Autumn-winter fashion trends

A famous song says: “summer is ending and a year goes by …”. In fact, summer also ends with the beautiful season of lightheartedness, easy and short dresses, costumes, sandals, the sea and saltiness on the skin. The end of the summer cycle, alas, gives way to the melancholy season of autumn , where temperatures drop but bright colors warm us. However, let us not be discouraged by the first rainy days and learn to appreciate autumn in all its aspects. It is the right occasion to dress well since there are so many trendy outfits to try: knitted fabrics, skirts, boots, mid-season jackets, flashy and glamorous accessories to harmonize with the rest of the clothing are part of thefashion trends autumn-winter 2017-18 . The time has come, therefore, to draw up a list of what will be the “must-have” garments of the autumn 2017 season. starring many fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Mary Quant and Twiggy . In those days, women began to understand the importance of fashion and style: they leave sad lengths behind and risk more with color. In fact, next season, there will be a cheerfulness of nuances and shades that will conquer the pret-a-porter catwalks .

Trendy colors: red everywhere!

The watchword of autumn fashion 2017?  CHROMOTHERAPY . For sweaters, shoes and trench coats, bright pink , in its brightest version, will be used, but also fuchsia , which blinds for its “shocking ” effect. Nor does yellow go unnoticed , seen as a source of heat that stands out in the gloom of autumn evenings, and gray , which will be perfect for dressing more formal men’s suits. But above all, red shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe ! It will be the representative color of this fall. You can admit only one detail in this nuance or you can focus on the total look . Ready to “blush”?

The return to vintage

As said initially, the fashion of the next fall season makes use of the 60-70-80s , creating a modern look. There is, therefore, a return to the past, to vintage . Palazzo or flared trousers , which thanks to the tight line on the thigh and flared on the leg, thin the legs with an important calf and slender a lot when tucked into shirts and sweaters (little tip for short people!). In our wardrobes, large oversize sweaters should not be missing , perfect for hiding those small imperfections of the body, thick shoulder pads, fringes and “check point ” jackets, that is, with checkered and checked patterns.

Velvet what a passion!

Autumn will also be characterized by the affirmation of velvet . After so many years he returns to conquer the hearts and wardrobes of fashion addicts from all over the world. From the velvet long dress , to the velvet skills up to the velvet shoes … sock boots, the real stars of the autumn must-haves. They can be worn with high-waisted miniskirts or under flared hem trousers. Staying on the subject of shoes, we certainly cannot forget the cuissard boots (ie long up to the knee). For the latter, the two dominant colors will be blue and red.

Pelle is the way

Another fundamental element is leather , which will be revised in two ways: the first is “ embroidered ”, that is, with embroidery of flowers and red roses, both on black and materialized leather jackets. The second will be the winning choice: shiny vinyl effect leather on pants and skirts. Instead, the accessory that cannot be missing will certainly be the belt at the waist and shoulder bags or maxi bags .

Sportswear: an autumn-winter dedicated to sport and sports trends

With the advent of low temperatures and the end of summer, our sporting activities resume: from the gym to pilates and kizomba courses to soccer matches with friends, everything returns to pre-summer normalcy. It also resumes the ski season that every year brings thousands of people to experience the thrill of this adrenaline-pumping sport.

 As for sports streetwear, reconfirmed trend for the new season, you cannot miss a mention to Planet Sports, an online shopping platform where you can indulge yourself in creating combinations of brands and styles.

Competent advice and an action sports-oriented lifestyle are its key words. Some of the most important brands covered are Nike, Adidas, Vans Roxy and O’Neill . Referring to the next season, we can find in his shop winter jackets, down jackets, parkas and shoes such as Reebook Classic, Nike Air Max or Vans or for ski enthusiasts, you can find snowboards, skis, snowwear and much more. All that remains is to take a virtual jump and choose the one you like best!


In conclusion, as you have seen, the autumn-winter 2017-18 fashion season is full of novelties and trendy outfits . Which of these must-have items struck you the most? What combinations would you make? To help you in your choice, I leave you with a gem: “Dress well wherever you go, life is too short to go unnoticed!”.