The automobile industry is advancing by leaps and bounds and, as it does so, it is moving towards a more sustainable model. Hybrid cars can be the perfect solution for a transition to electric driving , although not all users are sure what the advantages and disadvantages are.
Next we review the concept of hybrid car and the points for and against. You will discover that they are an affordable and ideal solution if you want to preserve the environment.

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What is a hybrid car
First of all, we must point out that there are several types of hybrid vehicles. Many aircraft, ships or rail transport use hybrid technology to get around. We, however, will focus on hybrid cars.
Broadly speaking, a hybrid car is one that uses a combination of a piston combustion engine and an electric battery , which are activated depending on the circumstances or the needs of the driver.
One of the main differences with electric vehicles is that it is not necessary to connect the car to the power recharge the batteries. In a hybrid car, this is recharged by a generator and taking advantage of the energy generated when braking (which is really useful when driving in the city).
In this way, most of the time the combustion engine is used, but if the driver runs out of fuel he can increase the autonomy with the electric motor.

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars
Below we review the main advantages and disadvantages compared to a combustion car.

1. Advantages
First we review the points in favor of using a hybrid car.

1.1 Lower consumption
The advantage that will be most noticeable in your pocket. Hybrid cars have been shown to consume 20% less fuel, a percentage that rises if we regularly drive on urban roads. This will allow us to recover the initial investment involved in buying a vehicle with these characteristics.

1.2 Greater performance
A hybrid car is designed to be more efficient in fuel consumption. Therefore, your combustion engine will make better use of every drop of gasoline . This depends, to a large extent, on the model of car we choose and the type of engine it has.

1.3 Environmental improvements
One of the most frequent reasons when someone buys a hybrid car is that a vehicle of this type is more respectful of the environment. The main point in favor is that polluting gas emissions are reduced .

1.4 Access to the urban center
According to the ordinances of some cities , gasoline and diesel cars may not circulate through the urban center on days of maximum pollution. With a car that has an electric motor or that is a hybrid you will not have that problem, since you can activate the electric mode.

1.5 Tax advantages
To encourage the purchase of more environmentally sustainable cars, administrations grant tax advantages to those who decide on an electric or hybrid car. An example may be the reduction of the circulation tax. Another aspect that will have a direct impact on our pocket.

2. Disadvantages
Below we review the unfavorable aspects that can hold us back when we decide to buy a hybrid car.

2.1 More expensive
It makes perfect sense to buy a car with these characteristics to save on gasoline, but the initial investment will be somewhat higher. Hybrid cars are usually between 3,000 and 5,000 euros more expensive , a figure that we can amortize after a few years.

2.2 Less power
In general, they have less power than a car with a combustion engine (Cv), although this difference is reduced as new engines are invented. Although the power is slightly less, the top speed is the same .

2.3 More complex
Possibly having a hybrid car involvesa headache for your mechanic , especially if he has to order a part that doesn’t work quite right. Repairs can be somewhat more expensive, although they will not be a drain either.

2.4 More weight
An insignificant aspect for most drivers. The difference is in the driving sensation , something that only the most experienced pilots can differentiate.

2.5 It continues to pollute
It is true that the emission of gases is reduced, but most of the time, the car will continue to use the fuel engine, with the environmental consequences that this entails. For those drivers who can afford it, it is advisable to buy a 100% electric car .

5 highly recommended hybrid cars Here
are five vehicles that will not disappoint you if you decide on a hybrid car.

1. Toyota Prius (24,250 euros)
The most experienced brand in the field of hybrids is Toyota, which presents the sixth generation of the Prius, with an innovative appearance and a sharper body . This new model has significantly reduced consumption, although at the cost of power, going from 136 to 122 hp.

2. Toyota Auris Hybrid (21,970 euros) The Auris is somewhat
cheaper, a best seller with great autonomy. It exceeds 1,400 km without refueling and without reducing engine power, which reaches 136 hp. Regarding its appearance, it is a quite versatile five-door family tourism.

3. Range Rover Sport Hybrid (99,300 euros)
We go to the high end of hybrids with the Range Rover Sport, a vehicle that can compete in performance with the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5. The reason for its price is a power of 340 hp and luxury equipment in an interior for five or seven seats.

4. Kia Niro (19,900 euros)
The cheapest option on the list if we opt for the most basic equipment. It has a large trunk capacity and, between both engines, they reach a power of 136 CV. Another point in favor is that the change is automatic, although this is an aspect that depends on the tastes of the consumer.

5. Lexus CT 200 Hybrid (23,900 euros)
Another of the veteran brands in combining combustion engines and batteries. The exterior is elegant as well as sporty , far from the SUV body of most hybrids. Consumption is low, although the driving sensation is not so stimulating.

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