The film industry never ceases to surprise us with new biopic projects around personalities from the world of music, delving deeper and deeper, not only into the art of the musician, but focusing on his person , trying to unmask who is beyond. of that character.
One of the most recent cases in the world of music, and of which this editor had heard far above, is that of James Rhodes, an outstanding British pianist who began to debut at the end of the first decade of the 21st century , becoming all a revelation within the field of contemporary pianists.
But Rhodes is not only known for his extraordinary piano skills, but also for bringing to light an infamous and traumatic story that will finally be translated to the big screen in feature film format and starring Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield (‘What hides Silver Lake’, ‘Silence’, ‘Until the last man’).

Memorias de musica, Medicina y Locura
Or what has been the same, ‘Instrumental’, the three-hundred-page autobiography that Rhodes decided to start writing as a form of therapy and make known the reason for his constant emotional ups and downs, in which we must include the consumption of various illicit substances, alcohol and several suicide attempts by the pianist,that would be the product of the psychological and physical consequences of having suffered sexual abuse from his Physical Education teacher since he was five years old .
The cinematographic adaptation of Rhodes, is glimpsed then, like a film nothing to the use, of a forceful and extremely dramatic hardness , in which the entrance in a Psychiatric Institution of the pianist for a prolonged period of time would also be portrayed.
Because the abuser had died before his trial, Rhodes felt the need to be able to do justice in some way, so that this would be nothing more than a clear statement of intent against the sexual abuse of minors.
Rhodes currently resides in Madridand he was interviewed in 2016 on Jordi Ebole’s ‘Salvados’ program , so it is likely that that revealing interview will be recreated in the film itself.
James Marsh to direct ‘Instrumental’, film adaptation of Rhodes’ memoirs | Deadline

A filmmaker and an actor from biopics
The choice of Garfield could not have been more accurate, because he has already worked on real characters from biopics, or films based on a true historical context, as is the case of his character Eduardo Saverin in ‘ The social network’, by Fincher (2010) or his most recent, Desmond Doss, protagonist of ‘Until the last man’, by Gibson (2016).
Likewise, a server thinks that he has also been a more than wise decision to haveJames Marsh, director known for the biopic about the youth of Stephen Hawkins, ‘The Theory of Everything’ (2014).

Behind the production are Debra Hayward, producer of the latest film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel, ‘Les miserables’ (2012) and Allison Owen in charge of producing ‘The Boleyn Sisters’ (2008) and ‘Compulsive Swindlers’ (2019 ).
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