Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is a five-day festival that marks the biggest national holiday in India. Friends and families gather on this day and although things may be different this time, spread joy by sharing these Happy Diwali Greetings.

Celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains around the world, Diwali festival is a joyous occasion, with one of its central themes being the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. “I always say it’s a festival that falls on the darkest night during a dark time of year, and that’s when we really need light,” says Asha Shipman , the Hindu chaplain at Yale University. “It’s a time when daylight is really dwindling, days are getting shorter, especially in the northern hemisphere. We need company, light, sweets and festivities.

Touching on the religious nature behind the festival, Shipman explains the significance of the goddess Lakshmi. ‘For Diwali, the main deity is Lakshmi. She is the goddess of abundance, wealth, and well-being,” he explains. ‘The day you are supposed to worship Lakshmi is the new moon day. So it’s very dark. People cover their terraces or corridors with oil lamps, called diyas, to attract the goddess into the house. She loves the light. There is a story that the villages will turn off all the lights, but they will illuminate her house so that she will come to them.

So whether you have friends celebrating or your family observing the holiday, here are some free Diwali greetings to appropriately greet and wish others a light-filled Diwali this year.

Happy Diwali Greetings Message

Diwali wishes include simple greetings, long wishes for prosperity and happiness, and even diwali greetings quotes. These Diwali wishes can be given verbally in person, sent via email or text, or inscribed on creatively designed Diwali greeting cards. Here are some of the most beautiful happy Diwali greetings mesage for family and friends:

  1. Happy Diwali! May this auspicious festivity washes away the darkness and impurities of the world!
  2. Sending you warm Diwali wishes to brighten up your life. Have a great Diwali with friends and family!
  3. Happy Diwali! Wishing the light of the lamp brighten up your life and guide you, always.
  4. Diwali is incomplete without sweet delicacies, abundant fun, and quality time with loved ones! Happy Diwali!
  5. Let us celebrate this Diwali and promise ourselves to fight against all the wrongs. Happy Diwali!
  6. Diwali has arrived to fill our hearts with purity, positivity, and kindness! Happy Diwali my love!
  7. Happy Diwali! May the supreme light of the Deepavali lighten up your heart and make things better.
  8. Diwali is the occasion of joy, peace, and celebration. Enjoy and celebrate it with your loved ones.
  9. May this Diwali light up your life with numerous numbers of joy and delightful moments! Enjoy this festive to your fullest, and remember to say your prayers to Lord. Happy Diwali!
  10. I pray to God on this Diwali to bless you with peace, prosperity, and fortune. Happy Diwali!
  11. Hope all the lights of this year’s Diwali enter through the darkest of rooms and bring the brightest of light into your life. I hope you achieve all your dreams. Happy Diwali!
  12. May the light of Diwali enters your life and brings you prosperity and joy. Happy Diwali.
  13. Hope all the darkness of your life gets castaway on this Diwali. Have a safe and mighty Diwali!
  14. Happy Diwali! On this festival of light, may the fireworks bring along the message of hope and success!
  15. Happy Diwali to you and your family. May the darkness be cast away and hopes to rejoin your life.
  16. May the lamps light up your house and heart and bless you throughout the year. Tons of love!
  17. I wish everything that you wish for comes true. I hope you get blessed with all the happiness of the world. Happy Diwali.
  18. Wishing this Diwali brings you all kinds of prosperity in your life. May God bless you with sound health and joyous moments. Happy Diwali.
  19. Happy Diwali! May this festival of joy brings more happiness to your life.
  20. May this Diwali bring prosperity, wealth, and success to each one of our families. Wishing you all a great time on this holy night. Happy Diwali!
  21. In this festival of light, I wish all the brightness and happiness for you. May Goddess bless you with every happy bit of the world. Happy Diwali.
  22. May this Diwali bring new opportunities and hope to your life. Enjoy the festive to the fullest!

