Few Western intellectuals have been so unforgiving of the influence of religion on contemporary society. In this sense, Nietzsche’s most remembered phrases focused the target of his anger on how the resulting morality of centuries of Christianity had relegated the needs of human beings to the background . Furthermore, the German scholar was ruthless against everything he perceived to be contrary to human nature.

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The 30 best phrases of Nietzsche that do not leave a puppet with a head
Nietzsche was not very fond of biting his tongue. Check it out:

1. Apes are too good for man to descend from them
Incisive words to criticize our species.

2. When suffering comes, look it in the face and face
it Not everyone dares to face what they are afraid of.

3. A bad conscience is more easily cured than a bad reputation
Nietzsche always argued that a person must remain integrated in his way of acting .

4. If there is something to forgive in everything, there is also something to condemn
Harsh statements towards those who try to console themselves so as not to feel remorse for their actions.

5. Hope is the worst of evils, because it prolongs man’s torment
Feeding on hope can be counterproductive if we lose track of reality.

6. Whoever fights monsters should be careful not to become one in the process. And when you look at the abyss for a long time, he also looks inside you
One of Nietzsche’s best phrases where he warns us that monsters walk among us and that, if we are not careful, we can end up becoming one. The famous criminologist Robert K. Ressler would use this famous quote as a preface to his work He Who Walks With Monsters (1992) .

7. Every conviction is a jail
Faith is a double-edged sword that, if not handled carefully, can limit us in the way we interact with the environment.

8. Sex is a trap of nature so as not to become extinct
. We are prisoners of carnal needs.

9. Fear is the mother of morality
An acid criticism of those who believe they have a monopoly on what is morally correct, so that people make use of free will.

10. Man is the cruelest animal

Although many refuse to deny our animal part .

11. The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions
. Friedrich Nietzsche claimed loneliness as an essential part of being a person.

12. Sometimes people do not want to hear the truth because they do not want to destroy their illusions
. And the truth is that sometimes it feels like a jug of cold water.

13. The industrious races find a great annoyance in enduring idleness.

Hitler found in the phrases of the philosopher Nietzsche about the difference between races and his concept of “superman” the basis to support the theses of his ideology .

14. Parents have to do a lot to justify having children
A dart towards anyone who wants to be a father, motivated by the fact that Nietzsche lost his when he was just 5 years old.

15. Nobody learns, nobody aspires, nobody teaches to endure loneliness
It is the experience that makes loneliness more bearable.

16. The most common lie is the one with which a man deceives himself. Deceiving others is a relatively vain defect
Falling into self-deception and self-pity are very common tendencies when we do not want to assume the consequences of our actions.

17. Having faith means not wanting to know the truth
For the wise man with the mustache, they are often conflicting concepts.

18. I firmly believe that animals see in men a being equal to them
. The pity is that some men, in their infinite arrogance, do not see it the same.

19. The worth of a man is measured by the amount of loneliness he endures.
The man who is able to bear loneliness has much more cattle than the one who pathologically needs the company of others .

20. The age of marriage comes much earlier than that of loving
each other Those who believe in romantic love stories would be better off not reading anything by this philosopher.

21. We have art so as not to die from the truth
Art is one of the many escape routes that we use to chisel reality as we please.

22. Any idealism in the face of necessity is a deception
Our needs must always go ahead of any dogma.

23. I love those who don’t know how to live today
Generally, it seems that we are terrified of living out of the script.

24. We only understand those questions that we can answer

Apparently unsolvable questions are beyond our understanding .

25. Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the superman, a rope over an abyss
Symbology has always been present in Nietzsche’s philosophical phrases to illustrate the moral dilemmas that man faces during his existence.

26. The love of power is the devil of men
Nietzsche never liked that a few had power over the majority.

27. The most difficult abyss to bridge is the smallest
one. How many times does it happen to us that the smallest problems are the ones that generate the most anguish?

28. The destiny of men is made up of happy moments – all life has them -, but Not of happy times
For many great thinkers,existence is nothing but suffering with little notes of joy .

