How many laughs thanks to the television series La Tata . Lots of very nice characters from one of the sitcoms that made many viewers laugh the most during each episode of the long television seasons.

Do you remember Francesca , the nanny of the Sheffield family who dressed in super colorful clothes and always wore very high heels around the house? And the mischievous butler Niles who hated CC ., Mr. Maxwell ‘s assistant ? And again, the ever-present and decidedly extravagant aunts ?

Years have passed since the nineties episodes of The Nanny but the adventures of the comedy series for television are still a more than pleasant memory in the minds of many viewers.

10) Francesca Cacace

Who hasn’t dreamed as a child of being able to have a nice and brilliant nanny like Francesca Cacace ? The actress who played the smiling character and a little in the clouds of the nanny of the Sheffield family, with Italian origins, is Fran Drescher . Throughout the television series, nanny Francesca wears extravagant clothes and is madly in love with her employer: widower Maxwell Sheffield. She immediately wins the hearts of Mr. Maxwell ‘s children but only in the last episodes will the two get married. Indeed, in the final episode she gave birth to twins. After the great success of the television series, Drescher continued to work as an actressboth for TV and for cinema but not always with brilliant results . For example, in the cinema we remember her in the film I just tore my wife to pieces , next to Woody Allen .

9) Maxwell Sheffield

Widower Maxwell Sheffield is a father of three who, after his wife’s death, finds himself having to raise them alone in his beautiful and wealthy Manhattan home. Of English descent, Mr. Sheffield is a producer and is a very elegant and distinguished man who often finds himself arguing with the nanny Francesca about the education of her children. Actor C harles Shauggnessy continued to work for film , theater and television at the end of the series . In fact, he also appeared in the series Sabrina the Bewitched and Veronica Mars.

8) Niles

In addition to the nanny Francesca, the butler Niles played by actor Daniel Davis lives in the house . Like the little ones of the family, he too will immediately bond with Francesca Cacace, to whom he will often compliment her for her attractive appearance. Between one room cleaning and the next, the friendly Niles will always find a way to tease his enemy CC Babcock , Maxwell’s assistant. Although, in the final season of the series, they will get married. Daniel Davis after his participation in this series also did not stop his working career . In fact, he then starred in the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Gotham series and in the film directed byChristopher Nolan The Prestige.

7) Maggie

Maggie is the eldest daughter of Mr. Sheffield who, thanks to the relationship with the beloved nanny, manages to overcome her shyness and to acquire greater self-esteem. The actress who played the older sister is Nicholle Tom . After working in the comedy series she continued her career by also acting for the cinema in films such as: Pretty Princess , The Book Of Ruth , Bottoms Up and Private Number .

6) Grace

Grace is the little girl of the house and she is the one who has suffered most of all from the death of her mother. But thanks to Francesca’s arrival, she too will find a smile again. Maxwell’s youngest daughter was played by Madeline Zima who continued her career by starring for other series such as: A Mom for a Friend and Seventh Heaven . In addition, she has starred in the films: A Cindarella Story , The Collector and Family Matters .

5) Brighton

Brighton is the middle child who was played by Benjamin Salisbury . In the series, little Brighton is a decidedly spiteful child but with her nanny he will bond very much and, in the end, he will feel her like a real mother. The actor and dancer Salisbury after the series was able to star opposite Al Pacino in the film S1m0ne .

4) C.C. Babcock

Annoying CC Babcock and Mr. Sheffield’s assistant. Because of her not very likeable character, she is continually targeted by the puns of the butler Niles. She the actress who played CC and Lauren Lane and after the television series she acted very often in the theater , returning to television only for the reunion of the cast of The Nanny and in the Fran Drescher Show .

3) Assunta

Assunta is Francesca Cacace’s very extravagant aunt. She has a good relationship with her niece, even though she always urges her to find a husband soon, possibly rich. The actress who played the cute aunt and Renee Taylor . Taylor subsequently starred in other series such as 2 Broke Girls and for film in Alfie and The Do-Over .

2) Yetta

Yetta is Francesca’s very old eccentric, absent-minded smoker aunt. Assunta’s sister-in-law was played by Ann Morgan Gilbert . After the long participation in the television series, the actress then continued to act for both cinema and TV . Sadly, Ann Morgan passed away on June 14, 2016.

1) Lalla

The nice Lalla and the trusted friend of Francesca Cacace. This character from the series was played by Rachel Chagall . The actress after this work experience continued her career in series such as: in Squadra Med – The courage of women and The things I love about you .