Every year interior design is always enriched with new trends and fashions, many of which come from far away. In fact, every year the furniture changes skin, promoting different but equally fascinating styles and trends for decorating your home. In this post by Fashionaut we want to talk to you about one of the fashions that is coming to the fore in our country in recent times: we are talking about ethnic furniture , that is to furnish your home using furniture, accessories and furnishing accessories from cultures very distant from us, in a mix of different but equally unique styles.

Interior design: an increasingly rich turnover

Before delving into the ethnic furniture proposed by today’s post, we want to tell you for a moment about the turnover related to furniture and interior design. From a market research published by Il Sole 24 Ore it emerges that in recent years the turnover linked to this sector has been increasing more and more, thanks to the many solutions also offered online. One of these is represented by Homelook.it, a platform dedicated to furniture, where you can find more suitable solutions to furnish your home.

Industry experts specifically highlight that 2019 will likely bring with it an increase in gross revenue (that is, about 65% of respondents declared). In addition, 45% of companies expect revenues to grow by more than 10% in 2019.

In short, a nice glance for all the insiders, who will draw their conclusions on 31 December, sure of this good result.

Ethnic furniture: the new frontier of interior design

And here we are at the appointment with the core of our post today, dedicated as anticipated, to ethnic furniture. In fact, one of the latest fashions is to furnish your home with furniture, accessories, furnishing accessories with an exotic touch, which are part of very distant cultures and styles, different from ours.

What is this style made of?

This is a unique way of furnishing, which combines different styles, furnishing the house with objects of oriental and African culture, mixing colors and very different furnishing accessories.

The preferred material in this case is wood, which inspires shoe racks, bedside tables, sideboards. The important thing is in any case the material, which must be completely natural.

This style is by no means innovative: in fact it has been used since the nineteenth century, when the ethnic furniture began to move into the homes of the wealthy English (England at the time was a strong colonial power, dominating over distant lands and continents different), who wanted to tell their travel experiences through their furniture.

The favorite colors thus become yellow, orange, mustard, water green, without forgetting blue and black, which have always been used in ancient Asian and African homes.

And if you are looking for something Middle Eastern, a nice carpet placed in the living area and the one that gives a not insignificant exotic touch. Alongside this, statuettes, small tables reminiscent of a vintage style, wicker bedside tables and even exotic plants are also welcome in the dining room, which can help you in your work of decorating your home according to this style.

The important thing is that ample space is left for the creativity of each of us, so that we can furnish the house as we see fit, finally finding our own personal style.