29. In some, chastity is a virtue, in many it is almost a vice . A
large part of the problems that afflict us today would be solved if chastity were to end.

30. The lonely man very quickly offers his hand to whomever he meets
Many lonely souls cry out from the depths of their being for a little attention.

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10 Nietzsche phrases about women who today would not pass the censorship
Many of the German philosopher’s poison darts reflected what he thought about the female sex.

31. Oh, women. They cause the highest peaks and the most frequent falls
For Nietzsche, women are the cause of the perdition of men .

32. In revenge, as in love, the woman is more barbaric than the man
Nietzsche was one of those who thought that few things were more terrible than the anger of a jilted woman.

33. Women are made in such a way that all truth disgusts them, in relation to man, love, son, society; and they try to take revenge on whoever opens their eyes
Although he may not have chosen the best way to say it, we could interpret that what Nietzsche is trying to imply here is that women and men, as well as each person individually, perceive reality in different ways.

34. Women become, through love, what they are in the mind of the man who loves
them Not all Nietzsche’s quotes about women seek to raise the ire of this sector of the population, since although it may not seem like it He also considered that they could be the cause of happiness for men if they reciprocated their love .

35. Women easily notice when they have taken over a man’s soul; they want to be loved without rivals (…) they hope, bonding lovingly with him, to increase their own splendor at the same time
. Nietzsche misogynist

36. When a woman has virile virtues, you have to run away from her; if she doesn’t have them, she runs away herself
. What virile virtues are you talking about
? Do they make a man or a woman who possesses them better?
And, lastly, what did you think of feminine qualities?

37. Men want women to be peaceful; but she is actually essentially bellicose, like the cat
. Another example of what women meant to this German thinker.

38. In the woman everything is a paradox and everything in her has a solution: it is called pregnancy. The man is for her a means, the end is always the child

Fortunately, not all women resort to the same solution to this vital paradox proposed by Nietzsche.

39. The perfect woman is a human being superior to the best of men
Although on rare occasions, Friedrich Nietzsche respected and revered women above men.

40. The stupidity in a woman is unfeminine
Curious to say the least, when currently many women deny what is typically attributed as “feminine” .

10 Nietzsche phrases about God that question religiosity
If there was something that Nietzsche harshly criticized, it was the concept of God raised from Christianity. Here is a sample.

41. God is dead! God is dead! And we have killed him!
This statement, taken from his work Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883), is a declaration of intent that reflects the atheism of this great thinker. When he says that “God is dead”, he means that modern man, a product of the cultural revolution that the years of the Enlightenment brought about, abandons the old religious dogmas to embrace knowledge and reason.

42. I can not believe in a God who wants to be prayed to at all times
One of the reasons why Nietzsche denied religion.

43. Man, in his pride, was the one who created God in his image and likeness
Even more than a century later, Nietzsche’s statements about God and the Christian religion are quite a provocation.

44. Is man just a failure of God, or is God just a failure of man
Interesting reflection that makes us ask which creation is the product of the other, God or humanity?

45. The word ‘Christianity’ is misunderstood, in Actually there has only been one Christian and he died on the cross
. A scathing way of saying that what we now understand as ‘Christianity’ has been prostituted almost since its origins.

46. ​​Denying God will be the only way to save the world
Drastic measures for an end that seems increasingly distant.

47. In Christianity, neither morality nor religion are in contact with any point of reality.
Nietzsche always denounced in his controversial quotes how far removed Christian dogmas were from the human condition .

48. There is not enough religion in the world to destroy religion
According to the German philosopher, the cause of the destruction of the world is religion itself.

49. Christianity gave Eros poison to drink: he certainly did not die, but degenerated into vice
Nietzsche argued that Eros, the entity of good that maintains an eternal brawl with Thanatos, the evil entity that tries to take humanity Unfortunately, it has been contaminated by the influence of the Christian religion.

50. God also has his hell: it is his love for men
Like Frankenstein’s monster, who turned against his creator and became his downfall, Nietzsche strips man of all divine qualities in order to demonstrate that human beings, Sooner or later, they will rebel against God .

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