As a child you may not have dreamed of being a golf ball retriever or smell tester, but the professionals of these ten strangest jobs in the world do not have a bad salary, and their work is still very necessary. If you think your job is weird enough, wait until you see some of the jobs on this list below, although in some cases the salary makes up for everything else.

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The 10 weirdest jobs in the world
These tasks are somewhat peculiar, but they can correspond to the best paid jobs. Would you dare to do one of them?

1. Pet food taster
The first job on this list may be gross, but someone has to do it. Dog food is usually analyzed in the laboratory, but a person must make sure that cat food (there are even gourmet products) has the right taste . All you have to do is clean your teeth well at the end of your day or you will have horrible breath.

2. Dice inspectors
The gambling industry generates millions of euros, so someone has to make sure that the mechanism works correctly. The dice inspectors check that they have the correct weight and that they do not lean towards any specific number. Casino mistakes can even lead to big financial problems, so this is a big deal.

3. Crime Scene Cleaner
You might have thought this was a job for the CSIs, but the investigators are just looking at crime scenes and leaving everything as it is. When they are sure nothing is left behind, a cleaning crew comes in to do the rest of the work. There are companies that are dedicated to it and offer a good salary to their workers, and nobody likes to see Dantesque scenes every day. 600 euros for an hour of service are not bad at all.
Crime scene cleaner in overalls. | Image from: Clarin.

4. Mamporrero
The mamporrero accompanies the member of the horse during the noble act of conception with the mare. They are also dedicated to stimulating the animal to ejaculate . It’s not anyone’s ideal job, but someone has to do it. Normally, the mamporreros are dedicated to other aspects of livestock, so their salary is not exactly exorbitant.

5. Solfeggist
One of the most complex and rare jobs in the world, and it is that the solfeggist is dedicated to transferring musical compositions to a scoremore difficult. This job requires a very sharp ear, but if you are able to catch every note you will have a good salary at the end of the month. This figure is being lost, because there are modern software programs capable of doing the same job in less time.

6. Marijuana taster
People like Russ Hudson dedicate their lives to testing marijuana and recording its properties on the web . Without a doubt, it is one of the rarest jobs, although if you like to smoke weed it is also the work of your life. There are not a few bloggers who write marijuana reviews, and in fact they make a very good living.

7. Chicken sexer
A chicken sexer usually earns more than 55,000 euros per year, which means more than 4,500 euros per month. His job is to check the sex of thousands and thousands of newly hatched chickens. It is not an easy job, since the margin of error is minimal and they spend a lot of hours doing the same thing, but the salary can compensate for everything else. This is perhaps the least strange job on the entire list.

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8. Golf ball catcher
It is estimated that around 120,000 golf balls fall into the water throughout the year. For that there are jobs like golf ball retriever, someone who is dedicated to looking for them one by one to use them again . Nowadays any company that offers golf services has divers for this task, and they are not paid badly. The American Glenn Berger assures that he has earned more than 13 million euros in the 14 years that he has been in the business.

9. Professional File
One of the rarest jobs in the world, although it is a growing service that is generating benefits in some countries. No one wants to queue for hours to get tickets or buy something, which is why many companies offer professional filers who are dedicated to waiting in line while you do other things . In the United States there is a website that offers professionals to complain to Congress and not wait.

10. Subway pusher
A much needed job in countries like China or Japan, where millions of people commute every day by underground train to go to work. It can be a very stressful job (and the clients are never happy), but the salaries are usually acceptable. You’ll always be nicer than a crime scene cleaner.

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