For today’s post we want to talk to you about outfits over 40 : in fact, after thirty many of us feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of being aging. Instead we have good news for you: it’s not like that at all! In fact, the forties of today are a bit like the thirty-year-olds of the past, each of whom with their own dreams and hopes. Even in terms of fashion, dressing well at forty becomes a matter of personal taste, but also of awareness of who you are and what you are worth. And with the right advice then, you can shine even after thirty. Today, thanks to the help of Claudia Nano and all the staff, we will give women over 40 useful tips for their perfect outfit, both for work and for their free time.

Outfit over 40 at work: a suit is a must

Obviously for a career woman who goes to work every day, the perfect outfit for her working day made up of commitments, commissions and many hours of work, must be characterized by elegance, but also by practicality.

And here is the outfit chosen by Claudia for her work commitments and made up of a suit paired with a skirt and heels. Here the predominant color can only be black, which gives elegance and enhances the feminine forms. Alternatively, dark blue can also be an excellent solution, or why not also gray, in the past the prerogative of the male gender, but today also widely used by career women.

Make-up and wigs can be at the discretion of the person , based on the characteristics of their face.

In this case, a Diego dalla Palma lifting cream with eye contour, foundation, purple and black eyeshadow, blush was chosen for the make-up , while for the lips the Collistar branded “Volumizing gloss lip gloss” product was used . For the hair, on the other hand, a red shatush was chosen , which in this case highlights the color of Claudia’s skin and enhances her facial features.

Perfect outfit for a career woman and in her free time: why not trousers?

For the second outfit chosen by Claudia Nano for her typical working day, but also for her free time after work, a matching suit with stretch fabric trousers was chosen, which falls softly on the leg. This choice was made to break up and make the chosen outfit “lighter”, where the colors of the trousers recall a floral theme, always in fashion in any self-respecting fashion collection.


For the outfits we want to make the following thanks and references to the brands:

  • Jewelery: Stroili;
  • Clothing: Niclo and Liu Jo;
  • Shoes: Albano;
  • Make-up: Diego dalla Palma;
  • Hairdresser: Roberto Pacileo;
  • Photographer: Romina Romano;