Men’s swimwear: this year too fashion moves to the beaches all over Italy and beyond, to celebrate the most fashionable and trendy models of the moment . And this applies not only to women’s costumes but also to men’s ones, which year after year are enriched with new trends to follow.

However, men (and not all) do not always give importance to clothing. Least of all to swimwear . For them, it is enough that they are practical and comfortable and that they allow you to enjoy the sea. Younger people perhaps look more to aesthetics, but mostly they let their wives or mothers choose them for them.

Boxer o slip?

The dilemma every summer for the man who has to wear a swimsuit is always the same: boxer or briefs?

In fact, this endless struggle between these two swimsuit models seems to repeat itself indefinitely, almost in a clash with neither winners nor losers.

But how to choose the men’s swimsuit between these two models so different from each other?

Surely a lot will depend on your personal taste in swimwear. But also the physical aspect plays a fundamental role: this is because men too must enhance their external appearance, especially when summer arrives. And it is for this reason that the brief is preferably more suitable for slender or thin men, compared to the boxer, more suitable perhaps for those who have a few kg too much or who are in any case more shapely, and who may feel a little uncomfortable with it. briefs.

Next to the traditional boxer model, we have the long-leg model, the one that reaches the calf, which seems to be back in vogue this summer.

Trendiest colors and brands this year

Talking about the hottest brands and colors this summer, we are spoiled for choice!

Here too, the decision to make is between elegance and creativity . In fact, for example for what concerns the colors, the choice could fall between plain-colored or at most two -colored costumes , or in the choice of more colorful, creative and so to speak ” tropical ” models, giving greater relevance in the latter case in shades of yellow, blue, light green, and the most diverse and creative prints, made from palm trees, tropical fish, boats, in a mix of flair and desire to be jaunty.

Between elegance and pomp in the choice of swimsuit , we have several fashion brands that can be right for you.

If your watchword is to be elegant and formal, then the colors to choose will be black, dark blue, and the recommended brands are Armani and Hugo Boss , who are famous for their swimsuit models in briefs, or if you are looking for color and creativity for your moments on the beach, then rely on the models proposed by Vilebrequin or Bikkembergs , passing through Etro and Sundek.

And if you want to rely on the navy style even at the beach, then the most obvious choice falls on the models proposed this summer by Ralph Lauren.

Men’s swimwear: the most famous brands

For those few gentlemen who are passionate about fashion and for the many women who these days would like to give a “seaside” gift to their man, here are the men’s costume brands to take into consideration.

Because contrary to popular belief, choosing a good swimsuit – even for him – is a guarantee of elegance, beauty and certainly long-lasting practicality .

Tommy Hilfiger

The well-known fashion house of the homonymous designer is also one of the best manufacturers of underwear for men and swimwear for him.

Usually they are characterized by the liveliness of the prints, the logo always clearly visible and the high quality of the fabrics. Both briefs and boxers are excellent, for a stylish man even under an umbrella!

Emporio Armani

Always a leader in boxer swimsuits, Emporio Armani is recognizable by the brand name written on the entire length of the shorts and by the often sober colors, with few prints, or one color.

The pride is the resistant fabrics that dry immediately. They cost a little more on average than other brands, but it’s worth it, if you want a quality men’s swimsuit and at the same time able to make you look good on the beach.


It is useless to describe Yamamay, a famous brand of underwear and swimwear.

For “him”, the company expresses boxers with an elegant line, dark, virile colors, but with bright prints that adapt to the heat of the summer season.

Calvin Klein

Many Calvin Klein proposals for the sea. Almost always boxers with complex, lively, tropical, intriguing patterns.

Alternatively, one-of-a-kind very sexy colors or two-tone swimsuits with a horizontal band and logo always in sight in large letters.


Famous brand among men who go to the beach and Sundek, born in the 1960s in California, and today one of the leaders in the men’s beachwear sector in the Mediterranean area.

The idea of ​​the masculine sea for Sundek are tight-fitting boxers, in pastel patterns, or much wider, more resistant swimsuits with bright colors.

Some have the logo instead of the print, repeated over the entire surface for typically sporty m odels.


Just like for women, Calzedonia loves to use their imagination as well for the gentlemen.

The boxers are rich in prints and patterns of various kinds and colors.

The same motifs can be found on the briefs, which are super tight and also quite provocative, for a man who wants to intrigue the woman even at the sea.


The famous Italian fashion house owned by Renzo Rosso, specialized in the production of jeans, for men’s costumes offers wide boxers with oriental-inspired patterns and prints.


A lot of simplicity for this brand of men’s swimwear, which focuses more on the practical aspect of the sea than on that of impact and fashion.

Unique colors, but with original colors, make them particularly appreciated. But there are also fantasies, and they are… surprising!


Intimissimi always adapts to the fashions of the moment and for this summer focuses on geometries. However, colorful and intriguing geometries for both boxers and men’s briefs.

The man who enters an Intimissimi shop for a swimsuit is therefore spoiled for choice.


Reliable, historical and fascinating brand, Adidas seduces men with very elegant swimwear that almost look like trousers at times. The colors are almost always unique, with the company symbol in evidence.

Sometimes some tropical or Hawaiian fantasy breaks the mold for one of the leaders in the Sports sector and beyond.


Whether you are looking for relaxing moments or beach fun made up of aperitifs, beach volleyball games, parties, bonfire on the beach, the choice of men’s swimsuit this summer will be a fundamental moment, to be faced with the necessary calm and second your tastes.

Certainly what is important is to make the choice that best suits your style, and why not, with the aim of enhancing your physical appearance.