One of the elements that make a woman’s face attractive are eyelashes. Their main task is to protect the eyes from the entry of foreign bodies such as allergens or dust but, at the same time, they give the look a depth and a unique sensuality.

For this reason, many women spend a lot of time taking care of this small part of the body in every detail. Women with long and well curved eyelashes can create an intense and enchanting look.

The mascara to lengthen the lashes

Although every woman takes great care in their lashes, not all are lucky enough to have long and thick lashes. In these cases it is possible to use one of the beauty products on the market: mascara. This can be thickening, lengthening or create a 3D effect. Those who do not like to use mascara, can choose for a more permanent solution: use false eyelashes.

The use of false eyelashes

False lashes are the perfect solution for those who want to always have long, thick, perfect and curled lashes in the right way, without using mascara or the curler every day. Prolonged use of these products, in fact, can cause their weakening and consequent fall. This is why false eyelashes are the ideal solution. Let’s see how they must be applied.

The application changes according to the type of eyelash chosen and the final result you want to achieve. Some women may wish to make the eye appear more refined and elongated, others may wish it more intense and larger.

The types of false eyelashes

Generally speaking, there are three most common false eyelashes:

– magnetic false eyelashes;

– ribbon false eyelashes;

– tufted false eyelashes;

Magnetic false eyelashes

Magnetic false eyelashes are the perfect solution for those looking for an intense look without too much effort. These are applied on the natural lashes with the use of small magnets, thus eliminating the presence of the glue. The result will be better if you are careful during application. These are made of synthetic material, but guarantee a 100% natural and spectacular effect.

Fake ribbon lashes

The ribbon false eyelashes are nothing more than a single layer of false eyelashes that can be applied on the lash line in order to adapt it to the shape of the eye and then curve it as you prefer. It is not as easy as it may seem to apply this type of eyelash as it is a very delicate and precise operation.

First of all, you need to adjust the length and then apply a thin layer of suitable glue over it and, finally, apply the lashes following the lash line in a natural way. Although there are many tutorials on the web, it is recommended to ask an expert for help at least for the first applications.

The wispy false eyelashes

The wispy false eyelashes give a more natural look and can be applied in the part of the eye that you prefer: there are those who choose to follow the entire lash line or those who apply it only at the end to make the eye appear more beautiful and great.

Mistakes not to commit

Especially for those who are struggling with false eyelashes for the first time here is a list of mistakes you shouldn’t make:

– always apply the glue at least 5 mm away from the tear duct;

– choose the eyelashes that are able to give the right value to the look;

– use good quality glue as choosing a poor one could cause really dangerous allergies.

That said, all you have to do is find the right lashes for you and immediately show off a bewitching and sensual look.