Traditional Diwali Greetings

I just love the approach to the Diwali season: the slight winter chill, the happy faces, the excitement of shopping, the Diwali greetings, the wishes, the decorations, and the gifts. Here are some new, fun, and traditional ways to wish your friends and family a happy Diwali. If you’re looking for creative ways to greet this year’s holidays, look no further than ideas for diwali greetings images and cards, emails, text messages, or even in-person greetings. Here are some proper Diwali greetings to share on Instagram, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and others:

  1. May the brightness of Diyas enlighten your world with endless hopes and inspiration. May this Diwali bring good health and good times for you and your family!
  2. In the festive of lights, I wish your life becomes joyful and luminous as the lights flickering on the lamps. Happy Diwali! Eat lots of sweets and have fun with fireworks and crackers.
  3. May the light of million fireworks enlighten your way for the rest of your life. Light up the candles and let the divine celebration begin!
  4. May the divine and beautiful lights of Diwali lamps illuminate and brighten up your life with nothing but success, peace, and prosperity. Happy Diwali.
  5. Light up your world with the brightness of a thousand Diyas. Be overwhelmed by the eternal blessings this Diwali has brought for all of us!
  6. May this auspicious occasion brighten up your life with happiness, joy, and peace. Happy Diwali. Enjoy this beautiful festive to your fullest.
  7. Let yourself be seeped away by the joy this divine festival has brought once again. Forget your problems, for they will vanish before the happiness of this Diwali!
  8. Let the colors of this holy night decorate your life with peace, prosperity and success. I wish you an unforgettable Diwali this year!

Proper Diwali Greetings for Him

  1. Wishing laughter and joy, fun, and beautiful memories on this festival of colors and celebration. I hope you will smile a lot brighter in the upcoming year. Happy Diwali, love of my life!
  2. On this beautiful occasion of Diwali, I wish for new opportunities, new hopes, and new kinds of happiness for you. I love you so much. Happy Diwali.
  3. May this Diwali bring you joy, happiness and fulfill every dream of yours. Wishing you heavenly joy on this earth! I love you to the moon and back. Make sure to stay safe in this season of colors.
  4. Wishing for the light of Diwali to touch every household and bring prosperity! Happy Diwali!
  5. Thank you for making my life better by existing. I love you so much. Have fun and enjoy Diwali!
  6. I hope God blesses you with bright sparkles of fireworks and confetti of love, dear. May this festive add new colors to your life and make sure to bless you in every possible way. Happy Diwali!
  7. Happy Diwali! I hope this celebration blooms new hopes inside you and guides you towards a fresh start!
  8. On this Diwali, I want to wish you good health and an enormous amount of success in life, dear. Happy Diwali, sweetheart!
  9. The warm glow of the candles is as alluring as your presence in my life. My love, Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali Greetings for Her

  1. May the colors of Diwali add a new dimension to your life and make sure to guide you in your darkest days. I wish you a happy Diwali, sweetheart. I love you more than anymore or anything.
  2. In this festival of joy and celebration, I wish you good health, wealth, and progress in life.
  3. Happy Diwali and Happy New Year, love. I am praying to God to bless you and help you to fulfill every dream of yours. May you always glitter up in life like the fireworks up in the sky. Love you.
  4. Darling, sending you warm greetings of Diwali. Eat all the wonderful dishes without worrying about the weight you are about to gain and enjoy every moment. I love you so much.
  5. Wishing you a splendid and safe celebration of Diwali! Rejoice the day with sweets and smiles!
  6. On this holiday season, I hope you will enjoy the moments rather than worrying about everything. Stop stressing out and live your life at its best. Happy Diwali! I love you more than yesterday.
  7. Sweetheart, may this Deepavali be good to you and bless you with grace, joy, and strength to deal with every evil thought in the upcoming year. I love you so much, thanks for everything!
  8. In this festival of lights, I pray all your blessings and happiness get multiplied by God. Have a safe and sound Diwali. Happy Diwali love.

Diwali Greetings for Friend

  1. Dear friends, celebrate this meaningful occasion by spreading love and laughter! Happy Diwali!
  2. Happy Diwali, my friends! May this year’s Diwali kick start good fortune, fresh opportunities, and awaited victories for all of you!
  3. Diwali always brings back the nostalgia of past celebrations and spreads the warmth of love and unity. Happy Diwali, dear friends!
  4. Happy Diwali to my friends! Let us find joy and bliss under the sparks of thousand fireworks!
  5. May the upcoming year help you fulfill your dreams and provide you with all that brings you joy. Enjoy the festival, and make wonderful memories. Happy Diwali bestie.
  6. May this Diwali add new colors to your life and bring lights into your life. I am always here for you, my friend. Happy Diwali.
  7. I hope this Diwali vanishes all your worries and makes you happier than ever. Dear friend, thanks for being the light of my life and guiding me always. Happy Diwali, I love you so much.
  8. Life with you is like Diwali all year long! So, let’s celebrate our lives together and continue to have fun. I wish you have a safe and happy Diwali, my dear best friend.
  9. Hope the blessings of Diwali protect you from every harm throughout the upcoming year. Wishing you and your family a joyful and prosperous Diwali! May God always bless you.
  10. May this Diwali cheer you with all its attraction. Consume sweets and fire up all the firecrackers but stay safe! I miss you every day. Have a blessed Diwali, friend.
  11. Celebrate this festival of victory with happiness, sweets, and lights. May this auspicious festival bring you peace and prosperity in life. Have a happy and great Diwali!

