Whether on television, at the cinema or in gossip magazines, we are all now used to seeing celebrities surrounded by an aura of perfection. At the same time, each of us knows very well that the imperfections less accepted by famous people are often masked with make-up, light effects and photo retouching.

Sometimes, however, it happens that some physical anomalies cannot be hidden with these tricks from the general public. These are non-modifiable “deformities” (except through surgery) which, once you notice them, you will never forget!

Do you want to know what we are talking about? You will find the answer in this article and you will have the confirmation that, after all, no one is truly perfect . Some imperfections make a person special, other times they just can’t be appreciated …

Read on to find out which are the 12 VIPs with the most particular physical anomalies !

1) Megan Fox

Megan Fox was born with type D brachydactyly which is a physical malformation affecting her thumbs. Her fingers are particularly short and her nails quite wide, but this does not affect the correct functioning of the hand. It is a hereditary disease that certainly does not prevent the rest of the body from being perfect.

2) Mark Wahlberg

We wouldn’t want to upset you, but Mark Wahlberg, regarded as an irresistible man by a considerable number of fans, possesses nothing less than a third nipple . This particularity takes the name of polythelia and mainly affects men (1 out of 18) compared to women (1 out of 50).

3) Mila Kunis

Due to an accident in her youth, Mila had lost sight in one eye . Surgery remedied the problem, even though the damaged eye took on a different color. Kate Bosworth , on the other hand, was born with this peculiarity, known as heterochromia .

4) Jennifer Garner

It certainly cannot be said that Jennifer Garner is not pleasing to the eye, even if a foot fetishist would run away from seeing her feet affected by brachymetatarsia . Said this way it sounds terrible, even if it is simply a toe (usually the fourth) which is particularly short and tends to overlap the others. In short, only a small imperfection.

5) Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore’s ex-husband and Mila Kunis’ current spouse is hiding a little secret. No, we are not talking about an extramarital affair! It is a physical defect, a congenital anomaly called syndactyly or, more commonly, webbed foot .

6) Matthew Perry

The actor of the famous TV series Friends is missing the final part of the middle finger of his right hand . The cause? An accident during which, in kindergarten, his finger was pinched in the door.

7) Lily Allen

Those who know her well have revealed a really spicy indiscretion about the famous singer. Apparently, Lily has a third nipple , just like Mark Wahlberg! However, far from embarrassed, Lily proudly displayed her imperfection. Apparently, about 3% of humans have one too many nipples. In addition to Lily Allen and Mark Wahlberg, and also the case of Tida Swinton and Carrie Underwood.

8) Gerald Butler

When he was still a child, surgery caused his ear to deform . Gerald discovered this peculiarity after shaving completely on the occasion of a part that had been assigned to him. Perhaps jokingly, the actor claimed to stick his ear to his head when he has to play bald characters. Also, Gerald is deaf in his right ear .

9) Joaquin Phoenix

Many claim that Joaquin Phoenix’s scar was caused by an operation on the palate, but it is completely false as it was already present at birth. Apparently, the scar formed when Joaquin was still a fetus. It is in fact a minor case of cleft lip which could have caused other problems.

10) Denzel Washington

The next time that happens to you, take a look at Denzel Washington’s hands and you will see for yourself that they are not quite perfect. An accident as a child caused a finger to be twisted . Since the wound was not treated properly, the actor now reports this malformation.

11) Vince Vaughn

At the age of 17, Vince Vaughn (former partner of Jennifer Aniston) lost the top of his thumb following a car accident. He now jokes about it in a perhaps a little too sarcastic way, stating that his thumb looks like a penis with a fingernail!

12) Harry Styles

Can you think of something stranger than having three nipples? Of course yes, having four! At the moment, Harry Styles is the star with the most nipples .