During the different editions of Big Brother Vip there are many unforgettable couples who have formed thanks to the forced coexistence inside the most spied house ever.

Some after they met in reality they never left and started a family, while for others the relationship ended soon, despite the overwhelming passion.

Of course, and that each of these, born within the program, whether love is over or not, has given many romantic moments to the general public at home and their memory still makes many viewers dream , who in reality would like to see them always happy together. and happy as in fairy tales with a happy ending.

A roundup of passion and love that will warm the hearts of many, thus retracing the most important and most exciting relationships that have been seen in all editions of the reality show.

So let’s find out together what are the 11 unforgettable couples of Big Brother :

1) Giovanni Masiero and Chicca Rocco

Big Brother’s roundup of historical couples opens with Giovanni Masiero and Chicca Rocco . The two had been competitors at GF 13 in 2014. Initially she flirts with several tenants but then her attention falls on Giovanni. The two fell madly in love and got married in 2016 and a year later their first child, Geneva, was born and, in May 2021, they became Beatrice’s parents again.

2) Tommy Vee e Carolina Marconi

Another unforgettable couple that formed during the fourth edition of the program was that between the famous house music DJ Tommy Vee, stage name of Tommaso Vianello, and the beautiful Venezuelan naturalized Italian actress, Carolina Marconi . During their stay in the house they could not break away from each other but then their relationship ended abruptly . Today Carolina is going through a difficult period due to a disease that she is treating and facing and treating with a lot of courage.

3) Rosalinda Cannavo and Andrea Zenga

Another unforgettable couple that of Andrea Zenga and Rosalinda Cannavo . He is the son of the famous footballer and she is a fictional actress aka Adua Del Vesco , former “fake girlfriend” of Gabriel Garko. No one would have bet on the two, but instead they are still together and their love is booming and this summer on vacation together they also announced that they have a top secret project.

4) Katia Pedrotti and Ascanio Pacelli

How not to mention the couple of couples of all editions of Big Brother, VIP and otherwise. Katia and Ascanio met at GF 4 in 2004 and have never left each other since. Ascanio immediately gave her a very tight court but she resisted, so much so that Ascanio was renamed “the doormat man”. But his tenacity is rewarded and the two get married in 2005. The couple always in love has two children: Matilda and Tancredi .

5) Kiko Nalli e Ambra Lombardo

The two met in the 2019 edition of Gf 16. Kiko Nalli , hairdresser and known to the general public for being the husband of Tina Cipollari . Ambra Lomabardo models and eliminated after only two episodes but their relationship also lasted outside the house and then foundered with many controversies in 2020.

6) Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia

The two competitors of the 2020 House have studied each other for a long time and a few days before Valentine’s Day they kissed, in the middle of the night. A year after the beginning of their story, the couple is waiting for their first child and the announcement came directly from the couple’s two Instagram accounts, over the moon and anxiously awaiting.

Image source: Instagram, cliziaincorvaia

7) Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli

Pierpaolo Pretelli ex velino and the influencer and model of Persian origins Giulia Salemi with a mother now equally well known Farib a, former competitor of the Island of the famous, met and fell in love in the last edition of the GfVIp and now there is a lot of talk about their relation. but for now no official statement. let’s see how it goes …

8) Ivana Mrazova and Luca Onestini

Another beloved couple who formed at Gf Vip 2 in 2017 and that of Ivana Mrazova and Luca Onestini . A very special friendship was born immediately between the model and the former tronista but they were both engaged. During the program, however, he was left by Soleil Sorge, while Ivana separated as soon as the reality show was over. So, having both returned single, they finally managed to get together. A solid love story that lasted until the summer of 2021 .

9) Alessandro Tersigni and Melita Toniolo

An overwhelming passion the one that sees as protagonists the couple Alessandro Tersigni and Melita Toniolo formed at Big Brother 7 in 2007. Although Melita was already sentimentally engaged, she is overwhelmed by passion and yields to the unbridled court of Alessandro. Despite everything, their relationship is relatively short-lived and the two split up in 2009 .

10) Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez

We end with a couple that has caused a lot of discussion . In fact, at the time of GF Vip 2 in 2017, Cecilia Rodriguez had been engaged for four years with Francesco Monte but her meeting with Ignazio Moser was a real love at first sight . Public indignation aside, Cecilia decides to leave Francesco live on national team, admitting that she has fallen in love with the son of the great cyclist. The couple is still together and is closer than ever.

11) Manuel Bortuzzo and Lucrezia Haile Selassie

A new couple was born at Gf Vip 6? A few days after his departure, the reality show sees the birth of a new love. The protagonists are Manuel Bortuzzo , promise of swimming and involved in a shooting in the night between 2 and 3 February 2019, which forced him to a wheelchair. Lucrezia called Lulu , is an Ethiopian princess and lives in Rome, she leads a very comfortable life and even has a personal driver. An already much talked about understanding was born between the two, there were effusions and even the first kiss. There are already those who criticize the relationship between the two as “constructed”, how will it end?