Happy Diwali Greetings for Family

  1. Happy Diwali! Thank you for preparing all the amazing snacks and arranging such a great feast! May God allow us to celebrate hundreds of sparkling Diwalis together! Sending you love and joy.
  2. On this time of celebration, I hope all our hearts get illuminated with knowledge, wisdom, love, and truthfulness. Happy Diwali to my beloved family members; you guys are my strength!
  3. May God always bless us to thrive as a family and guide us throughout our life. I am forever grateful to be a part of this amazing family. Happy Diwali, everyone!
  4. I feel thankful for belonging to such an amazing family. You have made every Diwali in my life a special one. Let’s make this one special for you too!
  5. Nothing is more satisfying than a Diwali night spent in the presence of all the favorite faces in your life. I’m grateful for having you in my life. Happy Diwali!
  6. A festivity observed with the love and hope of family members is always special! Happy Diwali!
  7. Diwali is the most wonderful occasion for reuniting with the close ones in life. Every Diwali is an occasion for making new memories with you all!
  8. May the happiness of this beautiful holy night remain the same for the rest of the year. May all of us become blessed by the divine power of God!
  9. Wishing a happy Diwali for every member of my wonderful family. May God keep us bonded together under one roof forever. May she keep us all happy!
  10. Happy Diwali to you all! May this festival allows us to strengthen our bond, cultivate our trust and deepen our love!
  11. This Diwali, I want to take my time out to thank God for a wonderful family who supports me no matter what. I am fortunate, indeed. May He keep us safe and blessed. Happy Diwali!
  12. Diwali is a significant occasion to spend a worthwhile time with loved ones, so Happy Diwali to my precious family! Wishing you a safe celebration!
  13. Happy Diwali to my family! I hope the goodness of this occasion brings good health and prosperity to you!
  14. May this Diwali become the brightest of celebrations that you have ever had! I love you so much just wanted to let you know on this auspicious day. Happy Diwali!

Diwali Greetings For Colleague

  1. Happy Diwali! May you receive the strength from the Holy spirits of this festivity and reach the pinnacle of success soon enough!
  2. I pray that God shower you with all his choicest blessings and fulfill all your wishes and desires. Warm wishes to you in this auspicious festival of light.
  3. Happy Diwali! Wishing you a fantastic break from work and some quality time with your family!
  4. Dear colleague, Happy Diwali to you! All I wish for you is to achieve the top position of your career by dint of your honest efforts and sincerity!
  5. Wishing you a wonderful and sparkling Diwali! May you get blessed with more smiles this year and enjoy your life to the fullest. Happy Deepawali.
  6. Let this Diwali motivate your soul towards perfection and make you triumphant! Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali Greetings Message For Him and Her

  1. In this celebration of Deepavali, sending you all my warmth of love, sweetheart. Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali, sweetheart.
  2. Happy Diwali my love! I wish that you are always surrounded by love and happiness just like today!
  3. May the divine beauty of this night overwhelm your life with love, happiness, and bliss. May this Diwali be the beginning of a wonderful year ahead in your life!
  4. Diyas, Sweets and you are the perfect combinations of a wonderful Diwali for me. I hope you are having a good time. I am thinking of you on this Diwali!
  5. My eyes see a thousand Diyas lighting up the world on this beautiful night. But my mind knows the brightest Diya that lights up my life every day is you!
  6. May the light of Deepavali fills your heart with joy and happiness, helps you to conquer the world, and be a better human being. Happy Diwali to you, my love.
  7. You light up my world like all these lamps of Diwali. I love you so much. Happy Diwali, may God bless you with an ounce of happiness.
  8. This joyous celebration of Deepavali is incomplete without wishing you a colorful celebration at first. May this divine joy equally touch the most beautiful soul I have ever known!
  9. I hope this Diwali be full of fun and good memories for you. May this divine occasion sweeten your life just like you have sweetened my life with your beautiful presence.
  10. Happy Diwali, my love! I hope the spirit of this auspicious celebration accompanies you towards the empowerment of your soul!
  11. This wonderful night of Diwali has become more elegant because you are in my life. May the divine power grant us many more Diwali to light the candles together!

