Crazy phrases hide very deep truths , because being sane is the biggest nonsense in the world. To show off our lack of sanity, we have presented you with a selection of reflections that will make you think about the negative connotations of madness.

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Funny crazy phrases
Humor is a necessary tool to know how to manage the madness that resides in each one of us. 1. You have to be a little crazy to put up with so many idiots. (Friedrich Nietzsche) A phrase of madness charged with reason . Idiots are the majority in this world. 2. Humans, as a general rule, don’t like crazy people unless they’re good painters, and only when they’re dead. (Matt Haig)
A good example would be the famous painter Salvador Dali. 3. Madness is the emergency exit. (Alan Moore)
Many overuse that output. 4. When I am among crazy people I play crazy. (Diogenes of Sinope)
Diogenes of Sinope left us several phrases of little sanity. Forhis philosophy, based on minimizing his human needs , was branded crazy. 5. Only a crazy person celebrates his birthday. (George Bernard Shaw)
From that perspective, a year that passes is another year that brings us closer to death. But we can also celebrate that we are still alive . 6. When a madman seems completely sane, it’s time to put him in a straitjacket. (Edgar Allan Poe)
In other words: distrust someone who doesn’t do crazy things from time to time. 7. My madness is sacred, do not touch it. (Salvador Dali)
Salvador Dali went to his grave with his madness intact. 8. If I didn’t do at least one crazy thing a year, I’d go crazy! (Vicente Huidobro) Madness is an escape route, a necessary relief in a rationalized world. 9. Drunkenness is nothing more than voluntary madness. (Seneca)
Some people get drunk to show another version of themselves. 10. We are all born crazy. Some continue like this forever. (Samuel Beckett)
Every once in a while it’s not bad to recapture some of that madness.
Crazy funny phrases for day to day. | Image by: Jessica Oliveira / Unsplash. Phrases of madness of love
The French say that love is “folie a deux”, a shared madness. Everyone could feel identified with these phrases. 11. The great madness of men and women is love. (Paulo Coelho)
The degree of madness is inversely proportional to the time a relationship has been active.12. There is always something crazy in love. (Friedrich Nietzsche)
They say that Nietzsche was not in his right mind in his last days , so we assume that he knows what he is talking about. 13. Love is madness and lust is poison. (George RR Martin)
A phrase about the madness of love that appears in the fantastic saga Song of Fire and Ice.

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14. If you do not remember the slightest madness in which love made you fall, you have not loved. (William Shakespeare) Who has not committed madness for love? 15. Love and madness are the engines that make life go. (Marguerite Yourcenar) Routine is one of the greatest enemies of love (or relationships). 16. Love is a temporary form of madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then calms down. (Louis de Bernieres)
To recover the spark of love you need a bit of madness. 17. My wish is that you are loved until you go crazy. (Andre Breton)
Passion is the ultimate expression of the madness of love. 18. If love is not madness, then it is not love. (Pedro Calderon de la Barca)
Love is giving, and you have to be a little crazy to give everything without demanding anything in return. 19. I have loved to the point of madness; for me, it is the only sensible way to love (Francoise Sagan)
Otherwise it would not be true love. Short and famous phrases of madness
Many sages have made great advances for humanity based on madness. We leave you with a selection of famous phrases from admirable madmen in history. 20. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. (Albert Einstein)
Madness can be synonymous with obsession and perseverance , attributes that could be applied to Einstein.21. When everyone is crazy, being sane is crazy. (Paul Samuelson)
Swimming against the current is sometimes the wisest thing to do. 22. Madness is a certain pleasure that only the madman knows. (John Dryden) Madness allows you certain licenses. 23. Madness is the inability to communicate one’s own ideas (Paulo Coelho)
Crazy people have no problem expressing their emotions. 24. Here we are all crazy. (Lewis Carroll)
All the characters that appear in Alice in Wonderland are completely nuts. 25. The absurd is the ecstasy of intellectualism. (Criss Jami) Some
say silly humor is for smart people .26. Flirting with madness is one thing. If madness flirts with you, then it’s time to end it. (Charles Bukowski)
Bukowski, always so incisive, has a few sentences worth reading.

