The beating heart of the living area, the sofa is the furnishing element par excellence . It enhances the lines of the living area by completing each room with elegance, in a compositional solution made of aesthetics and functionality. 

To furnish the living room in the best possible way, it is possible to request a made -to-measure sofa , a way to combine quality, comfort and aesthetics . Custom fabrics and shapes can in fact give a soul of their own to every living room, recreating accurate and more aware design lines. 

Today, buying a made-to-measure sofa also means relying on the excellence of expert craftsmen in style and interior design, custodians of a craftsmanship celebrated by Made in Italy models .

Naturally, as the spaces and furnishings vary, the tailor-made solutions are different: you can play on the geometries, colors or dimensions of the padding and backrests, in order to recreate unique and avant-garde stylistic settings. What makes the difference, in any case, are above all models and coatings, which can furnish with valuable solutions and in line with the living contexts.

Sofas: how to furnish modern living rooms

To insert a sofa in a modern living room you have to play with the spaces: if the larger sofas embrace the rooms, the smaller ones allow you to enhance unused areas, while the corner sofas are designed to create asymmetries. Furthermore, when the size of the living room allows it, a large sofa can reshape spaces and proportions, defining the relaxation area and separating it from everything else.

In luxurious living rooms, equipped with walls with large windows or large bookcases, the advice is to opt for sofas in the center of the room , taking care to provide a rear space large enough to ensure an easy passage. Alternatively, in the presence of sober living rooms , especially if characterized by white walls or very soft nuances, you can be more daring, providing for the inclusion of colored sofas.

In any case, one of the furnishing solutions favored by interior designers is that of the Chesterfield sofas , a category of upholstered furniture of the highest design and rich in personality. Even these models, with their typical capitonné weave , can be made to measure, with arrangements that allow to obtain linear or angular configurations and backs with a highly refined texture. In this case, the solutions in the center of the room often leave room for those flush with the wall , especially if the environment is not large and the walls facilitate its insertion.

Space therefore for monobloc solutions or sets of two or three-seater sofas , possibly providing for the inclusion of custom-made models, made with a chaise longue arrangement. In these cases, it is often possible to give definition to the spaces also thanks to the insertion of a contour element, such as a rug, a coffee table or a pouf of adequate size.

Classic environments: elegance passes through the right sofa

Inserting a sofa in a classic living room requires a more accurate reflection on fabrics and colors. 

In these environments, where natural materials such as wood often dominate , the sofa must take into account the pre-existing overall architecture, in order to complement the living balance without upsetting the overall harmony.

In environments where wood is enhanced in its most classic shades, the choice can only fall on a luxury leather sofa , enriched, on the armrests and back, by an elegant carved wooden frame . The lines of these sofas, in any case, ensure maximum comfort thanks to a soft and enveloping backrest, recreating a comfortable heart in any typically retro environment.

Classic and modern meet instead in the selections of  contemporary sofas , models in which often a backrest with a wavy and romantic shape meets the sobriety of current fabrics. An example of this is the Giove sofa made to measure by VAMA Divani , in which contrasting edges, fine finishes and elegant high lacquered feet give life to a completely contemporary piece of furniture.

This category of sofas can accommodate colored, floral or design cushions, possibly enriched with pleated flounces to hide the front feet. In fact, these are models in which elegance and versatility are successfully combined, recreating an informal and pleasantly shabby chic environment.