Apulian seas: where to find a perfect oasis for your holiday in our post today

Bentrovati, the website dedicated to fashion and lifestyle of the web agency Pop Up Comunicazione in Naples. For today’s post we want to talk to you about a theme that is always dear to us Italians: summer holidays. In fact we will go to the south of the country and we will talk to you about the Apulian seas , with the most beautiful locations to book for your next beach holidays. For complete relaxation, the ideal is to choose a tourist village directly on the sea, so as to enjoy a stress-free holiday.

The most beautiful oases a few steps from the sea

There are two Apulian seas: we have in fact the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea , which bathe the Apulian region. Within the two bodies of water there are some of the most beautiful Italian resorts from a seaside point of view, every year besieged by millions of tourists from all over the world.

In the following lines we see together which are the most beautiful Apulian seaside resorts, divided according to the sea that bathes them.

Adriatic Sea: the most beautiful places

On the coasts of the Adriatic Sea we have many of the most beautiful Apulian locations ever, some of which are located in the Gargano and Salento area. In particular, these places are truly spectacular and represented by small towns that arise a stone’s throw from the clear sea of ​​the Italian coasts.

Among the most beautiful places to visit in this part of Puglia, we have specifically:

  • Peschici , a small medieval center, which stands on a cliff overlooking the sea. Here we find some of the most beautiful maritime areas, not only in Puglia, but in general in the Italian country. We are talking about Baia delle Zagare and Manacore , or Cala Lunga Beach , the latter located directly in the Gargano Park and one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic , surrounded by golden sand and crystal clear waters;
  • Vieste , a town located in the province of Foggia and a renowned seaside resort, has been awarded the Blue Flag several times by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Among the most beautiful beaches of the Apulian locality stand out Portonuovo, Baia di Sfinale, Spiaggia di Castello, Scialmarino;
  • Otranto, an Italian town in the province of Lecce. Located on the Adriatic coast in the Salento part of the region, this town of just over 5,000 inhabitants, knows how to give the tourist one of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole region, such as Baia dei Turchi, where you can enjoy one of the most crystalline seas, or Punta Palascia , which is the most eastern geographical point of the Italian peninsula;
  • Torre dell’Orso , located near Melendugno, is a seaside resort in Salento, known for its beach of very fine silver sand and a crystal clear sea;

Let’s go now to discover the most beautiful Apulian localities, on the Ionian side.

Ionian Sea: the most beautiful places

Moving instead to the Ionian side of the Apulian region, we find other noteworthy locations, perhaps even more beautiful and fascinating than those found on the Adriatic side.

Among these it is possible to mention:

  • Pescoluse , a seaside resort in the province of Lecce and a hamlet of Salve, obviously located in the stretch of the Ionian coast that goes from Torre Pali and Torre Vado, at the height of the Fano canal. This town is called the Maldives of Salento for its paradisiacal sea, which brings to mind the most famous and renowned seaside resort;
  • Porto Cesareo, a town located in the province of Lecce where the famous Punta Prosciutto rises, with white sand beaches that are perpetuated for several kilometers along the coast and its crystalline sea;
  • Porto Selvaggio , a protected natural area included by the Italian Environment Fund in the list of “100 places to save”. Here you will find the national park of unspoiled nature and some of the most beautiful places in the entire region, such as the beach of Porto Selvaggio, Torre di Santa Maria dall’lto, Grotta Gaia, Grotta Verde;
  • Marina di Felloniche, a seaside resort in the province of Lecce, whose territory is located between the municipality of Patu and that of Castrignano del Capo. Its tourist development began in the 60s and today it has become one of the tourist reference points of the entire region;