this enzyme is to remove excess testosterone from your body. If it circulates at its free will through our blood, we will feel more excited. On the other hand, the blood flow in the erogenous zones is also greater.

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What happens if you abuse
One drink will be enough, with two you will feel sexual desire in all its fullness, with three you may be abusing and after the fourth, be very careful, because you are entering a harmful spiral that can lead you to a traumatic experience . This is what can happen if you abuse the magical liquor.

effects in men

  • Difficulties in maintaining an erection: If your head is spinning and you can’t stand up, how are you going to keep your little thing firm?
    The decrease in blood flow can play tricks on us and the fear of repeating it can generate anxiety in the future.
  • Delayed ejaculation: It is not that you are a machine in sex, but that alcohol has made such a dent in you that the quality of the sexual encounter will be disastrous.

Alcohol can harm your erections. | Image from: Barman in red.

Effects on women

  • Vaginal dryness: With everything you have drunk and now you are unable to lubricate. In the same way as in men, this occurs because of the lack of blood supply in the area.
  • Delayed ejaculation: It’s not that he doesn’t make you feel something special, it’s that you’ve gone too far with the drink.

Alcohol and sex yes, but in the right measure
Other drinks that increase desire and excitement are champagne, beer or any cocktail prepared with aphrodisiacs and, why not, you can always try to introduce alcohol during sexual intercourse. The possibilities are endless.
Many people have had an unpleasant experience in bed due to taking too many shots. Several reports suggest an alarming trend, and that is that young people begin to consume alcohol more and more young and consequently commit acts that they may later regret, acts that are later reflected in the Facebook profile.
You know, alcohol can liberate you sexually and make you seem like an interesting person (unless you’re not at all), but if you’re abusing it, you might as well give it up for tonight and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another day.