Netflix’s most famous telephone operators, The Cable Girls, return to their posts for the premiere of season 4. Since the producer confirmed a fourth installment of this successful series, details have been revealed, such as the immediate future of their characters and some aspects of the plot. We tell you everything.

Cast: goodbye to one of the star characters
While viewers were still savoring the episodes of the third season, Netflix burst in with excellent news: there will be a fourth season of Cable Girls. Since then, and as usually happens in these cases, there has been speculation about the characters and the new plot, and little by little new details are being revealed.
Netflix’s most famous telephone operators have already started filming season 4 , and they have done so with the entire cast: Blanca Suarez, Ana Fernandez, Maggie Civantos, Ana Polvorosa and Nadia de Santiago. However, we already know that this is going to be the last season for the character of Maggie Civantos, who is leaving the series .
According to the producers, the character played by the actress from Malaga, Angeles Vidal , will have an open ending, and will not repeat in a fifth season which, on the other hand, has not yet been officially confirmed. The loss of Maggie Civantos, who also works on “Vis a vis” and who premieres three films this 2019, is exclusively due to her scheduling problems.

First image of the fourth season
The cameras began to roll a few months ago, and some details about the fourth season are already known. We know, for example, that the most modest of the telephone operators, Maga (Nadia de Santiago) , will debate between her husband, Pablo, and his twin, Julio, with whom she had an affair. Will she dare to confess her feelings

About her But one of the great unknowns of this new installment will be the fate of Francisco , a character played by Yon Gonzalez. And the fact is that the writers of Las Chicas del Cabe have already accustomed us to the dramatic endings of the season, and the third ended with a dying Francisco after being shot. Survive to
The protagonists keep a jealous silence about the outcome, but many still remember how the character of Lidia (Blanca Suarez)
managed to survive after the accident suffered at the end of the second season. Although her continuity would maintain the plot that began with the appearance of Perla, it is also true that her character lost steam when Lidia decided to leave with Carlos (Martin Rivas) .

Other unknowns that the fourth season will solve
Some interesting novelties have also been revealed, such as the incorporation of the actor Adolfo Fernandez in the role of a character full of unknowns but who we know will be related to Marga. The new episodes are recorded in the streets of Madrid, but the film crew also moved to the Segovia prison .
Adolfo Fernandez, signing for the fourth season of Las Chicas del Cable. | Netflix.
Will this new scenario be the confirmation that we will be able to continue enjoying the character of the super bad Dona Carmen (Concha Velasco)
Let us remember that after her outrages she was arrested, and the fans wondered if the great protagonist of the third season would have continuity in this fourth . It looks like it is. Sara
‘s sex change and her partner’s evolution Carlota Rodriguez de Senillosa as a voice of feminism, Carlos ‘ professional future, between the ruinous family business and his work on the radio, and what Angeles will do with the secret he discovered about inspector Cristobal Cuevas , are other unknowns surrounding the new season.

When will season 4 of ‘Las Chicas del Cable’ premiere?
The producers of the series announced a few months ago, when the third season was still in full swing, that the production would have a fourth season, and that this would probably be released? in the spring of 2019 . As usually happens in these cases, however, the filming has been extended and there is now speculation with a more distant date.
Netflix has not yet provided an official datefor the premiere of season 4 of Cable Girls, and it seems that fans of the series will have to wait a little longer to enjoy new plots from the famous telemarketers.
The latest news indicates that the new installment could already be available on the streaming platform after the summer or at the end of the year .
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