Many believe in the influence of the stars in their lives but have you ever thought about the relationship between your blood type and your character? According to a  Japanese doctrine called ketsuekigata , literally the “doctrine of blood groups”, the personalities and attitudes of all individuals can be identified based on the blood group to which they belong.

Currently, according to surveys, over 70% of the Japanese population is convinced of the existence of a relationship between a person’s blood type and character . Indeed, in the morning on television the horoscope on personalities is read based on blood type, marriage agencies follow this doctrine to bring together a soul mate and many companies take it into account when hiring new employees.

The first real theoretical formulation came in 1927 thanks to the psychology professor Takeji Furukawa and since then it has spread all over the world.

And you are not curious to discover an extra curiosity about your blood type? Are you part of group A, B, AB or O? Let’s find out together the 4 personalities to which blood group they correspond:

1) Group AB, melancholy souls but also …

Individuals with the AB group would represent more depressed and bored personalities than others. Despite this melancholy soul they would be very inclined to mediation roles , because they are always very attentive and considerate of the feelings of those who are close to them. Despite this, they would be able to be very uncompromising and hard on both themselves and loved ones.

… Very practical

This duality of feelings would also mark the approach to life. In fact, if on the one hand they would like to live in profound harmony with the society that surrounds them, on the other hand they would not be able to carry on personal relationships calmly and rationally, experiencing everything as a drama . People with blood type AB are associated with the caste of craftsmen .

2) Group B, cheerful, enterprising and …

Are you part of this group? First of all, the personalities with group B would be the most cheerful , cheerful and  enthusiastic than the other blood groups. Individuals with this blood type would have a bright and enterprising disposition and well-disposed for long chats. They would even have a penchant for being considered leaders.

… disrespectful of the rules

Despite the innumerable merits, individuals of group B would not be inclined to respect the rules , without carefully calculating the negative consequences of their actions. Very creative and unpredictable they would take life as a continuous game , keeping their distance from any kind of limitation. The caste in which individuals with blood type B are assimilated is that of merchants .

3) Group A: calm, respectful but not only …

Individuals with blood type A would be very strong personalities and sometimes even a little stubborn. The calm and self-control they would be endowed with would actually hide a fragile and nervous soul. However, they manage to mask their feelings well by appearing decisive and stable on their ideas and always respectful of rules and social order.

… Free women and men to marry

According to this theory, women in group A would not always be inclined to marriage and would not be enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being mothers. Conversely, men with this blood type would be attracted to women in group 0 and very excited about the idea of ​​marriage and family life. For these hypothetical inclinations, the people of group A belong to the peasant class .

4) Group 0, including couples and …

People who have blood type 0 have a peaceful and very generous soul . While not letting their feelings shine through, they are very sociable and open-minded people. In addition, they would have the ability to control their emotions well. In love , the subjects with group 0 would be very respectful of the personality of their partner, preferring a comprehensive and modern approach in the couple relationship.

… with a warrior soul

Despite a very quiet appearance, the personalities of the individuals in the group would be very determined and aware of their abilities . In fact, they would not gladly accept a subordinate role always trying to achieve success. The adventurous and authoritarian spirit classifies individuals with blood type 0 in the warrior caste .