Like two drops of water ” is a common saying, but in the cases of these famous parents and their children it is pure truth . Often the resemblance to the father or mother is evident, but in the roundup of famous people that we are about to propose to you it is almost absurd!

The most famous stars in Hollywood  inevitably pass on their artistic passion or talent to their children. And the latter thus undertake the same career as their parents, or go along parallel paths.

Models , actors and actresses parade on the red carpet and in the spotlight with their family, arousing everyone’s curiosity. And right there, in front of fans and photographers, the similarities become evident in style or features. 

Let’s take a look at this list of the most striking similarities between Hollywood parents and children :

1) Kate Hudson e Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson is one of the most brilliant comedy actresses of recent years, just like her mother, the exuberant Goldie Hawn . Born from the union between Goldie Hawn and singer Bill Hudson, Kate today has a son (Ryder Robinson) and she is highly appreciated in Hollywood, so much so that she has won a Golden Globe and an Oscar . Look at the photo, mother and daughter look a lot alike, don’t you think? And they are not the only ones, she continues to read to discover the other incredible “drops of water”!

2) Tom e Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks certainly needs no introduction . The actor has been the protagonist of some of the most beautiful and loved films by the public: from Forrest Gump to Cast Away , from The Da Vinci Code to Il Ponte delle Spie . But what about his son Colin? Born from Hanks’ first marriage to Samantha Lewes, today Colin Hanks has two children with his wife Samantha Bryant. He too has embarked on the same career as his father , and today he is a multifaceted actor also famous on the small screen. In fact, he appeared in series such as Dexter , Mad Men , Fargo and Life in Pieces .

3) Lisa Bonet e Zoe Isabella Kravitz

Since her first appearance in The Robinsons  Lisa Bonet has made herself known to the general public as an independent and unconventional character. The actress with a rock soul married the musician Lenny Kravitz in 1987 and from their union was born Zoe Isabella Kravitz , now the muse of many fashion houses and established actress . Charm, style and talent are undoubtedly in the genes of the family.

4) Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri

The similarity between Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri, born from the relationship with the Italian director Franco Amurri, is not limited to the physical aspect. In fact, the two women also share the same ideals: both are very committed activists to protect the environment. United in several respects, mother and daughter have also starred together in a film directed by Paul Duddrige, Mothers and Daughters and in a scene from the famous sitcom Friends .

5) David e Brooklyn Beckham

The one between Victoria Adams and David Beckham was perhaps one of the most followed VIP marriages. An all-nineties fairytale, between the iconic Posh Spice and the most acclaimed footballer of the moment . The first child, Brooklyn , born in 1999, is now a model and talented photographer. And although the career undertaken is different from the paternal one, we cannot help but notice the similarity between the two …

6) Will e Jaden Smith

Who does not remember Will Smith and his son Jaden in the film The Pursuit of Happiness or Ultimatum to Earth ? Father and son were the protagonists of these two films, and their similarity is so evident that Jaden seems almost identical to the beloved “Prince of Bel-Air”! Born from Will Smith’s marriage to actress Jada Pinkett, Jaden also has a sister, Willow. With the passing of the years, these extraordinary children of art conquer the consensus of the public and the covers of newspapers. In particular, Jaden is certainly known to most for his participation in the Netflix TV series The Get Down , which traces the origins of hip hop music in a “fictional” way.

7) Vanessa Paradis e Lily-Rose Depp

Vanessa Paradis began her career as a singer, only to reach the heights of success as a model and actress in the following years. In 1998 from her relationship with Johnny Depp , which lasted until 2012, two children were born: Lily-Rose and Jack John Christopher III. In particular, Lily Rose Depp , when she was only 16, started working in the fashion world , and then soon became the muse of Chanel . Once again, mother and daughter find themselves united by talent and charm.

8) Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer

Impossible not to notice the incredible similarity between Meryl Streep and one of her daughters, Mamie Gummer , born from the marriage with the sculptor and current husband Don Gummer . Streep has two other daughters: Louisa and Grace, and a son, Henry. The two women starred side by side in Where We Were We Left , and the character of Streep (a rocker mother with a stormy past) acquired greater value and credibility thanks to the undeniable similarity between the two.

9) Cindy Crawford e Kaia Gerber

What about Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber? The daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber is said to have won the genetic lottery . And in fact her beauty is really admirable about her, but there is no doubt that the girl is almost totally identical to her mother: eyes, nose, mouth, face shape, it almost seems that Cindy has shaped her daughter to her image and likeness of her! And, like her very talented mother, Kaia’s career also took off early: at just 10 years old she lent her face to the Versace fashion house for the Young line and in 2016 she made her film debut in the film Sister Cities by director Sean Hanish.

10) Reese Witherspoon e Ava Phillippe

When celebrity parents decide to share their children’s photos on social media profiles, especially if there is a great similarity, a real media wave of comments is unleashed . It happened to Reese Witherspoon when she posted a picture of her with her daughter, Ava Phillippe , born from her marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe. From this photo it is quite clear why … they almost look like twins!

11) Belen Rodriguez and Santiago De Martino

Many argue that Santiago, born from the union between Belen Rodriguez and Amici ‘s dancer Stefano De Martino , looks all like the pope. But it is enough to retrieve a photo of the model as a child to notice the incredible similarity: only the shape of Santiago’s face differs slightly from that of Belen.