Very often women are considered as the weaker sex, when instead they are equal to men in the most varied fields. If we think about sport, one of the biggest  gender gaps  that we find are given not only by the consideration between the female and male category, but also by the remuneration following the victories in competitions attributed to the winners.  

Many women throughout history have achieved important victories, highlighting Italian pride and beyond. Some also occupy important positions in sports federations, such as Silvia Salis, who started from below and reached the vice-presidency of Coni.  

Silvia Salis, the vice president of Coni former sportswoman 

Silvia is the daughter of a guardian father of the field where she started training at 13 in the Sturla district, in Genoa. She has chosen hammer shooting as a specialty, a rather unusual discipline for a young girl. Silvia’s goal is to make the girls understand that they are not only princesses, but that they can also be warriors. In fact, with the Tokyo games they saw women fighting in judo, ending up on the mat, climbing. Don’t follow the classic stereotype of the fairy tale girl.  

The position of the vicarious vice-presidency was strongly desired. There were therefore no recommendations, but strong support from the outgoing vice president, the 80-year-old Franco Chimenti. As well as the support within the federation, which was not lacking in the appointment as vice president.  

Gender gap: pink odds and how to fight it 

What is highlighted is the disparity between the request for experience for women who want to rise to relevant positions and that instead this is not required of men who want to do the same.  

Salis is in favor of women’s quotas , but as a means of achieving certain objectives: in the end, we must reach a situation in which men and women will have the same advantages without requiring the intervention of laws that will sanction the obligation insertion. Let us remember that Silvia Salis was born into a family where her father was a sixty-eight. As she herself declared, she raised her by teaching her to be the daughter of a worker: she had to learn to get by. Her injustices are therefore not allowed, this is also what prompted her to want to become vice president of Coni.  

Sara Simeoni, former champion of athletics on tv

Sara Simeoni was a great champion of athletics. She reached her peak on two occasions: in 1978 , when she set the 2.01m high jump world record for the first time in Bologna, and in 1980 at the Moscow Olympics where she won gold. She has established a total of 24 national records, accompanied by numerous victories in various competitions worldwide, and has won 14 titles as an Italian champion. One thing Sara Simeoni has always fought for was gender equality within sports competitions: she herself stated that with her victories she managed to match the value of the medals awarded to men with those assigned to women.

After the sporting fame she has earned, Simeoni reappears at the age of 68 on television in the Rai 2 sports program Il Circolo degli Anelli . She quickly manages to conquer the public with her spontaneity and a very funny outfit like the geisha one presented in the last episode, quickly becoming followed and popular on social networks, even by the youngest. There are also those who think she could become the co-presenter of the Sanremo Festival in 2022.

Women at the top of sports 

Not only Silvia Salis or Sara Simeoni, but also other women have distinguished themselves in sport and subsequently reached prestigious positions within state and organizational systems.  

1)  Valentina Vezzali , Italian Olympic fencer specialized in foil, and became undersecretary of state at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with responsibility for sport. Before this, Vezzali was also a policewoman and she took care of the fencing section of the Fiamme Oro.  

2)  Novella Calligaris , former swimming star with the world record in the 800m freestyle. She has been nominated for the position of President of the National Olympic and Blue Athletes Association of Italy.