Encouraged by the multiple positive reviews of ‘The Society’ that I have been able to read, I set out to see the first chapters of this new series that promises to be the next Netflix teen phenomenon . I must admit that I had my doubts, since both the trailer and the synopsis exude cheap teen drama from all sides, but even so I ignored my instinct and went into this Christopher Keyser proposal.
Keyser is also the creator of ‘Party of Five’, another teen drama that surprisingly won a Golden Globe in 1996 for Best Series. Now, the American producer is presenting himself with a somewhat darker proposal, a series about teenagers inspired by William Golding’s novel ‘Lord of the Flies’.

‘The Society’: adolescent science fiction
In general terms, it is about a group of young people who, when they return to their town, discover that all the adults have disappeared . From there, they will unleash their most primal impulses while trying to find out (some) what the hell has happened and how they can organize themselves in this new society.
The proposal can be interesting, and it is reminiscent – greatly saving the distances – of series such as ‘Lost’, ‘The 100’ or even ‘The Leftovers’ (big words), a formula perfectly compatible with adolescent characters such as ’13 Reasons Why ‘ if it runs fine. But the similarities with these series are only in theory.
‘The Society’ mixes mystery, science fiction and teen drama. | Netflix.
The first episodes make up the approach of ‘The Society’, sometimes in a fast and clumsy way for offering too much information about some characters that we have just been introduced to. What’s more, the series immediately abandons the main mystery (the disappearances) to focus on the complicated adolescent love-hate relationships .
Those relationships are well constructed and interesting enough, but the problem is that there is a plot line important enough to leave it in the background.

Many topics and some mystery
There are topics to stop a train. There is the typical dim-witted football player, the violent and jealous boyfriend, the know-it-all freak and the misunderstood who seeks attention with a firearm. There are also scenes of alcohol and lag, completely expendable, and bland script lines about how “fucked” life is.
On the other hand, ‘The Society’ plays with that struggle between the temptation to “have a good time without adults” and the survival instinct, but it gets lost in a rather disconcerting ambiguity . It’s not the fault of the cast, which puts all its efforts into offering the best version of the people.
‘The Society’, teenager phenomenon on the fast track and with minimal effort | Netflix.
Without a doubt , it will appeal to the young public ., and it is that it has racy sex scenes, characters with whom to feel identified and the occasional moment of surprise to maintain the minimum interest. For the rest, do not expect great flourishes. ‘The Society’ looks like the next teenage phenomenon on the fast track and with minimal effort.
Of course, we will have to wait to see the entire season to issue a final verdict.
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