The concealer is certainly one of the tricks that can help us most. Small and discreet,  he has the ability to hide in a pocket, so that he can peep out in the most unthinkable situations.

To use it at its best, however, it is not enough to know how to spread it on imperfections or dark circles. There are some small and easy tips that could really make a difference in your daily or evening makeup. The make-up artists of the stars also use them, who manage to work miracles on the faces of the actresses, obligatorily sparkling for the great soirees.

In short, the corrector if used in the right way can become our magic wand of beauty ! Liquid, cream, powder; to put on with your fingers or with a sponge, after you have read these  secrets , you will not be able to do without them. Let’s find out together the 10 tricks a woman needs to know to use the concealer in the best possible way.

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10) First the foundation, then the concealer

This is the first rule of make up. The first element that will be applied to the face will be the foundation , immediately after the concealer it will cover all skin defects, such as fine lines, spots, dark circles and pimples. This is because if you go to apply it first, when you later go to apply the foundation, you will take away most of the work done with the concealer. Much better to reverse them then.

9) Eyeshadow powder that dirties, goodbye

Another foolproof trick is to apply a tip of concealer on the eyelid before proceeding with the application of the eyeshadow . This will ensure that there is no longer that annoying powder that you inevitably find under the eye and that as soon as you swipe a finger dirty everywhere. This method is also useful to even out the color of the eyelid and prepare the base, for a good result of the eyeshadow. On the market there are also specific products for this operation, called ” primers “.

 8) The concealer is not just flesh-colored

Certainly the best known is the classic beige color , flesh, which adapts to the tone of the belle; but you should know that there are other correctors, from which you can benefit even more. On the market you can find colored correctors , which work simply by taking into account the color table. That is, depending on which color we will have to cover, we will use the complementary color.

For example, a red pimple will be covered with a green concealer , purple dark circles with a yellow one , while dark spots will be lightened with a concealer that is close to white . In this case, then everything will be covered with the foundation, dabbing so as not to take away the underlying color.

7) Hide puffy eyes

Another ingenious, quick and easy trick is to apply a tip of your cream on the back of your hand, a tip of concealer , and a drop of highlighter . Then, preferably with a brush , mix the three elements and when they are perfectly mixed, go and apply the product obtained on the lower and upper eyelids and under the browbone. Then finalize with a transparent face powder.

 6) Concealer and handkerchiefs

When you put on make-up it is useful to always have some handkerchiefs at hand or even better some tissues or if you don’t have anything else, even a tear of toilet paper does its job. If the concealer you used is in cream or liquid , or the cream you used as a base turns out to be very greasy, a good technique is to dab gently with absorbent paper, so that it dries the oily part. Even better if once you have placed the piece of paper on your face, lightly brush with some powder on top of the paper. Your skin will once again have a fantastic matte effect.

5) Adjust the eyeliner

The corrector also comes in handy for operations that go beyond covering skin defects, such as erasing any smudges of the eyeliner . Once you have finished drawing the black line, if there are any errors or inaccuracies, they can be covered by taking another clean brush , dipped in the concealer and used to remove the defects, thus making our eyeliner perfect.

 4) Correct the lipstick

The same thing described above can be done for lipstick correction. Once you have finished applying pencil, gloss, ” rouge a levres ” and dabbed with a tissue to absorb the excess of color , you can, as for the eyeliner, dip a clean brush in the concealer and go to outline the entire outer lip contour . this will not only make your mouth precise, but will give a volume effect , especially on the upper part.

3) Volumized lips

This is another secret much loved by women. Who does not dream of Angelina Jolie or Jessica Biel lips . Unless you want to resort to cosmetic surgery, you can adopt a few little tricks. This is one of those. Before applying the lipstick, apply concealer to the center of the lips , both the upper and lower ones, and then apply your favorite shade as usual. If you want an even more XL effect , you can apply a tip of lip gloss at the end always and only in the center of the lips.

2) Raise the browbone

As many girls may already know, light and pearly colors have the optical effect of increasing and bringing out, while the dark ones of shrinking and digging. This technique is the basis of contouring , or the modeling of the face. The corrector comes to our aid to put this technique into practice. A suitable area for this is the eyebrow; apply a veil of concealer, preferably illuminating above and below the eyebrow arch, then tap with the fingertip until it is well spread.

1) It takes more than one concealer

This magical ally cannot fight alone. This means that you won’t be able to have just one concealer in your cosmetic bag. There are many skin discolorations , which means that at least three or four different colors must be at hand for every need. What we most recommend is to have a palette that has all the colors you will need, all together.