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27. Madness: it is the new social normal (Rick Yancey)
A fairly accurate definition of modern society. 28. It is crazy to hate all the roses because one pricks you. (Antoine de Saint Exupery)
Not everyone has enough empathy to put themselves in the place of the madman and understand his point of view. 29. It is said that courage and madness are first cousins. (George RR Martin)
The Game of Thrones writer leaves us with some memorable quotes about the madness in his work. 30. Anger is a short madness. (Horacio)
Anger blinds us and prevents us from acting clearly. 31. I can calculate the movement of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. (Isaac Newton)
There is another similar phrase that states that human stupidity has no limits. 32. Sometimes the mind receives such a brutal blow that it hides in dementia. (Patrick Rothfuss)
The mind has the ability to override those traumatic memories that could destroy us. 33. No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness (Aristotle)
​​I propose the following: think of each of the famous people you know. They all have something crazy. 34. Insanity is thinking of too many things in series too quickly, or of one thing too exclusively. (Voltaire)
When we think about too many things without delving into any of them, it can be a symptom of ignorance.35. Madness is just an occasional visitor who takes her time and tries to get to know everyone personally. (Darynda Jones)
Indeed. Madness affects us all equally. 36. Reality is always controlled by the people who are the craziest. (Scott Adams)
Think about the world leaders who control the world. Think of Donald Trump. 37. I do not suffer from my madness, I enjoy every minute of it (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Probably the most well-known and shared phrase of madness of all. 38. For sheep it is crazy to talk about peace with a wolf. (Thomas Fuller)
Still, you can always have the courage to try.39. Accept the madness. Create the delusion. Set the doubt. Feed the paranoia. (John Katzenbach)
There is nothing wrong with that. 40. Intelligence has certain limitations. Madness almost none. (Darynda Jones)
Because madness questions everything and takes nothing for granted. 41. Money is our madness, our immense collective madness. (DH Lawrence)
Money can be considered a disease. 42. Books have led some to learn and others to madness. (Petrarch)
It all depends on the context in which it is read . 43. The first sign of madness is talking to your mind. (JK Rowling)
However, the brightest minds talk to themselves.44. Science has not yet taught us whether madness is or is not the most sublime of intelligence. (Edgar Allan Poe)
Maybe neuroscience? 45. Crazy people are always sure they’re okay. Only healthy people are willing to admit that they are crazy. (Nora Ephron)
Here is a paradox: to admit otherwise would be madness . 46. ​​Madness is invigorating and invigorating. It makes the sane more sane (Henry Miller)
It gives us a dose of courage and extra strength. 47. What is life?
Crazy (Pedro Calderon de la Barca)

The Spanish author also stated that “life is a dream, and dreams are dreams.” 48. I envy your madness, I envy the mental labyrinth in which you get lost (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
We can find peace in that mental labyrinth that Goethe talks about. 49. Going back to youth is only repeating their follies (Oscar Wilde)
As we get older, the fear of the consequences of madness grows .

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50. Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting. (John Russell)
The balance between the two would be ideal. 51. Everyone is crazy, but he who analyzes his madness is called a philosopher. (Ambrose Bierce)
It’s okay to question whether we’re entirely sane. 52. I went mad, with long intervals of horrible sanity. (Edgar Allan Poe)
As Edgar Allan Poe points out, sanity can be repetitive and boring . 53. Madness and greatness are nothing more than two sides of the same coin. (George RR Martin)
Greatness requires courage, and courage a point of madness. 54. Madness is relative. Depends on who has whom locked in what cage. (Ray Bradbury)
Madness doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Therefore, it is subjective and relative . 55. Life is madness. Madness to live, to love, to smile. (Megan Maxwell)
Losing our sanity makes us live more intensely. 56. Madness is a point of view. (Micky Bane)
One of the most famous phrases about madness. 57. In madness, you have to find calm. (Lupita Nyong’o)
There are people who are very calm in their madness. Then there are others who feel out of place among crazy people. 58. Obsession is the source of genius and madness. (Michel de Montaigne)
However, a moment of pause is always necessary to see everything from another perspective.59. In their moments of lucidity, all crazy people are amazing. (Casimir Delavigne) Crazy people deserve to be heard from time to time . 60. Not everyone goes crazy, those things have to be deserved. (Julio Cortazar)
For Cortazar, madness has its positives. 61. You are crazy, completely crazy. But let me tell you a secret, the best people are. (Lewis Carroll)
Another huge line from Aliiia in Wonderland.

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62. The crazy ones open the paths that the wise men later travel. (Carlo Dossi)
Well, they are the only ones with enough courage to make their way. 63. The madness of one man is the sanity of another (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
This famous phrase reminds us that the concept of madness is subjective . 64. It is wisdom to recognize the need, even though it may seem crazy to those who cling to false hopes. (JRR Tolkien)
What would humanity be without those madmen who transmit their enthusiasm
? As we have pointed out, madness and courage are first cousins . 65. In my madness, I thought he was the most important person in the world (John Forbes Nash)
One of the greatest follies is to believe that we are the center of the Universe. 66. Crazy people are called that way by the rest of society because their intelligence is not understood. (Zhou Weihui)
When someone is the first at something, instead of being called a pioneer, they are called crazy . 67. It is through mystery and madness that the soul reveals itself. (Thomas Moore)
Madness unleashes and frees the most authentic part of ourselves. 68. It’s better to face madness with a plan than to sit back and let it tear you apart. (Josh Malerman)
The first step is to assume that one is crazy. The second is knowing how to react when that madness occurs .69. Many important people are crazy and nobody knows it. They don’t even know it themselves. (Agatha Christie)
Fortunately, many people are beginning to realize this. 70. You have to go ahead and be crazy. Madness is like heaven. (Jimmy Hendrix)
Many of the musicians who have succeeded are somewhat crazy, although it is true that drugs have helped.

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