Summer eyeliner passion, but
pay attention to the news. This would be enough to present the new
trend of the summer as regards the world of make up.
Elongated, shaded, graphic but no longer just dovetails or
long commas that have made pin-up make-up a must in
1950s make-up.

Eyeliner is the secret weapon of current

make-up and make-up literally becomes a way to
tell oneself and to express oneself totally, no longer a simple means
to please others. And if due to the Covid-19 pandemic and
the masks that cover a large part of the face, all that remains is to
focus on the eyes.

This explains why eyeliner
is the spring summer must-have to be used in a
totally different way than what has been done up to now. In fact, the goal
is not simply to lengthen the eye but above all to give
an extra touch through which to express one’s personality .
Here’s everything you need to know thanks to the valuable eyeliner
we read here.

the must have for spring / summer

The use of eyeliner combined
with the application of extra-large lashes allows you to give a
70s touch to the look as regards the use of colors
and geometries, while the more elongated shapes are a
characteristic of the iconic 90s .

The more than daring shapes, the graphic elements
and the bold colors must not be misleading, however, the new
trend of spring / summer 2021 is not a trend for
young people only. Quite the opposite, because make-up is no longer a
tool to be characters but becomes a tool to
feel good about yourself by experimenting with all kinds of tricks.

Makeup with
eyeliner: because it is within everyone’s reach

If until now there were those who
had not approached this world for fear of inaccuracies and
unfamiliarity with the tools of the trade, well, now the
time has come to put this decision aside because colors and
graphics must enchant , but to do so they don’t
always have to be perfectly accurate. In short, even an imperfect make-up is a
symbol of one’s creativity and personality without
necessarily having to follow precise rules.

How to use
eyeliner: tips and tricks to avoid mistakes

Those who are less accustomed to using
eyeliner can start practicing with
compact eyeliner , certainly easier to handle than
liquid ones. Obviously you cannot miss the use of the eye primer
before applying the eyeliner, in this way the lines
will remain well defined for longer without running the risk that
they melt in the long run.

to apply eyeliner?

If you are still afraid to
try your hand at applying eyeliner, just rely
on a few tricks to not fail. Here are some of them.

The eyeliner is applied starting
from the outer part of the eye and then joining the line to that of the
inner corner.

Apply the eyeliner with the
scotch technique

  1. Place a small piece of
    scotch tape in the lower part of the eye to create a
    guide to make the final part of the line or the “tail”.
  2. You can do the same thing
    for the upper part as well and apply the eyeliner following
    the guide also for the upper part until the entire
    space is filled with color.

As an alternative to scotch tape, it is
possible to find on the market special stencils
specially designed to facilitate the application
of eyeliner.

Another technique is that of
dots, here’s how it works:

  1. Draw small dots
    along the contour of the eyelid following an ideal line.
  2. Connect the dots making
    the top and bottom lines then color the inside as you

Colors and
“tools” of the trade

To put it into practice you need
to equip yourself with all the necessary tools and start the
trick. The possibilities are many, from the classic black eyeliner, to
try their hand at the various techniques for application, to
colored products, to start getting familiar with something
different, without forgetting also the two-color products in one
(usually gold and black ), very easy to use and which allows you to give
your eyes a golden touch in no time at all.

Now you just have to find the
color that best suits your personality!