Friendship is fundamental for every human being, but finding a true loyal and sincere friend is still a difficult task, especially when it comes to famous stars. But, as happens in the life of ordinary people, even Hollywood celebrities have cultivated friendships that have lasted since they were children.

There are many celebrities who grew up together attending the same high school and also sharing many personal and work experiences. There are even those who celebrated their friend’s wedding and those who lived together for some time. And then there are stories of some VIPs who lost sight of themselves for a few years but who later found their friend-brother , cultivating their relationship to this day.

Many beautiful stories of real relationships that describe a human side of these famous people and that give hope for the most beautiful and sincere feelings even in a world made of cellulose!

11) Matt Damon e Ben Affleck

The friendship between the two actors is one of the strongest in the Hollywood world . Matt Damon and Ben Affleck met in the early eighties thanks to the move of the former in the same neighborhood as the latter. The friendship is really intense and they are inseparable since high school sharing a passion for acting. Only at university they separated for a few years, but they reunite after leaving college to try a career as an actor in the early nineties. After some dissatisfaction with both of them, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck decide to write a four-handed film that made themfinally famous : Will Hunting – Rebel genius

10) Courtney Love e Drew Barrymore

The friendship that binds singer Courtney Love and actress Drew Barrymore was born in a rather beautiful and festive period for both. Their first meeting ? In a bathroom . The singer, aged 19, remembers meeting her 8-year-old Drew in a toilet while the latter was smoking. From that moment on, Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore are inseparable friends , so much so that the actress acted as godmother to the daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney: Frances Bean .

9) Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

The young singers and actresses met at the age of 7 on the set of Barney & Friends . Since the late nineties Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have always been linked to each other, despite having lost sight of each other for a short time and despite the professional and personal vicissitudes for both their friendship has never suffered repercussions .

8) Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire

The two actors met during an audition in the late eighties . Leonardo Di Caprio declared during an interview with the Huffington Post : «Whatever project we follow, we talk about it. Every single choice I made was discussed with him and vice versa. We had interminable conversations about the jobs we had supporting each other ». In the film The Great Gatsby it was possible to glimpse the great friendship that binds the two actors for many years now.

7) Kate Hudson e Liv Tyler

Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler grow up together thanks to the friendship of their famous parents . Even though they have known each other since childhood, and only in high school that their relationship really becomes a deep bond . Both had attended Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in the 1990s . In addition, they starred together in the film Dr T. and the women , playing a Sapphic scene.

6) Adam Levine e Jonah Hill

The fathers were in turn friends and Adam Levine and Jonah Hill , even consider themselves brothers . Their bond has lasted since high school where they had a band , Kara’s Flower . The Maroon 5 star asked his friend and brother Jonah Hill to celebrate his wedding with his beautiful and much younger partner Behati Prinsloo .

5) Justin Timberlake e Ryan Gosling

The singer and actor also lived together when they were very young. In fact, Ryan ‘s mother who moved to Canada left her son for a short time at Justin Timberlake’s home . As children they were part of the Mickey Mouse Club and have always made a lot of jokes about their friendship on and off the set.

4) Nicole Kidman e Naomi Watts

The two actresses, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts , met in high school while they were both attending an audition for an Australian bikini brand . Now that they are finally both famous, they continue to remain very close to each other.

3) Cameron Diaz e Snoop Dogg

Although their bond hasn’t seemed as strong in recent years, Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg have known each other since high school . In fact, they both attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School .

2) Kim Kardashian e Nicole Richie

Kim Kardashian shared one of the souvenir photos with her longtime friend Nicole Richie on her Instagram profile . The two women grew very close thanks to the same circle of friends as their famous parents .

1) Lauryn Hill e Zach Braff

Singer Lauryn Hill and Scrubs actor Zach Braff met as children. The two who lived in the same neighborhood in Maplewood , New Jersey also attended the same high school .