Funny Diwali Greetings Messages

  1. Wishing you and your family a bombastic Diwali. I hope you will lose in the fireworks battle! Have a happy and safe Diwali.
  2. I wish you a wonderful Diwali this year. Be prepared to empty your pocket because the children gang is coming to ask for money for fireworks.
  3. A thousand candles may light up your world this night, but they won’t light up your stupid self. The sooner you realize this truth, the better. Happy Diwali!
  4. May this Diwali burns all the bad times and things for you and helps you enter in good time. Have a happy Diwali, mate.
  5. Let the sounds of fireworks make this night sleepless for our neighbors. Let’s light up the world and let our parents worry about the electricity bill!
  6. I wish you will earn more money from the elders than the money you have to give away to the youngers for buying fireworks. Have a good time!
  7. In this Diwali, eat as much sweet as you can, but don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day! And of course, don’t get yourself a person with diabetes!
  8. Finally, the night has come when you can do nonsense all night long and disrupt everyone’s sleep, but no one will say a word for this. Diwali is great.

Diwali Greetings in Hindi

  1. दिवाली के दिन न केवल भौतिकवादी चीजों का आदान-प्रदान होता है, बल्कि एक-दूसरे के लिए दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं भी आदान-प्रदान होती हैं। भारत के पसंदीदा और सबसे बड़े त्योहार, रोशनी का त्योहार, DIWALI-DEEPAWALI मनाने का समय आ गया है। किसी भी अन्य वर्षों की तरह दीवाली का उत्साह हवा में है क्योंकि लोगों ने पहले से ही पटाखे फोड़ना, खरीदारी करना और उपहारों का आदान-प्रदान करना शुरू कर दिया है।
  2. Apke jeevan mein prem ka deepak jale! sabhi dukh jalkar khaak hon, samrddhi ka ek roket jo apako nayi uchayein tak leke jaye, khushi ka anar khile jo apke jeevan ko rangeen bana de.. apko aur apke parivar ko Diwali ki..
  3. दिवाली त्यौहार का सही आनंद तब आता है जब हम दूसरों के जीवन में रौशनी करते हैं, उनकी सुरक्षा और ख़ुशी का ख्याल रखते हैं !!हैप्पी दीवाली! Diwali ka tyohar ka sahi anand tab aata hai jab ham doosaron ke jeevan mein roshni karte hain, unkee suraksha aur khushi ka khyaal rakhte hain !!hppy Diwali!
  4. दीयों की चमक और मंत्रों की गूँज से आपके जीवन में समृद्धि और खुशियाँ की बहार आए।। दिवाली की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं
  5. Diwali ke khubsurat tyohar ke mauke par, pyar aur sneh ke sath aap sabhi ke khubsurat dilon ko jeet jao. Apke Diwali kee hardik shubhkamnaein!
  6. इस दिवाली प्रकाश की रौशनी की तरह आप चमकते रहे, प्रकाश की भावना आपके जीवन में खुशियों की लहर लाए और आपके जीवन को आनंद और संतोष से भर दे। हैप्पी दीपावली! is diWali prakash ki roshni ki tarah aap chamakte rahe, prakash ki bhawana apke jeevan mein khushiyon ki lehar laye aur apke jeevan ko anand aur santosh se bhar de. Happy Diwali!
  7. मेरी भगवान से यही दुआ है आपका जीवन दीवाली की रोशनी की तरह रंगीन और झिलमिलाता हुआ हो। हैप्पी दिवाली Meri bhagawan se yahi dua hai apka jeevan deepavali ki roshni ki tarah rangeen aur jhilmilata hua ho.Happy Diwali.
  8. आपके जीवन में प्रेम का दीपक जले! सभी दुख जलकर ख़ाक हों, समृद्धि का एक रॉकेट जो आपको नयी उचाईओं तक लेके जाए, खुशी का अनार खिले जो आपके जीवन को रंगीन बना दे.. आपको और आपके परिवार को दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं!
