Footwear fashion is constantly evolving and aims to propose solutions able to amaze fans and always leave them satisfied.

This year the latest trends look to elegance and comfort, to respect the needs of contemporary society, in which it is essential to show off refined looks but with which to better face a daily life marked by frenetic rhythms.

It is in this scenario that the proposal by Fabi fits , a reference brand in the sector that has always made fashionable footwear available to men and women, characterized by the Made in Italy style and made in compliance with traditional craftsmanship .

Women’s footwear: space for ballet flats, slip ons and ankle boots

Among the most popular women’s shoes there are undoubtedly the ballet flats , a classic in which comfort always meets style: characterized by a rather low sole and a graceful minimal line, which can be enriched with the most diverse decorative elements, these shoes are perfect for everyday daytime looks .

Equally practical and beautiful for everyday use are the slip ons , characterized by lateral elastic bands able to keep the foot firmly in place. Very popular at the moment are the leather models, especially if polished, which creates a pleasant contrast with the rather thick rubber of the sole.

To give impetus to the figure, instead, space for boots and ankle boots in the most diverse variations and colors: for full-leg solutions, of course, the advice is to opt for the classic and elegant black, while for the ankle boots it is also possible to opt for the shades of white and brown.

Men’s footwear: between ankle boots and lace-ups

As for men’s footwear, however, the classic ankle boots are undoubtedly very popular at the moment

The variety of materials used for the realization makes them perfect to be worn in any season of the year . Furthermore, these shoes can have all kinds of finishes while the leather processing can give life to a shiny, antiqued or suede effect. Finally, ankle boots can also have a small heel to better support the walk.

Another great classic able to combine elegance and comfort and represented by lace -ups : this year men’s fashion rewards the shades of red and burgundy, which go alongside the proposals in black and brown. 

The evergreens for him and her: from moccasins to sneakers

As for the proposals for him and for her, great success is intercepted as every year by an evergreen such as moccasins , both for classic models and for those revisited in a modern key. Generally these shoes have a simple but elegant line, with a more or less accentuated heel depending on the model. 

The typical front mask , which is its distinctive sign, is sometimes alternated with tassels, buckles or small chains. Even the leather processing can undergo variations, for results ranging from the classic shiny and suede to python versions, with laminated inserts and extravagant drawstrings.

Sneakers are also widely requested by both male and female audiences. They are characterized by great softness and the best models have layers of memory rubber to better support the foot , preventing overloads to the joints and back. 

Breathable and colorful , the sneakers of the moment can also be characterized by geometric or animalier motifs: certainly, they are among the most versatile footwear ever and can be combined with a great multitude of clothing : from jeans to casual trousers, passing through Bermuda shorts. , skirts and shorts.