A wonderful news is coming for all fashion lovers: the brand new reality show that revolves around the world of fashion and catwalks will soon arrive on Netflix! The new program will be called “Next in fashion” and it seems destined to become a real cult. Hosted by stylist and influencer Alexa Chung, who will be joined by Tan France, this new reality show will keep you glued to the screen. It seems that the expected format will in fact have nothing to envy to that of other programs that have now become very famous. To be able to see it, you just need to have a subscription to Netflix and an internet connection, preferably at high speed.From what they have told us, it seems that the best solution for streaming is Aeolus because it travels by radio and does not need any telephone line: we recommend that you take a look at the home internet offers because they are also very convenient. 

Now let’s find out something more about “Next in fashion”: the new reality show that all fashion fans just can’t miss. 

Next in fashion: i concorrenti

We will certainly not reveal the names of the competitors of this reality show on fashion, because it would be a real shame to spoil the surprise and let’s face it: it is not even said that you know them. In fact, 18 emerging stylists will challenge each other during the program , who have already had experience in the fashion field and have had the opportunity to work for the main brands. Each challenge requires competitors to test their skills on the different style trends that have influenced today’s fashion. In each episode, therefore, you will see some good ones and you will become attached to the stylists, who will have to demonstrate that they are ready for anything to win. 

The prize for the winner

The winner of “Next in fashion” will take home $ 250,000 : a certainly tempting reward, but this is not the only prize for those who finish first and manage to defeat their opponents at the end of the bets. In fact, there is also the possibility of debuting with the luxury e-commerce Net-a-Porter. The challengers will therefore work hard to win and win the prizes that belong only to the first classified. 

The scheduled bets and the exceptional judges

This reality show will have a rather short duration: there are in fact 10 episodes, which can be seen in streaming on Netflix. Among the judges we find exceptional personalities in the fashion world, such as the famous designer Elizabeth Stewart and Eva Chen , director of fashion partnerships on Instagram. Faces that all fashion and catwalk enthusiasts now know very well and that we will be able to discover even more thanks to this new program. 

Much more than yet another reality show

Next in fashion is much more than the umpteenth reality show: it is indeed the first to focus on the world of fashion instead of inflated areas such as food. It is therefore worth following it: one cut and sew after another, surprises will certainly not be lacking!