Dressing sporty: fashion linked to sport

To keep up with the frenetic pace of fashion you need to be as fashionable as it is sporty.

The sporty style, that is wide trousers and hooded sweatshirt, is confirmed as one of the most popular trends.

The sporty look , in fact, is today the favorite outfit for both men and women who choose to wear maxi sweatshirts and sneakers or a stiletto heel combined with a jumpsuit , a real styling game to keep up with the times and always feel stylish.


Elegant sports suits: the jumpsuit trend

Casual, classic, glamorous and decidedly refined, the new jumpsuit (one-piece suit) is one of the must-have items for women, to show off on multiple occasions. The jumpsuit gives that touch of charm and femininity that makes the difference, whether worn with a stiletto heel, or if worn with a pair of sneakers or a pair of All Star.

From the jumpsuit to the classic tracksuit, perhaps by Adidas or Nike. Very soft and very comfortable, elegant and with a more sophisticated design, sports suits are the fashion of the moment, especially loved by women.

Among the jumpsuit suits, the models proposed by:

  • Armani;
  • Roberto Cavalli;
  • Packham;
  • Zara;
  • H&M;
  • Bershka;
  • Chamomile;
  • Mango;

Elegant sporty look: leggings and sneakers or skirt and sneakers?

A slightly street and a little chic style for a casual and sporty yet elegant look: leggings, top, maxi-sweatshirt and sneakers: a perfect, unusual and attractive mix. Even the great designers choose a different look for spring-summer fashion that goes perfectly with street style and sport: from Vans which produced its classic Old School total white so loved by boys to Nike which has relaunched the famous Air Force 1 , white hip hop style , including the mustache and which conquered the world of rap in the eighties.

Sweatpants: fashion or sport?

Wide and very comfortable, “palazzo” style, the brand new fleece trousers are the trend of the moment.

For a practical and comfortable outfit , sweatpants are ideal, perhaps combined with a Levi’s style top or t-shirt and a short jacket.

The most trendy sweatpants of the moment are the models:

  • Military , perfect for a casual, urban and daily outfit, always paired with a pair of sneakers;
  • Beige , perfect for both an evening and daily outfit, combined with a stiletto heel;

Women’s sports shorts: everyday or gym outfit?

There is no designer who has not proposed women’s sports shorts, from Gucci to Valentino, passing through Dolce & Gabbana. In cotton, silk, linen, lace with embroidery, the models proposed for spring-summer fashion are truly original and above all loved by women.

Men’s jogging shorts: comfortable and practical

One of the trends of the moment for spring-summer fashion are men’s jogging shorts , comfortable and practical and much loved by today’s boys. Colored and stretchy, they give a touch of freshness, perfect for those who love sporty and street style.

Colmar men’s jackets and down jackets: the trend of the moment

Among the latest spring-summer fashion trends are Colmar jackets and down jackets, a must-have for the man who chooses a sporty and metropolitan style this year. With an unmistakable design, typical of the Colmar company, the light jackets and down jackets give that touch of freshness and elegance that delightfully mixes with the desire for practicality.

Many of the innovations proposed by the new Colmar collection are:

  • light duvets in real down;
  • biker down jackets;
  • light down gilet;
  • reversible jackets;
  • packable jackets;
  • research coat with padded details;
  • metallic research coat;

 Our post dedicated to sporty style ends here. To dress sporty there is nothing better than opening your wardrobe in search of what makes us feel good, comfortable, but at the same time respecting the latest trends.