John Wick or better known in the world of the world’s most dangerous hitmen, Babayaga, has returned; and to keep everything. The premiere of the long-awaited ‘John Wick 3’ starring Keanu Reeves (‘The Neon Demon’, ‘Siberia’, ‘Matrix’) has not been a box office success: he has murdered her.
Such has been the impact of the third installment, of which he aims to be the most profitable character in the actor’s career, along with Neo / Sr. Anderson of the ‘Matrix’ saga, that the film has taken the lead from ‘ Avengers: Endgame’ with a bullet.

‘John Wick 3’: third chapter or The Parabellum
The etymological meaning of the term parabellum leads us to a simple and forceful conclusion: for war. And it is that after the events of the previous installment, ‘John Wick, Chapter 2: Blood Pact’ (2017) in which Wick was disconnected for having murdered an important member of the world organization of assassins… How not to wait this result in the face of such a cliffhanger
For unknown reasons, the public loves to see Reeves in extreme situations, the one who surely (and with Tom Cruise’s permission), has become the best actor specializing in action scenes in recent cinema : Reeves dares with everything.
His delivery two decades ago with ‘The Matrix’ (1999), along with the rest of the cast, Lawrence Fishburne (‘Mula’, ‘Passengers’, ‘La Senal’) and Carrie-Ann Moss (‘Daredevil’, ‘Snow Cake’, ‘Memento’) who were forced to practice martial arts with specialists in these disciplines; seems to continue to be an important magnet for the public.
And it seems that the sagas are one of the main attractions for the actor, although unfortunately we must confirm that ‘John Wick 3: Parabellum’ will be the last installment of an action saga that has delighted all fans of the genre .
The third part, ‘Parabellum’, takes the leadership away from the Avengers. | SummitEntertainment.

John Wick: The man, the legend…
This is how the character played by Fishburne in the second installment of the saga defined him, and it is that Reeves seems to have been born for this role. There are those who would say that the actor is a man of limited expressive resources (a server points to himself as the perpetrator of comments of this type), but Reeves’ talent for the action genre and more in this character is undeniable.
There are a series of years of training that are indisputable and that allow the actor to shine not only in wonderfully executed and stylized choreographies (the director, Chad Staelski, was the double specialist in the actor’s riskiest actions in the saga ‘ Matrix’), hence we understand this perfect rapport between actor and director .
It is said that Reeves is the fastest action actor who can shoot and reload a gun: and as John Wick we see him all the time . The action scenes are dances, which are accompanied by a comic vignette visual style , surrounded by neon lights, nights of electric tones, where the careful art direction generates a unique underworld.
This favors its own setting that gives the entire saga a distinctive and special stamp with respect to the popcorn action cinema of consuming and forgetting .
We are facing the renovation of the neatness of the form by the form of the thriller and film noir at very high levels, as never before seen on the big screen: and it is greatly appreciated.