A person’s birthday is an event in which everything should be happiness and joy for the birthday person. For this there is always laughter, one of his best friends and family is surrounded, in addition to good food and drink. In this selection of phrases to congratulate a friend on his birthday, you will find the best birthday wishes to write him on WhatsApp or on Facebook, even if you want to write a note on the gift you are going to give him and turn it into something much more original and fun . As you will be able to read later, there are phrases for all tastes, from those that are very beautiful and emotional, where you show how important it is for you and yours, but others that are more fun, for real friends who have always been with you. and those you love from the heart.

Funny phrases to congratulate a birthday

  • Today that is your birthday you have the right to behave badly, eat until you burst and enjoy your day.
  • I hope that all the dreams you have in mind come true in this stage that you are about to begin.
  • As small as we were and look at you, you’ve become a grandfather, luckily for me if I keep well.
  • When someone asks you how old you are, remember to always say that you are 18, the rest is all experience!
  • Come on, rejoice, now comes the best moment of your birthday, the song in which you don’t know what face to put on.
  • This year I’m going to change the song and I’m going to sing one of my own. Go preparing the umbrella, because it is possible that it rains.
  • I wish that on this day life gives you as much happiness as the one you have given me.
  • Did you think I was going to forget your birthday? How am I going to forget such a marked and important date for you?
  • It’s your birthday, but I’ll take the gift. Another happy year with such an important person.
  • Your birthday is marked on my calendar as a holiday. Imagine how important you are to me!
  • Remember that you have to meet more years to fill them with happiness and joy.
  • This is just a message, and right now I can’t give you a hug, but I hope that you at least receive a part of all my wishes of happiness towards you on this day.
  • May this congratulatory phrase convey all my good wishes for you on your birthday.
  • Every minute of love that you are going to spend in this new year that is satisfactory.
  • Remember that in this year that you are beginning, you must leave everything bad behind and begin to achieve new goals and dreams.
  • I only wish that happiness, joy and love always accompany you in your life, because you are a very special and important person for your loved ones.
  • This day celebrate it for everything something, so that the year you start, start off on the right foot.
  • On your birthday I hope that all the happiness in the world is with you.
  • This is your birthday and that is why we have to toast to your happiness and so that this year that you begin in your life, is even better than the ones you have lived.
  • You are one of my best friends and I feel that you are part of my family, that is why I wish you with all my heart a birthday that is never forgotten.
  • Today I am going to live a special day with you, it is your birthday and you deserve all the best.
  • Birthdays may come and go the next day, but our friendship will always remain, because you are a true friend.
  • Thank you for making me happy, for surprising me, for giving me one of the best smiles, for giving me everything, I believe that the true gift has always been you. Thank you for existing and happy birthday.
  • You’re getting old, but the important thing is that we see each other.
  • Japivirdai youuuu yuuuu. I said well? Thank you for giving me the English classes I needed to be able to congratulate you in a different way.
  • Instead of buying you a gift, I have spent that money on a charity. I bought a sweet and I ate it myself, I didn’t want you to get fat!
  • Sorry for not giving you anything this year, I’m saving for next year.
  • Enjoy your birthday, soon you will be a grandpa.
  • I hope that on your birthday you have a terrible time, the cake is stale, and none of your friends attend your party. Just kidding! But why were you scared? I wish you all the best with this original message to congratulate you.

birthday greeting phrases

If you have read all the congratulations phrases for friends on their birthday, you will have verified what we told you at the beginning, there are very emotional messages that can even make that person cry with emotion, but others that will manage to do it but with laughter. Always remember that a friend or family member is part of your life and you must take care of them so that they are always with you, and one way to do this is by showing them on their birthday. You can use these phrases to congratulateon the birthday as you prefer, either by writing to him on Twitter, on Instagram or writing it on a postcard. In the same way you can download the images that we have so that you can place them or even print them where you like the most. Make your friend’s birthday special, since it is something that only happens once a year and this day has to be remembered forever.