2013 was a very important year for many infants who sheltered as the promotion, of what was going to be the highest grossing animated film in history , was going to urge them to ask their parents to take them running to see the film adaptation of the story Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen.
A peculiar snowman that no one would forget, as well as a strong, independent protagonist, very similar to the red-haired princess, Merida, protagonist of ‘Brave’ (2012). Now the trailer for the long-awaited animated sequel is finally revealed: here is the first trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ .

Details of the official trailer for ‘Frozen 2’
Elsa alone in front of the sea, dark night, and a huge wave hanging over her. Elsa freezes the wave and begins to run on it at full speed, but it breaks and falls to the bottom of the ocean: but she gets out of the water in time.
A giant silhouette that approaches, a new threat that seems to destroy the kingdom of ice: “We have always feared that Elsa’s powers were too much for this world. Now we must hope that they are enough.” She comments on one of the kingdom’s creatures. And with the image of Elsa hiding in panic behind a tree, with a gigantic stone titan in the night, the trailer closes.
The obscurantist and gloomy tone with which the trailer begins, suggests that all the light that could be seen in its first installment, here takes on other forms that could be linked to those sequels that gave a darker drift to its precedents, as in the case from ‘The Godfather II’ (1974).

There is no more, Let it go, by Elsa, isolating herself in her ice palace from her for not knowing how to face her powers; now in this installment, she must learn where they come from, know how to control them and prepare for the threat that hangs over the kingdom.
Disney reveals the first official trailer for ‘Frozen 2’. | Disney.

Elsa: Disney’s first LGTBI princess?
It is one of the main rumors that have been aroused by the networks, since August 2018, although it has not yet been corroborated, of course. In January, the conversation returned in different Internet forums, leading to a real confrontation between those in favor of the LGTB community about the sexual orientation of the snow queen and those who were against it.
In the case of the former, it would be argued that Disney had already shown snippets where it would express its interest in giving more and more room to characters with a different orientation than heterosexual , while the others would argue that this would go against the nature of the character. , an independent woman who does not need anyone, that would also include a possible female partner.

Release date
All these doubts, both regarding the plot and regarding the protagonist, will be resolved in November 2019 .
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