Although there is a misconception that its capital can be seen in just one day, the truth is that there are many tourist places in Puebla that we can enjoy calmly, without the need for this beautiful city to be a destination for which we are simply on the way.

14 tourist places in Puebla that deserve to be visited
The following are some of the tourist places in Puebla that we can enjoy if we decide to visit both its capital and the rest of the state that gives it its name.

14. Visiting the city center
When we travel to a new destination that we have never been to, it is almost mandatory to visit the center of the town or city in question.But if it also turns out that it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO , it makes the center one of the tourist places in Puebla that we cannot miss.

13. The Cathedral of Puebla
Also considered a World Heritage Site, the also called ‘Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception’ is the second highest in all of Mexico and one of the most historic tourist places in Puebla that you have to see.

12. The Baroque Museum
Some of the tourist places that we can see in Puebla are ideal for lovers of culture. Inaugurated in 2016, this museum, similar in appearance to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, houses a large collection of Baroque art .

11. The Palafoxina Library
Those who love to know the history of the places they visit should not miss the Palafoxina Library, whose name comes from Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, the bishop of the city during the first half of the 17th century. With more than 43,000 works inside, it is not the typical overcrowded tourist place in Puebla, so if you are fed up with crowds and are looking for an alternative , we recommend you visit it.
We leave some images of the city of Puebla:

10. The Mural of the Poblanos
One of the best restaurants in Puebla is ‘El Mural de los Poblanos’, a key place where they prepare the best traditional dishes whose recipes have been perpetuated over several generations. From tacos to salads with nopales, the ingredients used in this restaurant are of the highest quality, coming from all corners of the state . This tourist place in the city of Puebla is ideal for those who want to enjoy the local gastronomy.

9. Temple of San Francisco
This is the first convent that was built in Puebla, as this architectural relic dates from 1535 and is decorated with elements typical of New Spain baroque art, which are mixed with characteristics of the indigenous construction style.A typical tourist place in Puebla to learn about part of its oldest history.

8. Calle de los Dulces
Located at number 6 Calle Oriente, the street renamed ‘Calle de los Dulces’ receives this nickname in honor of the number of shops where they sell typical sweets from Puebla, such as sweet potatoes or the mythical Santa Clara pancakes. . These last treats are hardly found in any other tourist destination in Puebla , so the sweet tooth is interested in locating where it is located.

7. Plaza de Armas
The Plaza de Armas was erected as soon as the city of Puebla was founded. Formerly the market to which the neighbors used to go was located there, but after a terrible fire, it decided to move.
This tourist place in Puebla iseasily recognizable by its central fountain , which represents the figure of an archangel and is surrounded by green trees.

6. Fort Loreto and Guadalupe
After the battle of Puebla, in which the French were defeated, a huge monument was erected in honor of the victorious ones.
In addition, on the top of this hill, two temples were built in tribute to the virgins of Loreto and Guadalupe, where today there is one of the best museums on the Puebla war that will allow those interested to see first-hand how the events unfolded.

5. The Raisin
‘La Pasita’ is the name given to one of the best known places, a popular tourist attraction in which the owners prepare all kinds of concoctions (with their own recipes) that, according to what they say, have miraculous results for any ailment.

4. Parque de San Francisco
Among the tourist places in Puebla, there are also green areas like this one. Strolling through the gardens of Parque de San Francisco is a beautiful and romantic experience, whether you go alone or accompanied. Also, if you go a little further into this park you will find an area with restaurants and cafeterias , as well as rest areas to take a break and admire the panorama.

3. China Poblana
If you enjoy looking at works of art, a tourist place you should go toIt is at the roundabout where this majestic female figure carved in bronze is located, a silhouette that makes it completely recognizable

2. Cholula and the Great Pyramid
If we leave the city of Puebla and go to San Pedro de Cholula, one of the municipalities of the state, we can enjoy the oldest city in America, since it was founded around the year 500 BC.
In addition, Cholula has the Great Pyramid, the largest monument in the world at its base (400 meters on each side), where you can lose yourself in its intricate network of interior tunnels.
Cholula is a very nice tourist place in Puebla that is worth visiting, given its status as a ‘Pueblo Magico’.

1. Tonantzintla
Within the municipality of San Andres Cholula (different from San Pedro, both located in the Cholula valley), is the Church of Santa Maria Tonantzintla, a temple in honor of the goddess of the Earth Tonantzin and whose translation means “Our Mother”.