We bring a battery of funny movies applauded by critics and much loved by a large part of the viewers, who agree in pointing to their clever gags and sense of humor as the key to their great success.
Comedy is probably one of the most demanded film genres by the general public, always eager for fresh stories that guarantee a good laugh. However, along with terror, it is also one of the most difficult to cause the desired effect; After all, a sense of humor is something as subjective as what makes us afraid.

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The 20 best funny movies to have a good time
Watch out! The following comedies generate such levels of laughter that they can cause severe abdominal pain: 1. My Girl’s Beast (Howard Hawks, 1938)
A retiring paleontologist must close a deal that will allow his museum to receive a $1 million donation with those who intend to get the last bone that is missing from the skeleton of his Brontosaurus, a project to which he has spent years dedicated body and soul. However, he crosses the path of the exasperating heiress of a wealthy family and her inseparable pet “Baby” . The impulsiveness and irresponsibility of the girl will make her have to postpone her wedding plans.
One of the first ‘bite comedies’ of the 20th century, with an unbeatable tandem formed by Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in the main roles. 2. With Skirts and Crazy (Billy Wilder, 1959)
When two three-quarter musicians witness a settling of scores between two rival mafias, they must flee and hide their true identities so that they are not killed. His plan consists, neither more nor less, than in disguising himself as women and infiltrating a musical orchestra that is on tour ; but as often happens in funny movies, things will not turn out as expected: while one of them falls in love with the beautiful singer of the band, the other is courted by a tycoon who has fallen in love with his alter ego.The hilarious duo of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon offer us their best comedy side in this classic movie, which also features 50’s icon Marilyn Monroe. 3. The apartment (Billy Wilder, 1960)
A timid employee of an insurance company is willing to move up in the company in any way possible. To do this, he gives his bosses the apartment in which he lives so that they can carry out their love encounters away from prying eyes , in the hope that they will take him into account when granting him his long-awaited promotion. The day he meets a beautiful elevator operator, with whom he falls madly in love, his professional objective will be in danger, since she is the lover of one of his superiors.
This title is one of the best works by director Billy Wilder, director of some of the best comedies of the last century. 4. El guateque (Blake Edwards, 1968) A true cult work of comedy films from the second half of the 20th century , directed by one of the best funny movie directors in the history of the seventh art.
The party has as its protagonist Hrundi, a sloppy actor who is fired from the shooting of a film that, by pure chance, he was going to star in. His luck changes when he mistakenly gets invited to a party hosted by the same producer who kicked him out . Needless to say, Hrundi’s meddling will have hilarious consequences… 5. Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks, 1974)
The grandson of the famous scientist Victor Frankenstein, creator of a horrifying creature made from parts of different corpses, struggles to lead a normal life as a teacher and clear his family’s name. Once he inherits the castle of his ancestors, he will discover a book that details the steps that his grandfather followed to give life to the dead , so he will decide to make his own monster. .
Jerry Zucker had already made his name with another 80s parody film work: Land As You Can (1980), highly recommended. 9. Trapped in Time (Harold Ramis, 1993)
As usual every February 2, the weatherman Phil goes to the town of Punxstawnwey for Groundhog Day. When he returns home with the rest of his colleagues from the television network, a relentless storm will make it impossible for them to continue their journey and they must spend the night in the town. When he wakes up, it is again Groundhog Day, a holiday that he will have to relive repeatedly , although with the possibility of changing his actions with each passing day.
Harold Ramis, one of the ‘ghostbusters’, gets behind the camera to direct another ectoplasm-catching colleague (Bill Murray) in an atypical proposal that has an imaginative script, whose formula has been repeated ad nauseam in later productions.10. Clerks (Kevin Smith, 1994)
The two irresponsible working in a New Jersey supermarket are left in charge of the premises when their boss takes the day off. However, that day they will do everything except attend to the clientele, since they will spend the day talking about their favorite movies and their love affairs, while they peck what they want from the shelves.
Kevin Smith’s debut film won several awards and nominations at different festivals, including Cannes, Sundance and the Independent Spirit, practically instantly becoming a classic of the most politically incorrect independent cinema . 11. Better… Impossible (James L. Brooks, 1997)
The misanthrope Melvin Udall is a renowned writer who suffers from an acute obsessive-compulsive disorder that has turned him into an unpleasant old man, full of manias and with whom nobody wants to deal . His marked daily routine will be truncated when he has to take care of the dog of his convalescent neighbor and must face anxiety due to the absence of the waitress who always attends him in the cafeteria to which he regularly goes.
One of the most applauded funny movies of the 90s, with an incredible Jack Nicholson in his role as a curmudgeonly maniac. 12. Dinner for idiots (Francis Veber, 1998)
A group of friends has a tradition of having dinner together every Wednesday. For your entertainment, they have set up a game in whicheach week, one of them must bring someone who is a real idiot as a special guest . That night it is Brochant’s turn, who seems to have found the biggest idiot of all; What he doesn’t know is that this poor idiot is also a big hand who breaks everything he touches.