  9. कड़ी प्रतिस्पर्धा के कारण परिवार अलग हो गए हैं और वे अपने घरों और दोस्तों से दूर रह रहे हैं। नई टेक्नोलॉजी के लिए धन्यवाद, हमारे DIWALI WISHES in Hindi को भेजना काफी आसान है। बस एक DIWALI MESSAGE OR WISH का चयन करें और इसे अपने पास दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों को दिवाली wishes इन हिंदी तरह भेजें। जैसा कि अपने दोस्तों, परिवार, परिचितों और प्रियजनों को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं देने का एक सही समय है। हम आपके लिए रोचक दिवाली उद्धरण और इच्छाओं का संकलन लाते हैं जो आपके प्रिय लोगों को दीवाली के उद्धरण के लिए सौजन्य से भेजे जा सकते हैं। इस दिवाली पर अपने रिश्तेदारों और दोस्तों को कुछ बेहतरीन DIWALI WISHES in Hindi font With images, दिवाली शुभकामनाएँ, उद्धरण और दीवाली चित्र भेजें। हमने Android मोबाइल, फेसबुक और व्हाट्सएप स्टेटस के लिए यूनिक दिवाली इमेजेज बनाए हैं।
  10. मां लक्ष्मी आपके घर आएंगी और आप पर अपना आशीर्वाद बरसाएंगी। याद रखें कि अपने दरवाजे खुले रखें और उन्हें बहुत सारी रोशनी और फूलों से सजाएँ। Maa lakshmi apke ghar ayengi aur ap par apna ashirwad barasayienge. yaad rakhein ki apne daravaje khule rakhein aur unhein bahut saree roshni aur phoolon se sajaein.
  11. माँ लक्ष्मी का आशीर्वाद सदैव बना रहे, इस संसार की लाखों सुख, खुशिया मिले आपको इस दीवाली पर, दुख़ कभी आपको छू भी न पाए…! शुभ दीवाली ! Maa lakshmi ka ashirwad sadaiv bana rahe, is Sansar ki lakhon sukh, khushiya mile apko is Diwali par, dukh kabhi apko chhoo bhi na paye…! shubh diwali.
  12. दिवाली के खूबसूरत त्योहार के मौके पर, प्यार और स्नेह के साथ आप सभी के खूबसूरत दिलों को जीत जाओ। आपको दिवाली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ!
  13. माँ लक्ष्मी आपको आपार सम्पति और अच्छी सेहत का आशीर्वाद दें, इन्हीं सुभकामनाओं के साथ।” !! शुभ दीपावली !! Maa lakshmi apko apar sampati aur achi sehat ka ashirwad dein, inhi subhkamanaon ke saath.” !! shubh deepavali !!
  14. भगवान गणेश आपके जीवन से सभी बाधाओं को दूर करें … माँ लक्ष्मी आपको समृद्धि का आशीर्वाद दें … !! शुभ दीपावली !! bhagawan ganesh apke jeevan se sabhi badhaon ko door karein … maa lakshmi apako samrddhi ka Ashirvad dein … !! shubh deepawali !!
  15. Shubh Diwali : दीवाली का पर्व आ गया है इसलिए हम आपके लिए Diwali Wishes in Hindi लाए हैं। दिवाली उत्सवों का त्योहार है, रंगों और रोशनी का त्योहार है। दिवाली प्रयासों का त्योहार है। यह अनूठा त्योहार हमारी आंतरिक चेतना को जगाने के लिए है। यह त्योहार हमारी आभा और पर्यावरणीय स्वच्छता के बारे में जागरूकता की शुद्धि से संबंधित है। दिवाली के दिन हमारे रिश्तेदारों और दोस्तों के साथ मिठाइयों और उपहारों के आदान-प्रदान की परंपरा है।
  16. आपका हर दिन दीवाली की तरह चमकदार और खुशहाल हो, आपको दीपावली की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएँ !! आपका जीवन चमक और रंगों से सदैव बना रहे! शुभ दीवाली! Apka har din diwali ki tarah chamakadar aur khushahal ho, apako deepawali ki bahut bahut shubhkamanaein !! apka jeevan chamak aur rangon se sada bana rahe! shubh diwali!
  17. मेरे सभी मित्रों और परिवार वालों को दिवाली की स्नेह, प्रेम और खुशी से भरी शुभ दीपावली। लक्ष्मी माँ का आशीर्वाद सदा बना रहे। Mere sabhi mitron aur parivaar walon ko diwali ki sneh, prem aur khushi se bhari shubh deepawali. lakshmi man ka ashirwad sada bana rahe.