The link between casino and fashion has always been extremely strong and significant. When you go to the casino, in fact, you create the right opportunity to spend a pleasant evening with friends or relatives, not only to play the various games available, but also to show off high-level clothes.

The world of casinos has always been extremely linked to fashion: just think of the fact that some of the most famous in the world have a real dress code, a sort of dress code to be respected. But let’s see in detail.

Online and beyond

When we think of the casino, nowadays, we mainly think of the various sites available on the net: those that provide the famous casino deposit bonuses , much appreciated by users. On the other hand, the diffusion of these sites has been exponential in recent times, also due to the events of the last year or so. Surely if you do not intend to dress up properly you can opt for an online casino.

But it is the physical casinos that represent a true fashion place par excellence. Initially we talked about trendy bars , where we entertained ourselves with some card games and where we could show off super elegant clothes. In fact, long ago it was practically a consequence of the fact that the places were frequented by well-known and important people that dressing well was foreseen. On the other hand, from certain points of view, still today and so.

Useful info

But let’s see, in detail, what the best known dress codes can actually be. For example, in the famous casino of Sanremo there is no real pre-established dress code, but players or casino users are asked to wear informal, sober and elegant clothing. There are no real obligations (for example that relating to the jacket and tie), but you certainly cannot enter in a swimsuit and flip-flops. 

These are provisions that are basically shared by most Italian casinos. And this also applies to many other Italian private theaters of this type. It is usually advised to wear a certain type of clothing . The obligation to wear a jacket, not necessarily a tie, is certainly very widespread in Italy. This allows to guarantee a certain level of decorum of the casinos. Generally, however, the obligations are mainly related to the prohibition of wearing beach clothes or dresses that are too short (speech that applies to women and men). 

Usually, women opt for dark- colored , long, classic suits , perhaps combined with a white shirt. 

The rules may vary from casino to casino . In many of these, such as the Lugano casino, it is the same employees who work at the reception who “evaluate” the type of clothing of the guests, to ensure a certain level of elegance. 

There are, however, some extremely elegant casinos. Some of the more luxurious ones forbid pants that are too short, and men are advised (not obliged) to wear suits. Without a shadow of a doubt, with a careless or scruffy look, there is a serious risk of being rejected at the entrance.