“Here it is, Johnny!” and Jack Nicholson (‘The Departed’, ‘When You Least Expect It’, ‘Crossing the Dark’) emerged from the shattered door with the axe, giving rise to one of the most anthological close-ups (and one of the sequences) in cinema of terror.
The novel ‘Dr. I dream’, was published in 2013 and is the sequel to ‘The Shining’, published in 1977. Almost forty years apart from one and the other , from a saga that did not expect to have a definite continuation, but very much in line with its colossal , ‘It’, from 1985, which deals with the childhood of a group of children harassed by Pennywise, later having to confront him as an adult.
Warner Bros has already unveiled the first trailer for the film adaptation of this sequel and where Ewan McGregor ( ‘Christopher Robin’ , ‘Trainspotting 2’ , ‘American Pastoral’ ) will play the adult Jack Torrance.

What the new trailer reveals to us
In the trailer we can see a lonely Jack Torrance, about forty years old, in a lonely room, where some words written in chalk appear on the wall, apparently. When answering them, it doesn’t take long for the word REDRUM (Murder in English backwards) to appear in the mirror of the room.Jack will contact a girl who seems to have the same powers as him, we are also given to understand that there is a group of strange characters who want to hunt her down and that apparently, Jack will have to return to the walls of the Overlook Hotel, to understand the because of its brilliance.
This trailer that aims to be powerful and disturbing at the same time, reminds this editor a lot of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ , in form, as well as ‘Star Wars, Ep.VII’. The three begin with a subtle piano music, without dialogue, giving us to understand where we are going, generating the sensation of intrigue, for a few seconds to reveal to us what we are seeing.
There is a choice in the images, which perhaps to the fans and unconditional supporters of the New York genius film, Stanley Kubrick (‘Eyes Wide Shut’, ‘The Full Metal Jacket’, ‘Lolita’), they suppose an aberration: yes, they resort to original images from ‘The Shining’ (1980) in order to instantly connect both films.
First trailer for ‘Doctor Sueno’ with Ewan McGregor. | Warner Bros. Pictures.

What will ‘Doctor Sueno’ be about?
The choice of the Scotsman, Ewan McGregor, is the most suitable, he is an actor who is on the rise, one of the best in the industry and we must add another important detail: he is an ex-alcoholic. He seems a bit vague, but this factor would help him enormously.to focus on this Jack Torrance, an adult, depressive, alcoholic, who begins to see himself more as his father, Jack Torrance Sr. (Jack Nicholson), was.
The feeding of an unresolved trauma would be the main leitmotif of this plot that bears more similarities to ‘It’ (2017) than it might seem. Hence, Warner Bros has decided to bet on a director on the rise and specialized in the horror genre: Mike Flanagan ( ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ , ‘Gerald’s Game’ , ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ ) will be the responsible for breathing life into the film.
This bet is also quite consistent, starting from the basis that FlanganHe is a recognized admirer of King’s work, and is always very faithful to respect the author’s material. So the McGregor-Flanagan tandem can be interesting, enriching and enormously successful; We will have to wait until autumn 2019 to confirm it.
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