The curiosity about Lady Diana has never ceased. Indeed, with the passing of the years since her disappearance, more and more secrets and curiosities are revealed. For example, do you think you know all about the wedding dress the Princess wears for her wedding day in World Vision?

Diana Frances Spencer, also known as Lady Diana, Lady D and Lady Di, was from 1981 to 1996 the consort of Charles , Prince of Wales, heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.

Their wedding was celebrated on July 29th and since that day the spotlight on her and her life has never turned off. Almost everything has been written about the Princess who made the whole world fall in love but much remains to be discovered .

Her elegance, her dresses, were a beautiful example to imitate and even today, her wedding dress remains one of the most beautiful and imitated in the history of fashion. 

10) I respect traditions

For the day of the wedding Lady Diana respect the traditions, as did Kate for her wedding. In fact, they both wore : something new , something old , something borrowed and something blue . The dress was new and was made by a British silk factory, with fine antique lace inserts and a blue bow. As for something borrowed it was The tiara that Princess Diana is wearing. In fact, it first belonged to the Spencer family in the 18th century.

9) A train that is too bulky

One of the most beautiful and most imitated wedding dresses in history is certainly that of Lady D. Created by the stylists David and Elizabeth Emanuel , it had a truly fabulous train . But how long was it? A good 7 meters and 72 centimeters . As they confessed themselves, it was so cumbersome that it was even difficult for the Princess to get into the carriage on her wedding day. For her titanic undertaking, 3 people were needed to rescue her and they accompanied her to help her get in without breaking it.

8) A brooch hidden in the dress

How many brides lose a little weight before their wedding due to stress? This is probably what happened to Diana too. In fact, to tighten her dress , the Princess wears a pin on her dress tag. The jewel was in 18K gold with precious white diamonds. This precious trick will surely have escaped even those present on the wedding day.

7) The lace was very ancient

The lace used to further enrich Lady D’s dress dates back to the time of Queen Mary . A very special lace that probably came from the textile scraps of a bag purchased at auction. But given the dubious origin, the rumors chase each other. In fact, there are those who say it is a donation from the Royal School of Needlework .

6) A book to celebrate the dress

We talk a lot and still talk about the elegance and refinement of Lady D. Many years after her death, the curiosity about her has never ceased. Indeed, the couple of designers who were personally chosen by the Princess, David and Elisabeth Manuel, published a book in 2011 that talks about this wedding dress .

5) The model of the original has disappeared into thin air

At a 2005 auction , the prototype of Lady D’s wedding dress was offered , but the team that made it declared that it never existed . In fact, the first project would have been completely different from the original dress Diana wore at the wedding. In fact, it would have, according to Emanuel and Elizabeth, with a deep V-neck and entirely in lace.

4) Low heels for the wedding day

To avoid suffering, the Princess wears shoes with a 5 cm heel . To make this silk slipper model it took months because it was embellished with 542 sequins and 132 pearls that formed a heart-shaped design. Furthermore , the soles were hand painted with the initials of the couple C and D.

3) The dress was dirty

Who would have thought that the wedding dress gets stained? And who was it to make up the serious mess? Just Lady D as she got ready. She by mistake she dropped some drops of perfume on her dress and her skirt got stained. To reveal her misdeed would be her makeup artist: Barbara Daly .

2) The coordinated umbrella

The stylists also made a rain umbrella . The fabric was obviously antique ivory white to coordinate with the dress and was hand embroidered and enriched with pearls and sequins and with the same lace as the dress.

1) A very tight bodice

For everything to be perfect, the designers made five different bodices of the wedding dress. Finally, given Diana’s thinness, that day they were forced to sew it directly on him .