Men’s casual style: the items that cannot be missing for a casual outfit!

Whether it’s a more formal appointment or an aperitif with friends by the sea, the casual style for men is the trend of the moment among boys. Bright and radiant colors, light but at the same time elegant materials. Spring / summer men’s fashion is delicately colored, refined and avant-garde, made up of provocative and different trends.

Not only women but also men choose this year to dress informally by opting for sporty and decidedly casual chic outfits .

If until a few years ago it was the skinny fit to show off on the catwalks and it was the most loved look by men, today it is the casual style to take over and make the summer more lively. 

Indiana Jones inspires men’s fashion

Men ‘s fashion this season plays the role of Indiana Jones, showing off impactful items: from wrinkled shirts to leather jackets, to felt hats. Thus, the fashion of the 70s is back with its slovenliness, typical of adventurers who do not pay attention to what they wear, with a slightly more sophisticated and refined mood. 

Men’s casual outfit: garments and accessories to show off this summer

T-shirt and denim : the perfect combination to show off this summer. This year the fashion is simple and colorful, peculiar in his way. The safe choice when it comes to casual wear and jeans and a shirt whether you’re at Sunday brunch or on a luxury yacht.

Here are the must-have items of men’s fashion for the summer:

  • Hawaiian shirt, the hottest trend of the moment, very elegant and classy garment, multicolored and floral, much loved by men who choose to wear it, both for an afternoon aperitif by the sea and for a special evening;
  • Modern camouflage , irresistibly avant-garde, with bright colors and a military atmosphere, camouflage is ideal for street-style lovers . Perfect to wear especially with jeans and t-shirt for an aperitif in the city with friends;
  • Polo shirt, a real must for spring-summer fashion, to always be combined with a pair of chinos and a pair of moccasins;
  • Vintage jacket , made of leather, perhaps with striped fabric, and the classic garment chosen by men for occasions;
  • Vest and waistcoat , a new trend that, unlike in other years, when worn only if combined with a three-piece suit, also works in separates, it becomes a casual and elegant garment even when combined with a shirt and a pair of trousers. Above all, the waistcoat, by tradition, should be left open and should even be worn with suspenders and not with the belt.

Men’s shoes: the shoes to wear for a casual look

If you are a lover of casual style , of course the choice of shoes is also important. From classic sneakers to suede lace-up shoes, to the classic boat moccasin, loved by men. This year, summer fashion plays the role of a gentleman, spokesperson for a casual chic style that is trendy, attentive to detail and to make a difference.

Here are the most popular shoe models for men for the summer:

  • Sneakers , shoes with maxi soles, irresistibly modern and very comfortable, perfect for a casual chic outfit;
  • Lace-up in suede , they complete the outfit in an impeccable way and give that glamorous and refined touch to your look;
  • Loafer , a real summer must-have with an ultra-light sole, perfect for an evening outfit.