After seeing the long skirts for the upcoming winter , let’s find out together what are the trends for the new year of women’s fashion.

What should we get rid of and what are the must-haves for this year?

If you haven’t already done so in 2020, fill the wardrobe with oversized suits , possibly tone-on-tone.

This year the models that have a loungewear touch for special occasions and a more sporty influence, even in fabrics, for every day are very popular. The animalier style is also back in fashion, moving from outerwear to trousers. As footwear, the watchword becomes comfort, without ever giving up on elegance.

But let’s stop the futile chatter and let’s see immediately what 2021 has in store for us with regard to the latest women’s fashion trends of the season. Little tip: read this post until the end so as not to miss anything of the 2021 fashion style, woman side!

Women’s fashion: patchwork and wool sweaters

Women ‘s fashion 2021 is rekindled with great revivals. One of these is the blazer , which is back in class. The other is the return of wool sweaters with patchwork. On the runway last year, this technique applied to denim.

Today, even wool and other garments have been cleared through customs, due to their wearability and comfort. Although oversized, these garments do not hide the female figure , but enhance it with a bon ton style

The patchwork must have at least one square of red fabric , which will be the color it will carry until next summer 2021.

But not just sweaters and blazers, as this year we also have boucle wool skirts and knitted trousers , perfect for any occasion, possibly combined with oversized coats and combat boots.

Women’s fashion: animalier fashion

Thanks to what we saw on the catwalk, especially by Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior (but also by others), the animalier style is back. It is used above all in elegant jumpsuits for every day, but also for evening dresses and to make accessories more intriguing.

The animalier fashion for the  does not have geometric or particularly whimsical shapes , but has innovative and silky materials. It is used a lot in tops and bralettes, which can be worn over shirts or over dresses, as we have seen in many fashion shows.

Many celebrities and women of the show (such as the singer Elodie) have chosen animalier fashion to be glam, wearing not only outerwear such as furs, jackets and coats made with this style, but also focusing on trousers with animal prints (possibly waist high and close to the hips).

Women’s fashion: natural shades

Pastel and natural shades are back in great fashion, especially for the most elegant dresses for her as well as for him. To “break up” it is preferable to use an accessory, which can be gold or silver in color .

Therefore, Black & White vanishes in favor of a total black or total white. The colors are not bright, but neutral. The symbolic colors of winter are also back in vogue: light blue, light pink , less bright yellow.

Red dominates only in the dark and dull shade, closer to burgundy.

The natural shades are accompanied by accessories with chain, or with sequins. The sequins are replaced by feathers.

Women’s fashion: red

For women’s fashion trends , red can be worn in two ways. To be daring or as an elegant element, it is found in trousers, leggings, shirts and coats. If you want to be daring, you can also find it in loose suits.

When wearing in bright color, patent leather materials are used. Leatherette or leather, on the other hand, lends itself well to burgundy garments. Loungewear dresses come in colors in between, from bright pink to bright red.

Women’s fashion: maxi shoes or shoes with chains

For women’s fashion trends , footwear can be of two types, but with a fundamental advantage: comfort. Shoes can be rubber soled boots , usually black or brown. Alternatively, the most elegant shoes are low and open , despite the cold. These are very reminiscent of slippers. They have a touch of elegance thanks to the medium thickness chains, usually always in gold or silver color. Present, for these shoes, also the silver studs.

Our post dedicated to women’s fashion for the new year ends here. See you next time with the latest women’s fashion trends, by our portal!