If we should thank the popular Spanish proverb for anything, it is his wise advice on what is best to do and not do in certain situations. The thing about “wherever you have the pot, don’t put the p***a”, is not a random saying. However, as we like to play with fire and we love risk more than a fool loves a pencil (not to mention the ability of the human being to be always tripping over all kinds of stones), there are those who go about their business without any kind of risk. of glances.
One of the sexual fantasies par excellence is having a passionate encounter with someone from our work; a sudden heat that must be turned off in a single way: having casual sex without anyone knowing. Peers of the same, rank, managers or bosses, no one is exempt from these wet dreams.

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Sex at work, yes or no
Being in a society in which we still don’t know if we live to work or work to live, since we spend more part of the day at work than at home, can have its favorable point .
As strange as it may seem, hooking up with a teammate happens more than you think. Business dinners, conversations during breaks, exchanging phone numbers “in case there’s anything”… With any excuse you can start relationships that lead to a sporadic hookup.
Now, what positive and negative points are there when embarking on an adventure like
this? Let’s get to it:

In favor: “sex and nothing else”
There are people who are especially skilled when it comes to putting feelings aside when having sex. Thanks to this ability to know how to separate pleasure from something deeper, they can enjoy a time of unpretentious fun , in which they will not get too emotionally involved.
It may be that for this type of “coldest” person, fornicating or making out on the office table with someone they see every day does not mean any ordeal if one day they run out of money; and they can keep the same good vibes that they had before anything happened. Bravo if so.

Cons: “you don’t have to mix”
On the contrary, there are people who are of the opinion of “not mixing churras with merinos”. Come on, leisure is better not included in work. It doesn’t matter how much we’re attracted to that person, or how much we fantasize about enjoying a promiscuous outburst: our pants don’t go down when we’re working (unless it’s to relax toilet training in the bathroom).
And it is that many would be disconcerted that a superior was scolding them, or that they were arguing with their neighbor at the table about who is to blame for the last blunder, so that after a while they would have that person with their tongue stuck up to the glottis. .. Or who knows what and where.

Sex at work can have its point…
Having an affair with someone in our office can have a positive effect on our motivation to come every day with a smile and give our best when it comes to getting the most out of our productivity. After all, unleashing our most primal instincts makes us feel euphoric and full of energy.

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…but be careful with whom
Although we are in favor of enjoying sex WITH A HEAD, we must not forget where we are . The consequences of an affair with someone of higher rank may not be to your liking if things don’t go quite right. An unfair dismissal, an out of the ordinary anger, turning his anger against the person with whom he had an affair… The risk is high. Although as miserable and opportunistic as some people are, tricks like heating up the boss can mean their only guaranteed path of advancement.
Okay, let’s suppose not, that the person we like is someone from our same department or step. If you don’t have to share space, the risk of misunderstandings or problems is reduced (be careful if you stop seeing each other and then you have to take the elevator, yes). But, as every story has its end, if the time comes when you stop exchanging fluids, it is better that there is the maximum space or physical elements between the two . In this way, you will only have to establish the minimum contact that is strictly necessary.
And it is because of things like that, we said before that perhaps those less emotionally dependent people are suitable for this type of sexual adventure. Having occasional sex with someone from the office would not (in principle) give them too much of a headache, be in the same space with that someone. In this way, it would be perfectly possible to achieve a climate of peace at work without affecting your ability to concentrate.
That sex is very good, we do not deny it, but it is convenient to know where one is getting (literally and symbolically speaking) when moving him to the place where he works.

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