Parents get ready: chains, nets, various metals will return to haunt the wardrobes of your children who – like all young people – will believe they have discovered the cool trend of the year. The Rock Style . They do not know, however, that it is just a fashion that returns . In fact, it comes from the past, but returns in great style, or rather adapted to the needs and modern times. Maybe improved, renewed, always a little disturbing but for those who experience it for the first time, certainly beautiful.

In this post we will reveal the origins of the rock style, its history, as well as the ideal garments and accessories to replicate a perfect rock outfit!

Rock style, everything was born from punk

Today it is called Fashion Rock, but in 1975 it was called Punk . And in the eighties, exploding in all its extravagant power, it marked an era. We dressed like the stars of the rock concerts of the time, that is all in black, wounded by a thousand pieces of metal, with aggressive makeup and equally revolutionary hair.

Our parents will surely remember dressing up like this too, at least once in their lifetime. Today kids are rediscovering the “punk rock” style and renaming it “fashion rock”, or rather the fashion of rock.

The fashion of rebellion which, if lacking everywhere, at least in clothes must leave a mark. And he will have to work hard, because he reworks a “scandal” of thirty years ago.

Not everyone knows that the rock style as we understand it, begins to take its first steps in the Second Post War, and from the 1960s it begins its wonderful rise. Thanks to the singers of the time, such as Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones. Even before and thanks to the cinema of the 50s and to stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean, if we have the success of the first rock style garments , such as the famous nail, that is the leather jacket , which becomes a myth and a garment worn by motorcyclists to highlight their being nonconformist and rebellious.

The leather jacket and Punk represent a perfect combination: this is in fact a rebellious and direct musical genre, born in England. Groups like the Sex Pistols  and  the Ramones make the nail and punk-rock style their symbol.

Rock outfit that also becomes fashionable thanks to Vivienne Westwood, the famous English designer who in 1971 began her career as a stylist in her small tailoring workshop called “ Let it Rock”  together with her partner  Malcolm McLaren , later manager of the Sex Pistols.

Immersed in and inspired by the culture of the time, attentive to ideas coming from street style, she transforms the leather biker jacket into a trendy garment, which acquires a glam connotation starting from the 90s thanks to the Yves Saint Laurent maison.

The rock style has launched many new trends over the years, then taken up on the catwalk by stylists from all over the world, in search of a possible connection between being rock, therefore unconventional and rebellious, with also becoming cool, fashionable.

The fact is that the rock-chic style is now a reality and in vogue among stylists, fashion houses and influencers who promote the outfit.

Fashion Rock, yesterday and today

Yesterday the “rock style” was a harsh, gloomy, almost ferocious fashion . The black, the torn clothes, the heavy metal everywhere had to express anger, revolt, disobedience and scandal at all costs. Today the style returns changed. A slightly softer, almost “chic” rock fashion. The dresses are more snug, less torn, more elegant in short. But the rebellion remains.

The rebellion of today and the elegant bag enriched with studs and chains. Or the biker jacket (the famous “Fonzie’s leather jacket”) which returns with a less aggressive style. The dresses are seemingly jaunty and original, but less harsh in the finish – fewer straps, fewer raw elements. The rock style is allied with elegance and manages to put the two together, without one excluding the other, as was the case in the Eighties.

Trendy elements of the Rock Style

Those who love to dress fashion rock can never forget some fundamental elements. Without them, it’s not rock! The skin, preferably black , must always be there. The dark color must prevail over the light one. There must be at least one metal accessory or decoration. Once this is established, here are the latest trends of the moment.

The “elegant nail”, or rather the re-adaptation of the famous dark leather jacket to less aggressive clothes: for example to the sheath dress, to the suit. The grained leather of the ancient punk rock backpacks, today decorates cute clutches and purses, becoming an additional element of elegance. The jeans of the “rocker of the 2000s” will be tight, with some tears, necessarily with (at least one) chain! Inevitable, for her, the boots above the knee , perhaps with super heels; for him boots or low boots, rich in metal elements.

Finally, aggressive rings for him, bracelets (many) for her. And watch out for your makeup, girls! The true fashion rocker highlights her eyes with dark, smoky, yet intense brown eyeshadows and pencils.


The rock style has marked more than one generation, as from time to time it reappears in a new guise, renewed in spirit, but always with the desire to amaze, to break the rules and to enhance one’s rebellious soul. Being rock means just that , no matter the outfit. Be rock in the soul and you will be rock in life too!