If there is any writer-director more active in the present when it comes to expanding their own universe; that is without a doubt, Quentin Tarantino. The filmmaker is not only known for his facet behind the cameras and with the pen, but also for being a prolific creator of comics, another of his great passions .
So much so that he once again decided to create one in which to face his African-American Django, who was played by the Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx (‘Baby Driver’, ‘An exemplary citizen’, ‘Ray’), against no more, no less than El Zorro himself.

‘Django/Zorro’: The sequel comic and the influences of ‘spaghetti’
The work is co-written with Matt Wagner, and it is a continuation in comic format of the film ‘Django Unchained’ (2012). In this sequel, we find Django bumping into El Zorro, Diego de la Vega, with whom he strikes up a partnership as he did with his late friend, Dr. Schultz (Christopher Waltz).
In this story, both heroes will have to free an indigenous population that has been brutally enslaved. While it is true that Tarantino has a unique and very defined personal universe, it is also true that he pulls from great references of the spaghetti western of the 60s .
Especially directors seasoned in the genre such as Sergio Leone (The Dollar Trilogy) or Sergio Corbucci (‘The Great Silence’ ) , from whom he borrows his character; Django, who was played by the Italian actor Franco Nero.
Likewise, this plot, doesn’t it sound too much like one already seen before in the cinema
A lone ranger, or two, who arrive in a town where part of the population has enslaved or whipped by a gang of outlaws. Someone will say; ‘The Pale Horseman’ , by Clint Eastwood, (1985), but in turn it also reminds of ‘For a Fistful of Dollars’ , by Leone, (1964) , which in turn is a remake of the Japanese ‘Yojimbo’, by Akira Kurosawa (1961).
Quentin Tarantino would premiere his tenth and last film. | Assigned.

End point for Tarantino
The header of the headline of this article is not trivial, as well as this new section, much more dedicated to what we know about this project: Tarantino declared in his day that his tenth film would be his last.
This means that to fulfill this apocalyptic promise for the seventh art and for the Hollywood industry, it would mean that this film adaptation of his comic would be his farewell from film direction .
And it would not be a bad farewell, taking into account the excellent results that the prequel brought to this adaptation, as well as the calm of being able to count on Sony behind the project .
The main ally in the difficult task of translating the Dynamite/DC Vertigo comic would be the comedian and screenwriter, Jerrod Carmichael (‘ Carmichael Show’ ), so the characteristic bloody comedy in the Tennessee filmmaker’s film will be more than assured.
Tarantino has delivered feature films that have disrupted, audiovisually and aesthetically, the history of recent cinema , and he will always be remembered for it; in addition to his work as a connoisseur of new talents.
May this be his last behind-the-scenes project, we will always (especially as a server) be grateful for his contribution to the seventh art . He weighs who weighs him.
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