When you go to the casino, it is normal to hear from both the workers and the players typical phrases and expressions of the casino that, if you have just entered one for the first time, may sound strange to you but nevertheless if you are used to this type of games, it is the most common and even you will say them even in your daily life.

In the cinema and on television, these casino phrases have become very famous for such important and renowned films, causing many to remain in our memory such as the famous ” Place your bets !” among another great selection in which we have selected the ones that we consider the best of all and with which you will feel identified. Remember that each casino phrase or expression has a meaning, so you should know what it is or ask an expert so that they can correctly resolve your doubts and questions, since not all of them will be valid for the same games.

As you know, in a casino, whether it is a physical one or a virtual one or an online casino, you will have the possibility of playing a large number of games that go from the famous roulette, in which you have to bet on a  number and a color , among other modalities within the same roulette wheel and that it is very exciting to see how the small ball rotates until it stops to indicate the number and color. (More information at: https://www.casinosenlinea.es/)

On the other hand, and also with the same fame as roulette itself, are the card games, there being two in principle that have a follow-up by users and that have achieved great acceptance since they began to be played, such as It is poker on the one hand, and  Blackjack on the other . In poker, the purpose of the game is somewhat more complex, since it has a wide variety of combinations that can be achieved and that can give you the game, from pairs, trios, straights or repoker, depending on the version you are playing. . In the case of Blackjack, what we have to achieve is to get closer to number 21 and if you are one of those who has come closest then you will win the prize, but you must be careful not to go over, because you will lose on the spot.

Another of the classics, although it is not usually related too much to online casinos, but which also have their representation, are  Bingo . It is very fun and exciting to be able to play a game of bingo with friends and see what numbers come out. The bets per card are usually very low, however, the time you spend is one of the most fun you can have.

Last but not least in cases, and to make way for typical casino phrases and expressions are the slot machines, in which you will have to make a series of combinations so that the machine releases all the money it has.

Typical casino phrases

  • Place your bets!
  • He has an ace up his sleeve
  • The casino never loses
  • no more bets
  • all red
  • The gentleman in the black jacket wins.
  • It doesn’t go anymore.
  • Lose only you can pay
  • we continue for bingo
  • Pairs win

Short casino phrases and expressions

  • All in.
  • Nothing ventured nothing gained
  • All to 16, today is my day
  • That’s a bluff.
  • The die is cast.
  • The last one home.
  • Bet on neighbors and orphans
  • Ladies and gentlemen match

casino expressions

  • Put the cards on the table.
  • This slot machine is burning
  • Triple 7
  • hot numbers
  • Double or nothing.
  • The eyes of the snake, wins the house
  • Horses at 32 and 17