Throughout our lives, we go through bitter moments that prevent us from being fully happy .
It is precisely in these moments like this that we must be by the side of those who need us, to encourage that friend or support that special person and prevent them from falling into the most absolute pessimism that prevents them from continuing forward.

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45 phrases to cheer up in moments of low
It is normal to go through a bad situation, but even then, it is worth reminding ourselves how much we are worth . 1. Contact 0 and join the gym
We begin with a phrase to encourage especially after a love breakup, a bitter pill that we all go through sooner or later. The forocochero motto par excellence is a very useful push to overcome singleness. 2. I’m on this one There’s nothing like a good chat accompanied by a few pitchers of beer . Saying that you buy a round for that person in need is sometimes one of those pep talks that everyone needs to hear to start getting better. 3. Tonight we go out until there is no tomorrow
The best way to cap off a night of long conversations when your friends need you is to go out one night to forget your sorrows. 4. Do not regret having done it, regret not having tried
A good phrase to encourage especially for those who are excessively ruminative and do not stop turning their heads wondering if they could not have done better. 5. When one door closes, many more open It may seem like a cliche, but it’s true . There are doors that are better left closed and not try to open them again. 6. You are worth more than other people
If you do not know what phrase to say to encourage someone, with this one you will surely remind them how important they are to you 7. Always keep your head high
And if not, you have this other one. Never let anyone you love walk with their heads down . 8. If others try to climb on your shoulders and call themselves “tall”, they are within their rights; but it does not imply that you have to enjoy it
. This is one of those phrases to encourage that everyone who falls into pessimism should listen to remember that he does not have to let himself be trampled by anyone. 9. Leave the past where it belongs
The past must be left behind. No one ever got anything good from living anchored in it. 10. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade
A clear and concise sentence that should motivate us to get something positive even from the worst moments.11. This is the perfect day to start being who you want to be
It is always a good day to propose to be who we want. Remind whoever does not know what to do with his life with this great phrase to encourage him. 12. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude . What counts is the predisposition with which we face a new day. 13. If life turns its back on you, touch its ass
A few sentences above, we suggested making lemonade. Now let’s go a little further: touch life’s ass so that it looks at you in the face again. 14. The light comes even when the night seems darker
Phrases to encourage like this show us that the light will always come outeven if we think not. 15. Everything is difficult until it becomes easy
There will come a time when we can solve even the most difficult tasks that appear to be. 16. Nobody is indispensable in our lives. You may feel that your life will never be the same, but believe it or not, you are closer to finding someone better
Many people believe that they are nobody if they do not have someone by their side, and heartbreaks have never sat well with anyone . But with each misstep, we grow stronger. 17. Your smile is the best gift you can give to the world
This is a beautiful phrase to encourage that is sure to make anyone smile. 18. Rome was not built in a day
Recovering from a tough situation is a slow process, so no one should lose sight of it. 19. The past isn’t worth wallowing in
. No, period. Remembering the past with nostalgia is one thing; that prevents us from seeing what we have in front of us, a very different one. 20. Even the smallest can change the course of the future Even movies contain phrases to encourage viewers . Galadriel, the elven queen of Lothlorien encouraged Frodo with this quote so that he would not falter in his mission in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

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