Christmas is approaching and we must start thinking about the right gifts for everyone. Almost always, the thought alone is not enough, especially if it is a gift intended for a man .

Boyfriend, brother or dad, the undertaking is really difficult , even if you know the tastes of the one who will receive the gift. So, start testing the waters, perhaps asking your friends and mom for advice.

First of all: think about him and don’t choose according to your tastes! You have to give a gift that you really appreciate and that can be really useful to him. So, a little imagination and put yourself in his shoes.

A shirt , a watch , a new Hi-tech device , the important thing is that everything is aimed at the usefulness of the gift. Only in this way will you be sure that you have chosen the perfect gift that will make him happy as a child at Christmas.

10) Clock

Whatever personality and look the person to whom you have to think about the gift for Christmas has, it will not be so difficult to satisfy his taste. Accessories or clothing are never enough even for a man and luckily, you won’t need to spend a fortune to make him happy. For a classic that never sets, opt for a new watch. The models on the market are the most varied and you can combine it with your man’s look. Classic or sporty, in steel or plastic, and always a nice gift to wear tightly on .

9) Hat

Another great classic back in fashion is the flat cap . For young bohemians or for a pope who is a bit chilly it will be the perfect gift for him to find at Christmas. In case you are not sure about the size of the head, buy a flat cap that can be adjusted , so as not to tighten the head too much. Also for this accessory you can choose different patterns and fabrics and for the coldest temperatures even the models with wool ear flaps integrated into the hat.

8) Bomber

For the young but not too young, a nice warm jacket to face the winter will be a very useful gift. Directly from the nineties the bomber: warm and practical to use during the coldest days. An item of clothing that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a true fashion lover . The waterproof version is also very useful to use without problems under the worst climatic conditions.

7) Sneakers

Sports enthusiast or simply comfortable clothing ? A nice pair of sneakers will surely make him happy. Many models for all needs, with different technologies useful for all different performances.

6) Papillon

After Christmas, New Year will follow and so, why not think about making it super elegant ? The retro taste of a beautiful silk bow tie is the accessory back in fashion in the latest high fashion men’s catwalks . The perfect idea for an elegant and refined man.

5) Gemini

Always remaining on the line of elegance, even the twins could be a thought to dedicate to a man. But make sure he has shirts without buttons , or give him one!

4) Socks

A slightly less imaginative idea , but certainly very useful are the socks. The times of mending are now over with the generations of our grandmothers and if you don’t want to see him go around with mismatched socks and fill his drawer well.

3) Trolley

For a boyfriend who is always on the go or for dad’s travels, a small and resistant trolley will be right for you. Colorful and in many sizes, they are a comfortable suitcase for long or short trips.

2) Pile

Comfortable and super warm . By giving him a fleece for Christmas, he will have the feeling of always being pampered by your embrace. With zip or hood they are really comfortable sweaters for free time away from the cold.

1) The team jersey

Do you really want to make him happy? Then, the perfect gift will be the jersey of the team he supports . Useful or not, it will even go to sleep! Now you just have to think about yours and what to give and hide under the Christmas tree.