Watching a series as a couple allows you to share a quiet moment with the other person, snuggled up on the sofa or in bed . In the same way, it gives you the possibility of being able to comment with someone on the plot of the series and share the different theories that each of you have.
In this article we will mention 15 series to watch as a couple, presenting different themes that adapt to the different tastes of the population. Read the description and decide which one you want to start with.

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Series that you have to do with your partner
Watching a series with our partner gives us the possibility of sharing tastes and being able to comment with another person on the plot of the series. It allows us to spend a moment of tranquility and relaxation with the other person and enjoy the series while we are in the company of our partner. Your preferences may not coincide, but with the great variety that currently exists on the different platforms, you will surely find one that is to your liking.

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1. Dark

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we could travel in time? Dark is a German series with a suspense, intrigue and science fiction theme that consists of 3 seasons, which means that it is not a very long series and we can see in no time.
Despite its short duration, the convoluted plot that it presents us can leave us confused, being perfect to see it with another person to be able to share our theories about the different events. The plot begins with the disappearance of a child and little by little we will understand the reason for the different events and who each character really is.

2.Modern Love
Modern Love is an American series that deals with relationships, the different bonds that are established and the different ways of living love. It consists of 2 seasons, with 8 independent chapters each, which tell us different stories inspired by different stories sent to the New York Times.

It’s an easy-to-follow series that will allow you to talk to your partner about some interesting questions about romantic relationships and you may even relate to some of the stories. It features well-known actors like Anne Hathaway or Dev Patel, who was nominated for an Emmy for best guest actor.

3. Black Mirror

A good option if you don’t want or can maintain a continuity of the series and you are only interested in seeing individual chaptersIt’s BlackMirror. This British series tries to represent how technology affects human beings and how society may find itself in the future, perhaps not so far away. In this way, it uses stories that can be attractive and attract the attention of the viewer, taking advantage, at the same time, to criticize the dependency that we are generating towards technological devices and social networks.
The series has 5 seasons plus a special episode and an interactive movie that gives you the chance to say which way you want the plot to follow. He has won various awards, including an international Emmy for best television movie or miniseries.

4. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a British series inspired by a family of gangsters from the city of Birmingham in England. In this way, the plot includes different themes, both action, with shots and fights, as well as love and drama, thus being able to adapt to different tastes. It consists of 6 seasons, the last one recently released, and has had the participation of well-known actors such as Cillian Murphy, who is the protagonist, Adrien Brody, Sam Claflin, Anya Taylor-Joy or Tom Hardy.
It has received good reviews both for its script, for the performances of its actors, as well as for the setting. It has also been awarded for best original music in a television series.

5. Paquita Salas
If you want to have a good time and not stop laughing, a good option is the Spanish series Paquita Salas, starring the actor Brays Efe. Currently 3 seasons have been released, the first two of 5 chapters and the last of 6. The plot tells the life of Paqui Salas, a celebrity representative who will see her popularity decrease and how through the search for new talents she will manage to find her place both in the professional world and in life in general. The series takes the opportunity to criticize how hard and unstable fame can be.

6. Outlander
The British-American series Outlander gives us the possibility of living the romantic history between its protagonists, as well as giving us action for the different fights that take place. It consists of 6 seasons based on the novels of the American writer Diana Gabaldon. This series plays with time travel, in this case to the past.

7. Ozark
Ozark is an American series that consists of 4 seasons and that recounts the experience of a family that will be involved with drug trafficking and money laundering. This starring Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, the latter has received positive reviews for the role he plays in the series, very different from the comic characters that this actor usually plays.

8. Friends
In this list of the best series to watch as a couple, we cannot fail to mention the mythical American series Friends. Released in the nineties, this series achieved great popularity, even maintaining this recognition today. It consists of 236 chapters where the experiences of a group of 6 friends, their work, family or love relationship problems are recounted, always from a comic perspective . Also noteworthy are the multiple cameos made by well-known actors such as Bruce Willes, Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt.

9. The paper house
The Spanish series titled La casa de papel has also received very good reviews and has been awarded multiple awards, for best script, best actress and actor and even best series. It consists of three seasons divided into 5 parts, which recount two great robberies, from the National Currency and Stamp Factory and from the Bank of Spain.
The plot will keep you hooked, how every minute and every action during the robbery is important and how the story can turn around without us expecting it. It will be perfect to see it with someone with whom you can discuss and share theories about what the next step will be for the teacher (leader and head of the robbery)

10. Mindhunter
Mindhunter is an American series based on the book “Mindhunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit” written by Mark Olshaher and John Douglas. The plot, which takes place over two seasons, focuses on the work carried out by two FBI agents, who interview serial killers who have already been arrested , in order to learn their way of thinking and acting and thus help them solve cases of serial crimes. that are not closed yet. We also see here how reality and fiction are mixed, and gives rise to you being able to debate on topics as interesting as serial killers or psychopathy.

11. The Haunting of Hill House
If you like scary series, to be able to see them well together covered with a blanket, a good choice is “The curse of Hill House”. This American series that consists of only one season, recounts the paranormal phenomena that 5 brothers experienced in the Hill House and how these events persecute and affect them today. It has received excellent reviews both by magazines and newspapers and by the famous directors Stephen King or Quentin Tarantino.

12. The Big Bang Theory

If you want to enjoy watching a fun series as a couple, you can’t miss “Big Bang Theory”. This 12-season American series that has managed to keep millions of viewers hooked, recounts the experiences of a group of peculiar friends. Not only has it been awarded as one of the best television comedies, but the excellent performances of its protagonists have also been recognized.

13. How to get away with murder
Another series that will keep you glued to the screen is “How to get away with murder” which has the magnificent interpretation of Viola Davis. The series deals with the different events in which a criminal law professor and her favorite group of students will be involved, what secrets each one hides and how they managed to flee from justice.

14. How I Met Your Mother
A series very similar to the already presented “Friends” is “How I met your mother”. This entertaining American series recounts the experiences of a group of friends, showing us both funny, romantic and sad moments. A series in which you can also see yourself identified in some of the plots . It consists of nine seasons where the different events that one of his protagonists explains to his children are recounted and how all these events led him to meet his wife, the mother of his children.

Love is a fun series to watch as a couple that recounts the relationship between its two protagonists, starting as just friends and ending up having something more. Apart from having a good time watching it, it will be easy for you to feel identified as it shows us the experiences of an ordinary couple, without idealizing love relationships and representing the most routine events that can happen in a relationship.