Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. After spending the whole winter between rain and cold, closed indoors, especially the little ones need to spend a few hours outdoors.

During the winter season, in fact, we try not to let them get too cold, so it happens very sporadically to go out.

With spring , on the other hand, the climates become milder and there is an optimal condition to take them for a healthy walk.

However, since it is still an uncertain season, during which sudden gusts of wind can arise, it is right to pay the utmost attention to the type of clothing we choose for the little ones, in order to prevent them from getting sick .

Deciding which is the most suitable clothing may seem difficult, but by following the right advice , we will be able to create the perfect conditions so that the little ones are comfortable and are at the same time protected from sudden changes in temperature.

In general, you should avoid covering them too much , but they should be dressed in layers, so as to avoid excessive sweating.

Children ‘s clothing changes according to subjective needs, and despite the fact that they can take inspiration from previous experiences, mothers always tend to collect additional information so that unpleasant mistakes are not perpetuated.

Not only that, every child has their own needs , but there is also to consider that every season is different. What matters therefore is to identify the right garment if there is wind outside, the right garment if there is the sun and so on.

Let’s see together how to dress children, both babies and not, in spring . For this article we have been helped by those who really understand children’s clothing, the friends of kioki.it .

Dress up babies in spring

Dressing a newborn during spring requires special attention, also because it has different needs than older children.

In fact, the latter have already developed their immune defenses, are much more resistant, and in principle, even though they have to pay attention to how to dress them, there is no need to exaggerate in terms of apprehension. For newborns, a greater focus is needed .

Having said how much, spring and the classic season of half sizes, not too much, not a little. The ideal would be to dress the bundle with the classic onion layer, also typical of adults.

If the little one starts to sweat, just take off the t-shirt or the blanket, but without discovering it completely. This is true even if he starts to get cool: just have a t-shirt in your bag to put on the baby’s onesie when it starts to blow too much wind. In this way we will avoid making them sick.

What are the garments to choose

We have just said that the trick to dress them is given by the layered method .

But if you want to go into detail, what are the items to choose?

Spending time outdoors, whether it is a newborn or an older child, means covering yourself with seasonal clothing that keeps the baby’s body warm, but does not cause him to sweat.

So starting from below, underwear must not be missing. We recommend a tank top, preferably made of cotton (cotton is a natural breathable fiber, which keeps the skin away from sweat but at the same time makes it breathe). In this way children will not be subject to sweating, and therefore the risk of getting sick is reduced.

A shirt with short or long sleeves should be placed over the tank top, but always made of cotton.

If the day is warmer, short-sleeved is fine : vice versa , long-sleeved is recommended for windier and cooler days. Over this shirt, you have to wear a small light cotton sweatshirt and another jacket , which can also be taken off if the day permits.

For girls , we can give them the opportunity to wear a cotton dress (after tights) on which to put a small sweatshirt and a light jacket. However, depending on the external temperature, mild or pungent, you can always remove or put one of these layers.

Dress up babies in stroller

If the child is small, for convenience we certainly prefer to go out with the stroller. Also in this case it takes appropriate clothing .

For the little ones you need a padded suit but not too much: the pram is already thermal in itself since it has a very thick cover. For this you do not need to add other covers or other quilts.

When the child grows up, in the warmer months, it would be advisable to have that type of stroller equipped with a bag cover that protects his legs. If this is not our model, then a fleece cover is needed .

As for the question of caps and hats , they should be put on the children every time you go out (at home better not).

If spring has just begun, you should prefer the wool cap, while those in cotton with visor are good for the warmer periods. We must in fact remember that the heads of children, whatever their age, must always be protected.

If the days are nice, it is a must to take the little ones for a walk. Indeed, if the climate allows it, we can also keep the face or hands uncovered, so that the sunlight helps them to produce vitamin D (which deals with the calcification of bones).

The fabrics to be preferred

Although the choice of garments is fundamental, even more important is to choose the fabrics in which they are made. Woolen clothing , which is too excessive, should be banned in the spring .

Conversely, items made of cotton, linen, or made of any type of natural fiber are fine. In this way the skin does not sweat but breathes. In fact, we must be careful of sweating: seasonal ailments are always around the corner (as well as the risk of skin irritation).

Accessories are also important

The choice of accessories is another important aspect, as they complete the outfit of the little ones to protect them from every point of view.

Here, therefore, that the cotton caps must have a visor, while the shoes should only be worn for older children, perhaps in canvas, comfortable and breathable. For newborns, you need one-piece suits and cotton socks underneath.