An example that the French also know how to shoot ingenious movies that make you laugh with their own seal of quality. 13. Her Parents (Jay Roach, 2000)
Greg (Ben Stiller) is a male nurse who has set out to propose to his girlfriend Pam. But before that, he first has to meet her parents and spend a weekend at their house.. Unfortunately for her, her first meeting with Pam’s suspicious father (a superb Robert de Niro), a former CIA agent, does not go quite as she expected. Despite Greg’s good faith and his dedicated efforts to make his future in-laws like him, he does nothing but screw up all the time… Every son-in-law’s nightmare materialized in this comedy in which misfortunes and the most bizarre situations they happen continuously. 14. Team America: The World Police (Trey Parker and Matt Stone, 2004)
Gary Johnson, a famous Broadway actor, becomes part of an elite police force, whose mission is to combat any organization that threatens to destabilize world peace.His goal will be to stop Kim Jong-il, the North Korean dictator who is supplying weapons to terrorists around the world.
The creator of the foul-mouthed cartoons South Park pays his particular tribute to the 1960s series Thunderbirds with this cheeky movie, also starring puppets pulled by strings, where his usual bad milk and acid criticism of post-9/11 American patriotism will not be lacking. and pro Iraq war . Team America will not leave a puppet (pun intended) with a head. 15. Virgin at 40 (Judd Apatow, 2005)
The comedian Steve Carell puts himself in the shoes of a forty-year-old with a boring and routine life, who enjoys going out with his group of friends and reading his comics; butThere is something missing in this bachelor’s life: he hasn’t had sex with anyone yet , as neither the right opportunity nor the right girl has ever come his way. However, his luck seems to change when he meets a mother who has just separated…
A recurring theme in today’s funny movies has been the sexuality of some of his characters. The grace of Judd Apatow’s comedy is that we are not dealing with the typical outgoing teenager , but with a poor devil inexperienced in bed, supported by the great supporting cast formed by those closest to him. 16. A Death Funeral (Frank Oz, 2007)
The patriarch of a British family dies and his children must put aside their differences to make all the arrangements for the funeral. They will soon realize that old quarrels and brotherly jealousy are the least of their problems when, on the day of the ceremony, Peter arrives, a mysterious stranger who threatens to reveal a secret he shared with the deceased if he is not paid . a large sum of money.
Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda in Star Wars, mixes here the refined British humor with the most rogue black humor, to give us a superb comedy with some of the most hilarious scenes of the past decade, which will be carried out by the fearful brothers,capable of anything to prevent this unwanted guest from talking more than necessary and tarnishing his father’s good image. 17. Superbad (Greg Mottola, 2007)
Seth and Evan have been inseparable classmates throughout their childhood. Now, about to finish high school, the two friends must deal with a university future that doesn’t seem like they will happen together. On the occasion of the end of the year, a big party is being prepared in which the girls will not be lacking… But the alcohol will. And it is that being minors, these misfits still cannot buy drinks . Fortunately for him, the peculiar Fogell has just got hold of a fake ID with which he hopes to get the precious loot.
The trio of actors made up of Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“McLovin” for friends) gives us one of those unforgettable laugh movies, full of scathing dialogues and crazy situations that will complicate the plans of these young people with hormones. revolutionized. 18. The Hangover (Todd Phillips, 2009)
What happens when four friends go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, including the boyfriend and, after a night of debauchery, he disappears the next morning?
Well, what happens to Continuation is one of the funniest and highest-grossing comedies of the past decade .
The genius of Todd Phillips’ work is not only in his hilarious gags, but also in the ingenious script, which involves us viewers and makes us participate in the plot along with the three hungover friends, who remember nothing of what they did . Like them, we have no idea what that party was like, since the director obviates said scene by means of an ellipsis. In this way, we are rebuilding the pieces of a puzzle that seems increasingly surreal. 19. Four lions (Chris Morris, 2010) A motley group of jihadists is preparing to carry out a suicide attack in the heart of Great Britain . However, the incompetence of this quartet of fans will make their plans go awry and not go as expected.
At a time when terror attacks have spread throughout the West, Four Lions acts as a balm that ridicules the extremist ideology of terrorists willing to die for Ala. Best of all, this move, as daring as it is risky, ends up resulting in a series of laughter at the expense of these clumsy Islamists . 20. Scott Pilgrim against the world (Edgar Wright, 2011)
The young Scott Pilgrim is the bassist of a rock band trying to break into the world of music. On top of that, he dates an excited 17-year-old student who is completely head over heels for him. One fine day, Scott meets Ramona Flowers, a wild girl who has just moved into her neighborhood and who will steal her heart. That if, if he wants to go out with her,First, she must defeat her seven ex-boyfriends, each of whom possesses exceptional abilities .
The Englishman Edgar Wright, a specialist in movies to make us laugh, takes us to a world narrated as if it were a comic and with a video game aesthetic, where the protagonist has his own life bar that empties as he weakens and receives Extra bonuses when you defeat your enemies. A visual joy, fun to the point of absurdity and with a soundtrack created especially for the movie .

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