Life can be as wonderful as it is hard. Be that as it may, we present you with a list of questions about life so that you reconsider and reflect on it.
You will find questions and doubts of all kinds, so that your mind works and tries to discover the great mysteries of human existence, but do not rush, most do not have a definitive answer.

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25 questions about life
Below we show you a selection of phrases about life so that you can reflect on it for a while. Share with your closest friends those that have reached the deepest.

1. Where do we come from?
We start with one of the classic questions about life.
The origin of the universe remains a mystery, but everything points to the big bang. If there is something beyond this, it is up to each one and his beliefs. At the evolutionary level, if it is known with certainty that Darwin’s Theory of evolution is the one that would explain the “creation” of the human being as we know it. On the other hand, before the big bang time did not even exist, so it is difficult for a God to do anything.

2. Where are we going
The question about the previous life is always linked to this one.
Continuing with the line of the above, to survival and adaptation. The human being continues to encounter problems that must be overcome almost daily. Both individually and socially. We always strive to achieve the best possible well-being while we continue to live and try to ensure that future generations enjoy the same; although the latter also depends on the morale (low, it seems) of the existing generation.

3. Why was I born?
The biological explanation is simple, the sperm that fertilized your mother’s egg was the fastest and best adapted to the environmental conditions to reach the goal.
The psychological explanation should be given by your parents. Most likely, you were a wanted child (like most births in developed countries) and that your parents found a moment of passion in which to conceive you.
The existential explanation is more difficult, and will depend on your beliefs, religion and culture . A server considers that there is no intrinsic reason for existence; however, life can be made meaningful.

4. Does life make sense
One of the big questions about life that we have already (half) answered in the previous one. It is not possible to know if life has a predefined meaning. Regardless of whether there is a (or a
) creator or not, everything indicates thatthe free will available to the human being gives him the opportunity to build his own meaning.
As long as you believe that human beings have the ability to make choices freely.

5. Is it possible to be happy
A question about life that few ask but that we should all try to answer.
The truth is that no. You can’t BE happy. Happiness is not a “being”, but a “being” . In the same way that no one asks, can it be sadness
, why do we wonder if it can be happy?
The truth is that, like any other emotion, happiness can be experienced many times throughout life , but it can never be. a constant state.

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